10 poses that will take you to hospital bed

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10 poses that will take you to hospital bed

Man is the only creature on the planet capable of having sex solely for pleasure. Sometimes the pursuit of carnal pleasures turns into disastrous consequences. An unlucky lover sits at a doctor’s appointment, pondering what went wrong. We present you with a selection of positions, during the execution of which you need to exercise increased caution.

Imagine the following situation – a guy invited a girl to “have tea” and, as usual, young people rush to bed from the doorway. After several sexual intercourses, the insatiable couple decides to experiment. Indeed, many positions from the Kamasutra look quite intriguing. And so, the girl is twisted into a ram’s horn, the boy makes a couple of frictions and a crack is heard, followed by a cry full of horror and unbearable pain. The most precious part of the male body is damaged, and blood gushes from the wound like a geyser. As a result, the date turns into a long rehabilitation.

At first glance, this story is nothing more than the fantasy of an American teenage comedy screenwriter. However, a lot of people go to the hospital with such injuries. In the United States (we do not keep statistics for obvious reasons) in 2014, 13,563 men were hospitalized with a ruptured penis. Therefore, you should not neglect basic security measures. I do not urge you to refuse to fulfill the positions below, but the information will definitely not be superfluous.

Rating of the most traumatic poses

10. Swift chef

Technique. Our anti-rating opens with familiar to all sex on the kitchen table. Spontaneous and hot, it can turn into the main dish of the evening. The girl rests her buttocks on the tabletop, wraps her legs around the partner standing in front of her and touches the support with only one coccyx. The guy enters and away we go …

Potential risks. The comment from practicing sexologist Justin Lichmiller is rather chilling: “When a woman is sitting, intercourse takes place“ in a cramped environment ”. If, in a fit of passion, the partner makes a sharp push forward, then the penis will rest against the pubic bone with all its might, which is tantamount to a car accident. Remember what happens to the bumper at the time of the collision. “

9. Tongs

Technique. The girl lies down on her left side. The guy grabs and lifts her by the right leg. The only point of support for the partner is the left hand, so that intercourse takes place practically in the air.

Potential risks. Firstly, since almost all body weight is transferred to the arm, each push puts an excessive load on the joint. Secondly, if the guy does not hold his beloved, then the fall will be very painful. Third, with a sudden change in trajectory, combined with forward movement, the penis can bend like a horseshoe, which naturally leads to injury.

8. Stairway to Heaven

Technique. The position assumes that the girl’s back will loom in front of the guy’s face. The partner is located a few steps higher, and the partner sits on his erect penis, holding onto the railing. He uses his hands as guides, helping his beloved work from behind.

Potential risks. Let’s start with a significant proportion of the likelihood of falling down a ladder. If the height is small, then you will get off with a little fright and a few bruises. Another risk is loss of control at the peak of the lift. The buttocks can slip out of your hands, and the girl will land with full swing on your fragile bayonet.

7. Backward wave

Technique. The man lies on his back, the woman is on top in the riding position, but instead of jumps, pendulum-like backbends in the lower back are performed, accompanied by the partner’s frictions.

Potential risks. The erect penis not only lengthens, but also expands. Closer to the finish line, there is an even greater increase in the working body in comparison with the starting size. There comes a moment when it becomes impossible to bend it. In the course of active manipulation of the partner, the penis may tear at the base.

6. Vertical

Technique. Introduce a missionary position. Have you presented? Now turn the picture upside down and remove the bed. What happened? That’s right – the man is standing, and the woman is hanging on his hips, he supports her buttocks and, swinging the body with movements in the knees, strikes inside the hot bosom.

Potential risks. Absolutely all vertical positions lead to pain in the back and cervical spine. Dislocations of the knees or ankle joint are also not excluded. In addition, there is a high risk of losing balance and the partner’s hanging on the penis. Ask yourself – is your friend capable of supporting the lady’s weight, if not, then it is highly discouraged to try “Vertical”.

5. Aquaman’s Delight

Technique. The guy walks into the water up to his chest, the girl swims up close and grabs him with her legs at hip level. The position is much easier than the previous one, but it is fraught with many dangers.

Potential risks. As you know, water is an excellent breeding ground for pathogens. Sex in open waters is fraught with microbiological contamination and fungal infections. However, you should be on your guard in the pool. Chlorine causes burns and kills the natural microflora of the vagina, and it is easy to slip on wet tiles.

4. Cheerful ball

Technique. You will need a well-pumped fitball. The man sits on the ball, and the woman turns her back to her partner and gently enters the penis. The partner performs frictions by jumping on a fitball, sinking deeper and deeper each time.

Potential risks. Exercise requires perfect body control and excellent coordination. Otherwise, the ball will slip out, the couple will fall to the floor – and then a strong bruise of the tailbone is guaranteed. Do not forget about the likelihood of tearing the penis during the reciprocating movements, because one slight swing to the side will be oh-oh-oh, how painful!

3. Brooklyn Bridge

Technique. The guy should remember school physical education lessons and build a kind of bridge out of his body. To do this, you need to lie on your back, bring your heels to your buttocks, and put your palms near your ears with your fingers in the direction of your shoulders. Then push your hips up, straightening your arms and legs. The girl saddles the guy and the action begins. Ideally, the partner should weigh like a feather, and the partner should be hardy and strong, like a reinforced concrete bridge.

Potential risks. Fractures of the wrist, dislocation of the ankle, damage to the cervical vertebrae are just a short list of injuries caused by this position. Prolonged stay upside down provokes blood outflow from the lungs and, as a result, oxygen deprivation and fainting.

2. Figure skating

Technique. Another variation of the standing position. It can only be performed by people with impressive physical fitness. The partner stands with her back to the partner. He squats slightly, takes her by the waist. The girl jumps up and grabs the guy with her legs, who simultaneously performs the docking.

Potential risks. Even in normal positions, the introduction of the spike into the groove does not always happen the first time, what can we say about the entrance from the swoop. If a man loses his balance, at best he will fall on his back and beat off his tailbone. The worst outcome – he will fall forward, smack his partner’s face and break his penis.

1. Through the tunnel

Technique. The man lies on his back, tightly pressing his legs bent at the knees to the chest. The member is displayed between the legs and the girl sits on it. It seems as if she just sat on the buttocks of the gnarled guy, but in fact the head is sunk into the vagina.

Potential risks. In order to understand all the danger of a position, it is enough just to look at it. Several questions arise at the same time. First, how long should the penis be? Second – how can a hard erect penis bend like that? Third, how can a girl maintain a precarious balance and not fall?

through the tunnel

Variety in bed is great, but you need to be careful with your desires. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and do not decide on risky adventures!

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