20 positions for anal sex with practical tips

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20 positions for anal sex with practical tips

Well, now you are completely grown up and it’s time to talk about anal sex.

Visiting black holes is not perceived by modern society as something forbidden and sinful, but, nevertheless, it is still not accepted to openly declare a love for stimulating the anus. Men will immediately begin to be accused of latent homosexuality, and women – either of an excessive inclination towards feminism, or, conversely, of a desire for total submission. Let’s not think in a formulaic way and try to implement 20 positions for supernatural pleasure on the marriage bed.


1. Battering ram

Description of the pose . The partner bends in the lower back, the guy comes in from behind and abruptly pushes her anus onto his hot penis, pulling the lady by the shoulders. From the side it seems as if the girl sits down on her boyfriend’s bent knees.

A little advice . Any suitable support will come to the aid of your coordination – a bedside table, a back of a chair or a sofa bed . Please note that you must first develop a tight muscle ring with well-lubricated fingers, otherwise it will be very painful.

2. Snail

Description of the pose. The girl rests on her forearms. The guy holds the partner’s right leg straightened to the side with one hand, and with the other grabs the left leg bent at the knee and rests her foot on his steel press. Thanks to the twist, excellent access to the anus opens. A little advice . The use of petroleum jelly as a lubricant is a thing of the past. Also, in no case should you use shampoo or liquid soap to improve glide. The fact is that the components of detergents penetrate into microcracks and cause a hellish burning sensation. 


3. Mermaid

Description of the pose . The boyfriend lies like a boulder on the seashore, and the girl sits on it so that her legs are on one side. Holding onto the inner side of the thigh and the body of a loved one, our mermaid moves up and down.

A little advice. The ideal option to ensure a smooth entrance is special lubricants that can be bought at any sex shop. Anal lubricants are thicker in consistency and evaporate much more slowly. Many manufacturers include disinfecting and wound-healing substances in their products. 

4. Turtle

Description of the pose . The girl protrudes her ass up, the ankles, forearms and chest serve as support points. The guy leans on her with his whole body and gently enters his penis until it stops.

A little advice . To facilitate breathing, it is better to turn your head to the side, although there is a variation that sharpens the sensations. In it, the partner buries her face in the pillow, a slight lack of oxygen leads to the maximum subspace .

5. Von-Baron

Description of the pose. The guy sits on the marriage bed, resting his shoulder blades on the headboard and spreads his slightly bent legs wide. The girl takes a kneeling position and, swinging her whole body on the elbows and knees back and forth, plunges the partner’s penis into her rough entrance. A little advice . If you are not an ardent coprophile and do not experience sexual satisfaction at the sight of feces, then I strongly recommend that you do an enema before anal experiments. 


6. Handbook

Description of the pose . The partner lies on the table with her hands behind her head. Her legs are tightly wrapped around her partner’s thighs. The guy, standing on the floor, introduces his penis into her hot hole and, pushing up on his hands, makes reciprocating movements.

A little advice. In principle, you can do without a condom. A healthy microflora of the rectum will not harm the lover’s reproductive system. However, you should not engage in vaginal sex immediately after anal sex, the womb may inadequately respond to foreign bacteria. 

7. Deck chair

Description of the pose. The boyfriend leans on straight arms and stretches his legs, the girl sits with her back to her lover’s face in the reverse cowgirl pose. She herself controls the intensity of frictions and the depth of immersion. A little advice. Do not forget that your pleasure from anal stimulation directly depends on a competent approach. Start with foreplay, which is a gentle fingering (insertion of fingers in turn). 


8. Throne of the gods

Description of the pose. The man lies on his back, and the girl sits on him from the left side, as if on a throne, legs wide apart. He holds his beloved by the armpit and butt, helping to move in time with the measured frictions . A little advice. Anilingus helps to relax and tune in a suitable way. Let the partner play with the tongue with the female anus – this will extremely arouse both. 


9. Sleeping beauty

Description of the pose. The girl lies on her half-side , clasping a pillow with her hands. The guy enters it from behind with the already familiar method of push-ups on outstretched arms. Small offsets of the center of gravity to the left and then to the right allow the narrow opening to widen. A little advice. Cold air and drafts only interfere with conquering the heights of anal sex. Before your love games, be sure to warm up the bedroom. 


