7 missionary sex options you’ll want to try

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7 missionary sex options you’ll want to try

If you are a fan of missionary sex, but you lack innovations in bed, then this article is for you. We’ve collected 7 interesting options to help you experience new sensations in your usual missionary style. The classic missionary position has several advantages, making it a favorite of millions of couples. But many do not even think about the fact that it is only worth diversifying it a little, as the pose is ready to flare up with a new fire and open previously unknown pleasures. There are at least 7 ways to do this if you change your way of doing sex a little. 

Perhaps some of the options will seem inconvenient to you, but these ideas definitely do not hold their originality. And, isn’t it worth the risk to get a new sexual experience with a regular partner, and even in your favorite position? Add some spice to your relationship with 7 different missionary positions and you will find that even your normal sex life can be varied. You can be sure that after learning about these positions, you will immediately want to try one of these ideas.

1. “Lotus” The
girl lies on her back with bent legs (we recommend that you put a pillow under your back for more comfort and sit on your favorite comfortable bed). The man, like a real knight, kneels in front of you, and then settles down on top. This sexy position will become even more enjoyable for those couples who love the deepest penetration possible. You can enjoy being in close proximity to your loved one and experience new emotions from the missionary orgasm.

2. “Number eight”
In this position, the girl lies on her back and raises her knees up. Do not forget about the pillow, do not deny yourself an additional opportunity to relax. The man stands above you in outstretched arms, as if he was going to stand in the bar. You wrap your legs around his hips and hug his shoulders with your arms. Thus, the woman gets the opportunity to control movements and rhythm with her partner. One of the benefits of this sex position is contact between you, and the added bonus is full clitoral stimulation for an incredible orgasm.

3. “Home”
You, of course, will be right if you say that this pose is suitable only for the most daring and flexible partners. But don’t forget that as the difficulty increases, the pleasure increases in direct proportion. Raise your hips and wrap your legs around your man’s waist. To maintain balance, hands should be fixed on the floor. At the same time, the man becomes in the “dog” position between your legs. For maximum pleasure, swing your hips in both directions. I can say with confidence that you will not want to stop for a very long time!

4. “Truce”
It is worth noting, for lovers of the classics, that this position is much more comfortable than the previous one, and, in addition to everything, you will have the opportunity to look passionately at your partner. The girl is perpendicular to the man, and he goes inside. The penetration is very deep, since it is carried out at right angles. If you have not yet experienced all the delights of having sex in this position, then be sure to try it. Perhaps she will become one of your favorites!

5. “Safety”
This option is very similar to the original classic version of the missionary position. The girl also sits on her back, and the man sits on top. But here the partner lies completely on his stomach, his knees are straightened, and then he grabs his partner’s forearm with his hands, thereby slightly raising her. You press your legs against his waist, which facilitates penetration, and also helps to control the speed and rhythm. What else do you need for a perfect process? 

6. “Nirvana”
For this variant of the missionary position, you will need a headboard to hold on to comfortably. Lie on your back and hold onto the top of the bed. The partner lies on top, gently enters the partner and the couple begins to move in unison. The more comfortable you stretch your legs, the stronger the pleasure and emotions you will experience. To heighten your arousal, use sex toys and warm-up techniques.

7. “Zen Pause”
Relaxation is the main feature of this pose. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your sexuality to the next level. Both partners should feel their emotions and sense each other. In this variant of the missionary position, copulation is carried out on the side. The partner throws one leg slightly above the partner’s hip, adjusting the depth of penetration, which will be pleasant to both. Further, the couple moves towards each other and reaches orgasm.

The classic missionary position is a great idea to end a pleasant evening. But thanks to 7 new options, you will have new ways to have fun in bed. Never stand still, may your search for new sexual ideas be crowned with success and you will experience all kinds of orgasms.  

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