What myths about sex are still tenacious?

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What myths about sex are still tenacious?

The topic is very delicate, but very popular and important for most descendants of Adam and Eve. The reason for this is that sex is in second place after an meal in an adult. But nature, having formed over millions of years our attraction to the opposite sex solely for the purpose of reproduction, has lost sight of the fact that man will not only multiply, but will also erect intercourse into a cult of pleasure.

For the sake of reproduction, only one or two (sometimes slightly more) sexual acts are used for a lifetime. Everything else is for the sake of nirvana from nectar from the goblet of the gods.   

This ancestor of our ancestors was formed during the period of wearing skins and sitting near a fire in a cave, where all women were common. In the future, there was such a thing as a family. And almost at the same time – treason, polygamy, fornication, and so on. 

Times have changed, races have mixed up, the institution of the family has either strengthened or weakened again, but the desire for sex has remained unchanged, not only as a method of reproduction, but as a way to have fun. Over the centuries, various myths have appeared against this background. Some of them are only partially not true, while others completely pervert everything.   

Consider some of the most common modern misconceptions, based on the findings of sociologists, physicians and scientists. 

Myth One: Man Leads in Sex

This is far from the case. In the days of matriarchy (and in some places it still exists: the small nationalities of China, Indonesia, some tribes in Africa and South America) it was the woman who carried the man into intimacy and determined whether he should be passive or more active. Simply put, the choice was the woman. If a man tried to dictate his conditions in bed, then he was no longer interested in her.  

This long-standing nuance has now begun to gain strength with the transition in a number of countries to the practice of free love. Family marital responsibilities should not be confused with the fact that a woman who is free of them now behaves in bed the way she wants, not the man. Did not like? Good riddance , I’ll find another. 

If you do not take this into account in the behavior of today’s women, then you can not count on a long-term relationship with a partner.

Myth two: a sex giant is sleeping temporarily in every man

It follows from this that for complete enjoyment a woman needs only that, only to awaken a passionate passion for her in a man. Alas, another misconception. The aggravated environmental situation on the planet, which is already aggravated, is now the hardest hit on the stronger sex.

Most men over the age of 30 have some kind of problem with sex. First of all, they are associated with an erection. Hormonal functions do not withstand environmental pressure and malfunction.

According to Moscow doctors, nearly 70% of men in the capital aged 35-40 already have complaints of insufficient erection. Viagra does not save the situation, since it becomes ineffective with repeated use due to the body getting used to such doping.

A woman’s desire to use her Adam to the maximum will result in only an excessive load on his body, which will accelerate a further decrease in his sexual activity. Unfortunately, medical care here only temporarily removes the problem.

Conclusion: it is necessary to treat not men, but our civilization itself with its environmental problems.

Myth three: sex is for “boys”, and love is for “girls”  

Here you need to reveal a little the essence of the myth. His legs grow out of a widespread public opinion that a man loves with his eyes and a woman with his ears. And when a man looks at a woman, then … well, then you already understand what he thinks. 

In turn, a woman, seeing a man attractive to her, imagines what kind words he could whisper in her ear. From here there is already a bridge to the fact that in bed a man is engaged in a purely, they say, physiological process, and a woman fantasizes on topics of love. 

In fact, this myth is a complete fallacy. Yes, there are men who reduce sex only to mechanical actions. There are women who are in bed soaring in the clouds of love, fictitious by them. But these are units. If the relationship is more or less long, then the man and woman, as a rule, build sex on feelings. Even if minimal. How without them? After all, partners are not robots, but living people.    

Although someone will now say that there is a category of corrupt women. But there is not even a hint of feelings. There is purely mechanical sex. And you realized that we are talking about prostitutes.

Myth four: jealousy increases passion in bed

It’s just the opposite. Especially if jealousy is stupid and unproven. Then both suffer in bed. The one who is jealous perceives sex for another mockery in the form of a continuation of jealousy, and the one who is jealous perceives sex for a kind of revenge.

It is clear that such thinking poisons intimate relationships. The aggressiveness of one and the resistance of such aggression by the other are taken as passion.

If the aggressor is a man, then the humiliated woman begins to refuse sex. And here, at times, rape actually happens. 

If the aggressor is a woman who behaves excessively hard in bed with the aim of revenge, then the man also begins to refuse such sex and eventually finds another woman.

Here you can already be jealous as much as you like, but jealousy will not save the situation.

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