10 most common mistakes women make in sex

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10 most common mistakes women make in sex

Despite the fact that today the Internet is full of information about sex, there are still a number of monotonous mistakes that are repeated by almost all women. Of course, there can be many punctures in bed from both men and women, but I would like to highlight the 10 most common mistakes that the fairer sex makes during intimacy.

1. Make love according to instructions

As a rule, men very rarely read women’s magazines and believe that all the information in them is nonsense and nonsense. Therefore, the phrases: “It was written in the magazine” will not only infuriate your partner, but also discourage him from having sex with you completely. It is better for girls to learn information from their favorite magazine and put it into practice without further ado.

2. Sex during his work or broadcasting football (volleyball, Olympics) 

Girls very often come up with the ingenious idea to demand sex from their beloved when he is at work or when watching the game of his favorite football team. But in such situations, the thoughts of your chosen one are far from your sexual fantasies, and he, often, can react to your “harassment” not exactly as you would like. Girls need to understand that sometimes you just need to wait a little until the end of the working day or until the end of the game. 

3. Conversations during sex

A common mistake women make are off-topic phrases during sex or ascertaining certain questions. Yes, men love it when a girl says sweet words to him, moans a little or swears playfully in bed, but phrases like: “Do you love me?” or “What are you thinking about now?” completely inappropriate, and annoy the man. If your chosen one is good, then he is unlikely to think about something. 

4. Constraint of your body

Any woman, even the most beautiful and sexy one, always finds in herself some kind of figure flaws and is sometimes ashamed of her naked body. But these experiences and fears are exclusively female. If a man is in bed with you, it means that he is quite pleased with your body, and for sure all your advantages and disadvantages he has already discerned under his clothes. Don’t be ashamed of your body. If you feel feminine and sexy in bed, then the man will feel it and perceive you that way.

5. Feminine hygiene

If a man in bed can not pay attention to some of the imperfections of a woman’s body, then unshaven legs and a “bikini zone” will forever scare him away from the girl. She may not wear makeup, but getting rid of hair on her legs and intimate parts of her body is simply a must.

6. Stereotypes of female behavior in bed

Very often there are situations when girls behave in bed is not entirely natural and natural. Many believe that men love wild and rampant sex and try to provide it by posing as a passionate tigress. Perhaps, your partner will like it several times, but he may not be able to withstand such “passion” for a long time. Quite the opposite behavior is complete apathy. Some girls believe that a man should conquer them, so they remind them of a “log” in bed. After all, men are not beavers, and they quickly get bored of dealing with logs. It is very important not to pretend in bed, to listen to the rhythm and desires of your partner.

7. Comparing your partner with others

The grossest female mistake is comparing her man with others. Phrases: “You are much better than Vasya” or “You do the best” will not only not please him, but also humiliate him. It is better for a man not to know the whole turbulent past of the girl, and even more so to “delve” into it.

8. Sex is a dirty business

As you all know, there was no sex in the USSR and it was believed that doing it was dirty and vulgar. Some women still think so, so minutes of intimacy turn into hard labor for them. But everything that was in the past is the past, and today it is necessary to throw unnecessary attitudes out of your head and fully enjoy the minutes of intimacy with your partner. Otherwise, he will no longer want to lead you to the “scaffold”, and he will find another for this “dirty” business. 

9. Methods of contraception

For some reason, women think that it is men who need to worry about contraceptive methods. But do not forget that the ultimate responsibility lies with you (pregnancy, childbirth, children), so if you are preparing to make love to a man, take care of contraception yourself.

10. Simulated orgasm

The most common and insidious mistake women make is fake orgasm. As a rule, girls do this in order not to offend their man, and to maintain a relationship with him. But sooner or later, the “imitation” will open up and this will lead to the fact that a man can completely lose faith in himself and destroy the relationship. It is better to immediately confess everything honestly and try to find ways and sexual positions that will satisfy you.

Sex is a profitable business, so try to “make it” together, avoiding the mistakes mentioned above. Only love, patience, trust and respect for each other will help make your sex magical and unforgettable.

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