How to treat prostate adenoma and impotence with soda

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How to treat prostate adenoma and impotence with soda

Impotence, adenoma and other pathological changes in the prostate gland have a different nature. In the struggle for men’s health, patients turn to various drugs and remedies from different areas of traditional and alternative medicine.

In Russia, sodium bicarbonate is widely used. This article is devoted to the treatment of prostate adenoma and impotence with drinking soda, it discusses the main recipes, indications and contraindications for use and the opinion of experts in the medical community regarding the use for therapeutic purposes.

What is the therapeutic effect

The use of sodium bicarbonate has a therapeutic effect on several pathological processes in the body at once:

  1. Normalizing the acid-base balance, which is disturbed as a result of inflammatory processes;
  2. The removal of toxins and other pathogens that accumulate in the process of life helps to strengthen overall immunity.

As a result, patients who included procedures using the product in the therapeutic complex achieved the following results:

  • removal of pain, itching and burning in the genital area;
  • antiseptic effect;
  • relief of inflammation;
  • stop the development of the disease;
  • restoration of potassium deficiency and normal salt levels;
  • strengthening general immunity;
  • removal of accumulated toxins and other accumulated harmful compounds from the body;
  • stabilization of the functioning of the digestive and genitourinary systems.

Indications for use

Sodium bicarbonate is used for the treatment and prevention of any diseases of the prostate gland. The antibacterial and antiseptic effect of soda makes it possible to use it in the fight against inflammatory processes of an infectious nature.

Indications for use in men:

  • urethritis;
  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • adenoma;
  • sexual infections, etc.

Soda for prostatitis is used only with the permission of the attending physician.

How to use in treatment

Treatment of prostate adenoma with soda is allowed only at the initial stages of development; in advanced cases, it can harm and aggravate the clinical picture. In this regard, before starting home therapy, the approval of medical specialists should be obtained to minimize the risks.

The use of enemas with a solution allows you to bring the agent directly to the focus of the pathological process. In the presence of inflammation in the groin area, the procedures are carried out no more than once a week. At the same time, it is important to monitor the course of the disease, in case of detection of symptoms of deterioration of the condition, immediately stop exposure.

Baths, enemas and solutions for internal use are used for prevention and treatment. As a preventive measure to prevent the development of prostate pathologies, procedures are used 3-4 times a year with a break of 3 months. This will be enough to reduce the likelihood of progression of latent diseases.

In addition, sodium bicarbonate in some cases helps to enhance the effect of other drugs as part of complex treatment.

Recipes for external and internal use

Due to the absorption properties of sodium bicarbonate, it can be applied in any way possible – external or internal. This review presents the main methods of traditional medicine.

Baths and enemas

Consider the most popular methods of preparing baths and enemas, widely used in the fight against inflammation of the prostate:

  1. Based on 1.5 tbsp . substances per 1 liter of water to prepare about 4 liters of solution. The required temperature is 38 C. It is necessary to take a bath before going to bed for 15 minutes.
  2. Mix 2 liters of boiled water of not hot temperature in a basin with two large spoons of soda and one teaspoon of iodine. The effect is noticeable 3-4 days after daily bathing for 30 minutes.
  3. An enema of 0.5 cups of warm water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. The solution is administered orally in the supine position and held for 10 minutes. During the procedure, the patient is recommended to roll over, to carry out a light massage for better washing of the prostate. At the end of the procedure, you should empty the intestines.

The temperature of the water when taking baths or enemas should be comfortable for the body. In addition, high temperature destroys the composition and deprives it of useful qualities.

Professor Neumyvakin’s recipes

I.P. Neumyvakin actively promotes methods of treating adenoma and impotence with soda. He was able to confirm the hypothesis that pathological changes in the body are associated with a violation of PH balance. Soda effectively fights the acidic environment and allows you to speed up recovery. The professor proved that it is quite possible to treat prostatitis with soda.

The doctor advises patients and people at risk to adhere to one of several treatment regimens:

  • daily drinking solution: 1 teaspoon per glass of warm water;
  • taking a solution of 1⁄4 h / l in a glass of hot water or milk 15 minutes before meals three times a day. In the absence of side effects, the dosage is gradually increased to 1 st / l for each dose;
  • enema for washing the prostate from half a glass of non-hot water, 1 tablespoon of soda and 5-6 drops of hydrogen peroxide. It is permissible to carry out the procedure up to 2 times a day.

The professor notes that, despite the effectiveness of the methods of treating diseases of the prostate gland, before using them, it is necessary to undergo an examination by a urologist and obtain an opinion on the nature of the pathology. It is difficult to cure prostatitis with baking soda without medication.


Drinking solutions can be prepared according to the methods of Professor Neumyvakin (which are described above) or you can use other folk recipes.

The main criterion for the effectiveness of this method of treatment is regular adherence to the regimen of drinking the solution. When using a three-time daily regimen, the result appears approximately 4 weeks after the start of the course. Therefore, it is not recommended to quit therapy halfway through.

The effectiveness of the folk method of treatment

The effectiveness of traditional medicine methods, in particular soda-based recipes, has been proving its right to exist for many years. A large number of positive reviews regarding mild action and a small number of side effects show the wide applicability of folk remedies in the treatment of various pathologies of the body. Nevertheless, one should not self-medicate, especially in cases where an accurate diagnosis has not been established. Before you start the procedure, go through a medical examination and get expert advice.

The healing properties of the product are also recorded in the fight against cancer. It was noted that the solution is able to envelop a malignant tumor of the prostate gland, influence its gradual reduction, and block the spread of metastases.

Additionally, baking soda is considered an effective weight loss aid.


It is forbidden to carry out treatment in the presence of acute forms of diseases in a patient, because. therapy can provoke the development of other pathologies and exacerbate existing problems. In addition, the use of sodium bicarbonate has the following contraindications:

  • high blood pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • disorders in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • individual intolerance;
  • chronic and congenital pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system;
  • metabolic disorders in the body at the cellular level.

For patients with oncological diseases, sodium bicarbonate is indicated only externally, in the form of baths.

The opinion of official medicine

Representatives of the medical community do not deny the positive effect of sodium bicarbonate. At the same time, experts note the role of soda only as an aid in the complex therapy. Alternative recipes can be useful in the prevention of various diseases of the prostate, but if pathological changes are detected, drug treatment is unlikely to be avoided.

As a conclusion, we note that bicarbonate is good for any method of application – internal and external. Its beneficial effect has a wide effect on the body and contributes to the fight against pathologies. Sodium bicarbonate is available at any grocery store at a very affordable price, which allows everyone to use it.

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