10 cinematic sex myths

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10 cinematic sex myths

Attempts to find the truth in Hollywood films are doomed to failure in advance. To draw parallels between reality and fiction, and even more so to try in practice to reproduce masterfully played scenes, this is a very, very bad idea. Cinematography is an entertaining thing, directors often go too far in their desire to create a tasty picture.

What does the viewer see on the screen? – Thirty-year-old pumped-up teenagers with gray temples study at school, the main and secondary heroines are dazzlingly beautiful, the actions of the characters defy logic. I would prefer to remain silent about special effects, they are becoming more and more colorful day by day.

Most of the myths have been created around the topic of sex. Well, where, pray tell me, have you met nerds surrounded by liberated girls with silicone buffers? How often did you make love immediately after you met? A remarkable moment – the situation in the frame is always conducive to intimacy. The candles are lit mystically, the lights are automatically dimmed, and the sounds of sensual music are heard in the background.

This trend poses an extreme danger to inexperienced minds. People tend to associate themselves with fictional images. Modest guys are waiting for the finest hour, when girls of model appearance will flock to them, like bees to nectar. The girls are not far behind and hope to meet a prince with a six-figure amount in the bank account, who will discern the “rich inner world” and kiss every part of the body. Let’s walk through the most common Hollywood-inspired sex legends.


1. Sex standing is something incredible

Let’s first of all cross out the irrepressible craving for vertical positions from the list of sins of the scriptwriters. I won’t argue that sex while standing can be enjoyable, but you shouldn’t treat it as an exceptional opportunity to have an orgasm. Without hesitation, I can name twenty films in which there is a standard scene – a guy lifts a girl by her ass, she throws her legs on his waist and then the docking takes place. Moreover, the man is definitely larger and taller than the woman. In real life, the dimensions of the partners may differ from the canonical proportions.

The standing pose has one significant disadvantage – it requires significant physical training from the lover, because banal fatigue negates all the pleasure of intercourse. If your partner does not work out in a gym with large weights or has a flimsy physique, then he is unlikely to enjoy half-hour vertical coitus.

2. Female orgasm

Statistics show that only a third of women experience orgasm from simple vaginal penetration without additional stimulation of other erogenous zones. Girls need to be warmed up for a long time, spending at least 30 minutes on a skillful, I emphasize – skillful, foreplay. And then the chances of reaching the climax are 50/50, because no one canceled the influence of the emotional factor.

In matters of female pleasure, Hollywood is not far removed from the porn industry. In cinema, the duration of an erotic scene from the stage of nudity to discharge takes a few seconds. The girls are quite happy with this; for complete happiness, a couple of frictions are enough for them . Women’s peak states are shown to be overly aesthetically pleasing. The faces of the beauties do not distort strange grimaces, vaginas do not emit unpleasant sounds, and moans are like angelic singing. Interestingly, filmmakers at least once witnessed a genuine orgasm?

3. Sex in marriage is nonsense

In practice, the situation is diametrically opposite. Anonymous opinion polls have shown that people who are married or in stable relationships have more sexual intercourse per year than singles and unmarried people. According to the research results, scientists have given a completely adequate explanation – you do not need to look for a partner and spend time on “hilling” him. Regular sex only happens with married couples.

In the films, intimate life ends at the altar. Physically healthy people voluntarily refuse intimacy under silly pretexts. For example, spouses are afraid to wake up the children, but how do you need to shout in order to disturb the child’s sleep in a two-story house? Our Soviet ancestors managed to quietly do their job behind a screen in a communal apartment. Most couples are represented either in a combination of a hackneyed housewife and a workaholic husband, or a pretty woman and a pig-like chosen one of life. Only problems in the family can lead to a decrease in libido. 

4. Condoms are in short supply

Imagine the scene, a man and a woman have been dating for several months, they are finally ready to move on to the next stage. He begs to visit, crosses the threshold with flowers and a bottle of champagne. She puts on brand new lace lingerie, creates a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. The lovers kiss, but for some reason it turns out that none of them bothered to take care of the availability of rubber item # 2. If I were planning to have sex with a new partner, I would have stocked up with so many machine-gun belts that they would be enough for an entire regiment. Or another typical example, but from youth comedies. A freshman, and part-time virgin, settles on the campus. His neighbor, wise with experience, says that female students “give for a bottle of beer.” Any normal guy would not part with a pack of condoms, well, just in case, suddenly get lucky. And now the busty sister of the Alpha Society jumps on the lucky one , and he has empty pockets and an intense member. The fighter rushes into a raid on the nearest pharmacies and shops, but on the counters it rolls like a ball, as if the action takes place during the years of perestroika. 


