Why do you need kisses during sex?

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Why do you need kisses during sex?

It is difficult to imagine the intimacy of a man and a woman without mutual kisses. Although many believe that such tenderness distracts from the process of getting partners pleasure. But this is a deeply erroneous opinion that appeared in society during the time of strict religious demands not to turn the intercourse of man and woman into sensual sweetness.  

Surprisingly, purely mechanical sex is still widespread in most countries where religion evaluates kisses as debauchery. But is it really debauchery?     

What does a woman do right after birth? As a rule, gently kisses the baby. The feeling of affection is “recorded” in a woman in genes by nature itself. And to cancel this feeling is impossible. 

Sexologists say that the sexual arousal of a woman largely depends on how she imagines a partner in a kiss and affection. The prelude to sex should begin with tenderness. Why? Yes, because there is a big difference between male and female sexual arousal. A man needs an eye contact with a partner to achieve an erection. He is known to love with his eyes. A woman loves her ears. She needs affection and tender words. This is what gives her a kiss, accompanied by mutual hugging and whispering tender words in her ear.

Sex on a purely mechanical level (completely without feelings) will never and under any circumstances be pleasant to a woman, since such sex does not end with her desired orgasm in an arbitrary way (not on the basis of mechanical actions, like during masturbation!) . 

In the course of sexual intercourse, kisses are the most important factor for the partner to be as excited as possible and to strive for the complete return of soul and body to the partner. It has long been noticed that many women during sex are able to re-experience orgasm if the partner is very gentle, caring and attentive to what sensations the woman gives.   

It is extremely important that during a lingering passionate kiss between partners during sexual intercourse, the languages ​​touch and, as it were, imitate the sexual intercourse – rub and move. In human language, a large number of taste buds. When sucking each other’s tongues, partners get a “taste” of their sex that is memorable. In the future, it is enough during the prelude to a lingering kiss for the memory to turn on the “settings” of sexual arousal. In a man, this will be manifested by a quick erection of the penis, and in a woman – by moisturizing the vaginal opening.   

It is very important that kisses during sex are a powerful tool to maintain sexual arousal at a good level. The long-term strong sexual doping is played by the hormones dopamine and oxytocin.

Dopamine causes an increased sense of pleasure that the brain receives during intercourse, which is pleasant in all respects, and oxytocin promotes faster excitation of the uterus. If its dose is sufficient, then the woman experiences a strong and sweet uterine orgasm. In both cases, these hormones form a woman’s attachment to a particular partner. Under the influence of these hormones, a woman strives for a certain type of sexual intercourse, which gives her the greatest pleasure. In the formation of this, a huge role for a woman is played by caresses and kisses during real intercourse, which are remembered at the level of feelings. If in the future there are no such tendernesses, then the woman is not excited.

These are the main reasons that explain why the most beautiful and most experienced man in sex will not give a woman pleasure, if sex begins to be carried out without affection and kisses. In this case, the woman will give preference to a partner with a less favorable appearance, but at the same time caring and gentle in bed.

Do not forget that just one passionate kiss during sex immediately emotionally colors the sexual intercourse in the desired and pleasant. 

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