10. Fan

Description of the pose. The guy straightens one leg, and the heel of the other tightly presses against the crotch. The girl sits down with her booty on the inner side of her partner’s thigh, leaning on her palms. The boyfriend enters, at the same time raising the wide-spread legs of his beloved. A little advice. A man should not board a woman’s body like a pirate is a spice ship. After the first introduction, you need to let the lady get used to the new sensations. 


11. Mother hen

Description of the pose. The boyfriend sits on the bed with straight legs, and the girl, holding on to his knees, sits down on a squat with her back to his face. To prevent the partner from slipping, the partner holds her by the waist. A little advice. Talk during intercourse, ask about the sensations and impressions that overwhelmed the girl’s mind. Verbal contact reduces physiological stress and increases confidence. 


12. Wrestling

Description of the pose. The man sits on his ankles, and the girl throws her legs on his shoulders. To give the structure stability, the partner leans on outstretched arms, placed on the sides of the partner’s body. A little advice. Provided that the intestines have been completely cleansed, it is recommended to do small attempts to relieve discomfort. Please note that if you neglected the enema, the penis will be covered with a brownish fluid of a completely understandable origin. 


13. Yoga

Description of the pose. The girl brings the feet of the legs stretched out like strings to the forehead. The guy, kneeling, gently presses on her hips, forcing the pelvis to rise even higher. From this starting position, the desired docking takes place. A little advice. Anal dilators – sets of steel or plastic plugs of various diameters have shown themselves well in practice. The devices are inserted into the anus for a while and replaced as the muscles stretch. 


14. Frog

Description of the pose. The position should be called a kitty, because the girl bends seductively in the lower back and lays down on the bed with her breasts. The guy controls his movements, coordinating the response of the partner with his own frictions , by manipulating her hips. A little advice. After a bath and / or a hot bath, experimentation is much easier. 


15 sweet hugs

Description of the pose. A variation of the missionary position adapted for anal sex. The partner lies on his back with his knees pressed to his chest, the guy plunges into her dark place from the hand-knee position. She interlaces her fingers in a lock behind her lover’s neck, pulling him even closer. A little advice. Juggling poses, leaving a member in the rectum – the height of frivolity. This will most likely damage your partner’s soft tissues.  


16. Horseman

Description of the pose . The girl lies on her stomach, the guy is in the back. Her legs clasp her lover under the buttocks, and her hands are pulled behind her head in the lock. The guy takes his partner’s wrists like a bit and starts a crazy jump.

A little advice. Holders of reproductive organs of impressive size should use the restraining rings. 

17. Statue

Description of the pose . He stands motionless, his back firmly pressed against the wall. All active actions are on the conscience of the girl, who bent to her knees and buries her buttocks in his raised flesh. This position is suitable for couples with a slight difference in height.

A little advice. There is an unspoken rule of getting pleasure from anal sex. You must practice regularly, then the painful sensations from the first frictions will remain a nightmare of the past and will never return to your life. 

18. Doggy Style

Description of the pose. Classic doggy style, so what to paint there. The only difference is the location of the inlet. A little advice. In some cases, semen in the anus can cause unintended laxative effects. Be extremely careful! 


19. Standing

Description of the pose . From the name it is quite obvious that anal intercourse occurs in an upright position. The girl presses her back against the partner’s body, his penis dives into a well-oiled hole, and her hands caress the clitoris and chest. A little advice . If, after intimate experiments for several days, bloody marks remain on the underwear, then do not expect miraculous healing, but consult a doctor. 


20. Gentle Angel

Description of the pose. The mistress settles down comfortably on her stomach, the partner seems to spread over her smooth skin. The girl tries to bring her feet behind her boyfriend. The position allows you to sensually glide over the partner’s body, performing gentle and smooth frictions . Final parting words. There is a common myth that anal sex provokes hemorrhoids. It is not entirely true that bleeding nodes form on the rectum, it is necessary to try very hard and completely forget about the elementary sense of self-preservation. 


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