5. Become gay overnight

Fewer young people can uniquely identify their own sexual orientation. Until about 25 years of age, the formation of intimate preferences occurs. Girls and boys cruise between the two banks and lead a bisexual lifestyle. I do not know if the active propaganda of same-sex love is to blame for this, or if the trend arises from the general expansion of horizons, but the fact remains.

Film writers still adhere to a formulaic plot line. Only movie characters, after the first contact with a representative of their sex, put on themselves the stigma of “gay” or “lesbian”. In real life, girls and guys prefer to try a few more times to be sure.

6. Men want more sex

Thank God, the days are gone when girls considered it shameful to reciprocate the frenzied caresses of a lover. Temperaments can indeed differ, but in both directions. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cold men who have enough of a few acts a month and passionate women who crave the maximum return from their partner. At the same time, in feature films, the initiator of intimacy is still a strong half of humanity. Beautiful married ladies either act as a permissive subject and admit the hero to the body without much enthusiasm, or refuse intimacy (read point 3). Free girls are perceived as a sexual object, ready at the first call to surrender to an anxious young man. 


7. Reservations happen all over the place

Have you ever called your partner the wrong name during sex? And your friends? If so, write about it in the comments, I want to meet such a unique individual. In my opinion, only the mentally retarded is able to confuse a wife with a mistress and betray treason with a reservation. Another question – how often do you remember your previous relationships during the frantic race in the second half? Here I am, for example, never.

A typical scene of not too intellectual films is a shout of someone else’s name right in the middle of intercourse. This is followed by an awkward pause and a loud scandal, with the smashing of dishes and all the ensuing consequences. You cannot make a good picture without conflict, but, fellow screenwriters, stop sucking problems out of your finger.

8. Women sleep in bras

Sex and the City and similar female franchises have instilled in girls unhealthy notions of a beautiful lifestyle. For example, the monthly income of the heroines does not cover the costs of entertainment, liters of alcohol drunk during the day do not lead to alcoholism and hangover, and carcasses are not smeared from streams of tears. However, the most dangerous myth I consider to be sleeping in bras. Almost all on-screen girls go to the world of dreams in sets from Victoria’s Secret, and real girls take an example from them.

I will try to explain why it is so harmful to sleep in a bra. First, the hard bones press terribly. Secondly, synthetics bite into delicate skin, sweat does not drain away from the body and irritation occurs. Third, soft tissue is compressed, blood flow is impaired, and the risk of breast cancer increases.

9. Lubrication is for weaklings or maniacs

Lubricants have long since come out of the underground sex shops and settled on shelves near supermarket checkouts. There is nothing reprehensible in using artificial lubricant, with it, intercourse goes like clockwork. Many couples buy special means to reduce foreplay or turn the bed into a laboratory of erotic experimenters.

In the movie rarely show lubricants . Intimacy in the shower, anal sex and playing with devices do without additional hydration. If a shot with lubricant flashes, then be sure that the jar belongs to a maniac-murderer-rapist. It’s very strange that sick bastards care so much about the comfort of their victims.

10. First sex

Let’s be honest with ourselves, for most of us, the first intimacy was a disappointment. The debut of the guys ended, barely having time to begin, and the girls, due to their worries and fears, lost a ghostly chance of getting pleasure. De-virginity is an unpleasant step on the path to adulthood that everyone should take. Depending on the genre of the picture, the scriptwriters play up two options. In the first, intimacy is painted in pink tones, everything goes without a hitch. The young lover is guaranteed to get an orgasm, and the inexperienced lover shows skill that the actors of the “18+” category never dreamed of. As you might have guessed, we are talking about romantic films. The second option is comedic. Here, couples find themselves in absurd situations created by the fevered brains of the film studio’s creatives. In fact, the first sex is much more prosaic. 

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