Who is the perfect lover?

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Who is the perfect lover?

Even if you are not married, you should not make your life flawed and deprive yourself of the joy of an intimate life. Life without a man is only a part of life, moreover , intimate encounters (albeit rare ones) will help to create the illusion of not being alone. And this is exactly what many of us are so lacking, is it?    

… Your lover finds your relationship exciting, he is drawn to you, and he simply cannot imagine his life without you, although he may be married. And all because you are the perfect lover! 

So what is she? First of all , this is a sensual woman who receives pleasure from intimacy, since this also contributes to the men’s own emancipation. Tell the man that you want him, do not hide your sexual desires, and you will see how exciting it will affect him! An ideal lover can talk sexually (no, not necessarily about the “same” between a man and a woman, although about the same too), play with words, intonation, timbre, pauses, smile. She knows how to emphasize her sex appeal with lingerie, clothes and gait. She will never refuse her lover in intimacy. Even if he offers her instead of a bed with white sheets, an armchair in his office or a clearing in the forest.  
She is affectionate, gentle, does not accept rudeness, and if capricious, then a little bit. And often she initiates intimacy.

But this is an incomplete “set” of qualities of an ideal lover. According to men, the woman of their dreams should not, under any pretext: interfere in their personal lives and hamper their freedom. In categorical form, try to find out when the next meeting is. To make phone calls without any reason, especially in cases where a man is married, to hint at gifts and even more so to demand them in a categorical form, to act up and blackmail a man (if you do not do that, then I …). Talk right and left about this relationship. And even … she should be ready to leave “without scenes”, if necessary.  

And besides, the ideal lover is a smart woman. History, by the way, brought us such a curious case. Napoleon, asking his adjutant to find a lady for him at night, emphasized that she should be smart. “Have mercy, sir, why does a woman in bed have a lot of intelligence?”, He wondered. “And with whom will I talk in between ???”, was the answer. And, of course, does one need to say that the ideal lover should love her partner. However, how many men – there are so many opinions on this score, and people are mostly imperfect. Therefore, it may be useful to unobtrusively ask your beloved what kind of behavior he expects from you, what qualities he likes in women, and which ones he doesn’t. And then, perhaps, you will be able to become for him that very missing half, in search of which people sometimes spend their whole lives.        

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