Which is better, Vitaprost or Prostamol Uno

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Which is better, Vitaprost or Prostamol Uno

Despite the fact that men are considered strong and hardy, special attention should be paid to their health. Most of the stronger sex have problems with the prostate. In this case, you can use different drugs. Most often, men are interested in Vitaprost or Prostamol Uno tablets – only a doctor can decide which will better cope with the symptoms of the disease.

When are they applied?

When deciding what to take for the treatment of prostatitis, you need to know the specifics of each remedy. Vitaprost and Prostamol are among the most popular drugs. They are widely advertised and used for therapy at various stages. However, their instructions are slightly different:

  • Vitaprost is prescribed for acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate;
  • Prostamol Uno is more effective in the early stages of adenoma therapy.

Most often, these funds are part of complex therapy, by themselves they will not show sufficient effectiveness. These drugs have an anti-inflammatory effect. They work well together with other treatments.

Features of pharmacological action

To understand how effective these funds are, it is necessary to study their action. Despite the fact that they have a similar effect, they are used in different cases. That is why the doctor must choose which medicine the patient will drink.

  1. ” Vitaprost ” is used when it is necessary to improve blood circulation in the organ and reduce its swelling. Usually it is prescribed in pairs with antibiotic therapy, and the treatment is supplemented with the use of herbal remedies. It inhibits the growth of atypical cells, has antiandrogenic activity.
  2. ” Prostamol ” is also highly effective in getting rid of edema. Additionally, it regulates the functioning of the genitourinary system, helps to get rid of disorders in this area. With its help, the amount of ejaculate increases, the muscles of the bladder begin to work normally. It is used in cases where there is a high risk of blood clots, for example, prescribed to smoking patients.

Each of these drugs has its own characteristics. Based on them, the doctor makes a choice in favor of a particular medicine. Based on this, he chooses the dosage of the drug and calculates the course of its administration.

Self-medication with any drugs for prostatitis is strictly prohibited.

What indications are used?

also worth considering Vitaprost and Prostamol from a different point of view – which helps better in this or that case. They are prescribed for various indications. The use of Prostamol is justified in cases where the patient:

  • hyperplasia of the gland at an early stage, leading to urination disorders, developing according to a benign scenario;
  • pollakiuria at night ;
  • dysuric symptoms;
  • pain in the perineum;
  • urination disorders: residual urine, intermittent urine stream, and others;
  • 1 or 2 stage adenoma;
  • prostatitis.

Vitaprost is used to treat:

  • benign prostatic hyperplasia;
  • preoperative therapy;
  • recovery after surgery;
  • chronic form of prostatitis.

These drugs have similarities, so many patients are interested in which one is better to deal with prostate hyperplasia or inflammation of the gland. The answer to this question can give a urologist. Usually he opts for Prostamol when there are urinary disorders, and Vitaprost copes better with ejaculation disorders.

The appointment of drugs is done only after instrumental and laboratory diagnostics.

Mode of application

Each medication has its own characteristics of taking, sometimes it is enough to take them into account in order to choose a remedy.

  1. Vitaprost is used twice a day, one tablet. With hyperplasia, it will need to be drunk within a month, and with prostatitis, 10 days. It can be used for prevention. It is permissible to prescribe Vitaprost to men of any age. With exacerbation of chronic prostatitis, it is used for a month. In this case, the course of therapy should be repeated up to 2 times a year.
  2. Prostamol is more gentle for the patient’s stomach, since it needs to be drunk only once a day. You need to take the medicine after eating and drink plenty of boiled water. These features of the reception can reduce the negative effect on the stomach.

Since the drugs have a different composition and they are treated according to different schemes, it is necessary to study the properties of each in more detail in order to prefer one of them. With gastritis, it is best to use Prostamol . If its therapeutic effect is not enough and the patient cannot drink pills, he may be prescribed Vitaprost in the form of rectal suppositories. If necessary, Prostamol and Vitaprost can be taken at the same time.

Overview of ” Vitaprost “

You can make a choice of what to take with the help of a more detailed acquaintance with each medicine.

Release form and composition It is based on polypeptide fractions of prostatilen . They are obtained from the prostate of cattle. It comes in two forms: candles; tablets. There is another version of this remedy: ” Vitaprost Plus” – its difference is in the composition, there is an additional ingredient: the antibiotic lomefloxacin .
Possible side effects decreased concentration; allergy; nausea and heartburn; discomfort in the stomach; tendency to bleed; anxiety; dizziness.
Contraindications With individual intolerance, it can not be used. Also, it is not prescribed to minors, and people with diseases of the central nervous system. The variant of the drug with an antibiotic is prohibited for intolerance to fructose, lactose and glucose-galactose malabsorption .

Review ” Prostamol Uno”

This medicine is often classified as a dietary supplement, as it is available without a doctor’s prescription. It is based on plant extract. It belongs to the means for herbal medicine, so it is rational to take it only in combination with other medicines.

Composition and form of release It is based on an alcohol extract from the fruits of Serenoia (dwarf creeping palm). The drug is available in gelatin capsules, each with 320 mg of the active ingredient.
Possible side effects allergy; swelling; malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract.
Contraindications The only contraindication is individual intolerance.


Since the drugs described above are usually part of complex therapy, they are prescribed with other drugs, most often with antibiotics. With them they have the best compatibility. Therapy may include other medications. The course of treatment will depend on the symptoms and characteristics of the disease.

Sometimes doctors prescribe these drugs in parallel , then the patient has a question: is it possible to take Prostamol and Vitaprost at the same time . The answer is almost already given. They have different composition and principle of action, so they can be drunk at the same time without fear of side effects.

Can it be taken at the same time as alcohol?

Any medicines should not be taken with alcohol-containing drinks. Since alcohol can change the properties of active substances, the effect of taking pills may be unexpected. At the time of treatment with Prostamol or Vitaprost , it is necessary to exclude any alcoholic beverages. You should decide in advance what is better to have – a healthy prostate or momentary pleasure.

In addition, simultaneous intake with alcohol-containing drinks can lead to ischemia, stroke, problems with the cardiovascular system, and diabetes. This is due to the fact that alcohol leads to vasodilation, and then to their sharp spasm. That is why doctors recommend a healthy diet.


If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a medicine prescribed by a doctor, you can choose a similar one with an identical composition or principle of action. If the pharmacy does not have the medicine you need, replace it with an analogue from the table:

Vitaprost Prostamol
Uroprost ; Afala ; Samprost . Prostaseren ; Prostagute ; Prostess ; Kapistan ; Permixon ; Prostaplant .

Where to buy and how much

You can buy any of the funds listed in this article at any pharmacy. They are distributed without a prescription, but this does not mean that if symptoms of prostatitis and other disorders of the genitourinary system appear, you can drink them yourself. This approach will not bring a cure, it will only briefly relieve your symptoms.

The price of medicines will depend on the policy of the pharmacy. It’s no secret that there are points where they make a small margin, and there are networks with low prices. The cost of packing each is from 1000 to 1700 rubles. It also depends on the number of tablets, suppositories or capsules.


Any of the drugs described is not an independent treatment – this is their only similarity. You can use Prostamol together with Vitaprost , but without additional therapy in the form of antibiotics or auxiliary medications, they will be ineffective. You can also additionally use physiotherapy, prostate massage and folk remedies.

It is impossible to compare drugs and choose the most effective one on your own. Numerous negative reviews on them are due to the fact that many patients self-medicate instead of visiting a urologist. Only after its examination and diagnostics, you can draw up a course of complex therapy that allows you to help in your situation.

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