How to Prolong Your Pleasure in Bed: 20 Tricks

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How to Prolong Your Pleasure in Bed: 20 Tricks

How to Prolong Sexual Pleasure? How to enjoy the closeness as much as possible? Everyone asked similar questions. In our article, you will find recommendations to help you prolong the pleasure by experiencing a brighter orgasm.

1. Seduction is an art

It is not uncommon for couples who have been in a relationship for a long period of time to plan sex in advance. This is a common strategy used by spouses, lovers, long-distance partners, and those who frequently travel on long business trips. Knowing that the time of planned sex is approaching, start seducing your chosen one ahead of time. Use all your coquetry: flirt, send playful SMS, leave notes. Think over a scenario of intimacy and share it with your partner. Tell him what you want. Let the flight of imagination increase the desire, tease your partner with sexual phrases. When everything begins, the body itself will be in anticipation of something great. 

2. Sensual kisses

Have you already forgotten that teenage thrill of the first kisses? Well, it’s time to remember the trembling knees, from the hot touch of the lips. Even if you’ve been married for 20 years, kissing will not lose its charm. Let your lips connect in a long and passionate kiss as your hands caress each other’s bodies. Feel this closeness as much as possible and immediately notice how the desire becomes more and more exciting.

3. Put on a strip show

Do you know all the secrets of striptease and know how to spin on a pole in a funky way ? Great, use this talent in foreplay. However, mere mortals do not have to take striptease courses to please their partner. You can just slowly undress, or undress each other, enjoying the show. Do not be ashamed of your body. Since your chosen one is near, it means that he likes your lush hips or small breasts. Stand in front of the mirror and watch your own reflections, throwing clothes somewhere out there – in the looking glass. If you can’t overcome the constraint, you can arrange a shadow theater. You will need a bright lamp and a white sheet. Figure out how to secure the fabric in the middle of the room by forming a curtain. Your partner will be on one side and you on the other. Stand between the sheet and the lamp so that there is a clear shadow on the fabric. Slowly start dancing, undress and run your hands over your body, then beckon your loved one to you. Do not hesitate, after such a show, he will rush to you with all his might!  

4. Erotic massage

Massage is one of the best and most popular ways to enhance and prolong pleasure. There is a myth that women like him more than men, but this is far from the case. Give each other mutual pleasure by massaging the sensitive areas one by one. There are many recommendations on the network regarding erotic massage, in which the erogenous zones are stimulated. Do not forget to use different oils that warm or cool the skin. You can even alternate them, creating a contrasting effect. Think about the scenery for the massage: pick up nice music, dim the lights. Tip: the massage should not last too long, otherwise you can simply fall asleep, and the muscles will soon begin to ache. 


5. Anatomy for adults: studying the partner’s body

Explore the body of your loved one, paying attention to every centimeter. It is not at all necessary to touch it with your hands. For example, girls usually like it when their partner tickles their neck and back, gently breathing out warm air. Men, on the other hand, enjoy touching their bodies with female nipples hardened with arousal. The genitals can also be caressed gently or intensely, but the movements should be gentle, not harmful.

You can increase the desire of your partner by teasing him with your touches – get closer to the most intimate areas, but do not touch them, but kiss the area around, playfully dousing the skin with hot breath. Do not forget about sensitive areas: the inside of the hands and knees, the area around the navel, nipples, ears, etc. It is no secret that many guys are simply thrilled when a girl gently scratches their backs with the tips of her nails. Watch closely how the man reacts to your actions, and you will find new ways to rekindle his desire (which he himself may not have known about).  

6. My turn!

Most often, couples engage in foreplay and sex simultaneously, acting as both the receiver and the giver. However, you can choose a different path, caressing each other not simultaneously, but in turn. So intercourse will not only last longer, but also bring more pleasure. When there is a spark of tenderness between two people, it is pleasant for them not only to receive, but also to give. Bring him to the peak of bliss with gentle or passionate oral sex. Relax and savor your partner’s touch when it is your turn to have fun. 

7. Click on “pause”

Agree in advance with your partner about interrupting the act, in which you completely stop having sex for a short time, without even resorting to intimate caresses or kisses. Pause for a few minutes and catch your breath. It would be appropriate to use a pre-agreed stop word. Most often, such signaling words are used in the practice of BDSM, but their use in classical intercourse is also useful. Please note that this signaling should not consist of the lines you use during normal intercourse, otherwise your partner will be confused.

Tip: You shouldn’t use this method all the time. Interruption of intercourse is often harmful to both sexes. Plus, if you tease a man for too long, the erection may go away and you may have to work hard to re-excite an already tired partner.  

8. Take a deep breath

To prolong the pleasure in bed, you must learn to breathe deeply. Concentrating on your breathing will stretch the pleasure and release the tension that builds up during arousal. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious during sex, take a few deep breaths and see what happens. If you are aroused and want to prolong the pleasure, take a few deep breaths and you can soar even higher. Breathing is one of the sexual secrets. Try it! It will not be superfluous to master the techniques of meditative breathing in advance – this will not only have a positive effect on your sex life, but also help you relax in difficult everyday situations. In addition to the usual techniques, hyperventilation (or holotropic breathing) can be used. This method, by the way, is even used in psychotherapy and psychology and is comparable to the effect of LSD. Hyperventilation is frequent, rapid breaths that promote oxygen saturation. As soon as the level of oxygen in the blood and brain reaches a peak, euphoria sets in – a person experiences relaxation, and his perception of reality changes. Tip: Study carefully the physiological processes of hyperventilation, as well as its effects. Before using hyperventilation during sex, you should practice well and study the contraindications. For example, holotropic breathing is not recommended for pregnant women, epileptics and seriously ill people.

9. “I am choking on love …”, or Erotic suffocation 

In the techniques of skillful sex, there is the practice of using erotic asphyxia – a special strangulation used during intercourse. The bottom line is this: with a lack of oxygen, hormones (in particular, adrenaline) are released from which sexual pleasure increases. It is believed that erotic choking refers to the practice of BDSM, but you should not be afraid of it. No need to bring the matter to a loss of consciousness, literally the soul of each other. It is enough to slightly block the flow of air by temporarily covering your face with a pillow or slightly tightening the scarf tied around your neck. Such methods should only be used with a trusted partner. Tip: Asphyxiation requires control and knowledge of your own body. If you do not trust the process to your soul mate (realizing that in a moment of passion your man does not control himself), take matters into your own hands – in the literal sense of the word. Place your free hand on the carotid artery, pressing down slightly. As soon as you feel a slight dizziness, remove your hand.


10. Dance

It is a well-known fact: couples of dancers and skaters often start dating, and sometimes even get married. This is not surprising, since during the dance, the partners’ bodies touch, the pulse and breathing become more frequent, the movements are coordinated, and the level of trust grows. The same thing happens during the intimacy of lovers. The conclusion suggests itself – dance can be used as an enhancer of sexual pleasure. In addition, touching while dancing can help couples who have just started dating to overcome awkwardness. Dancing movements can be used before sex as a way to study the partner’s body, or connect directly with intercourse, choosing the appropriate postures in a standing or sitting position.

11. Contraction of intimate muscles

Often, orgasm comes from friction with forward movements, but you can achieve sweet languor by compressing the vaginal muscles – this will delight not only the girl, but also the guy. With a certain level of skill, you can get the hang of changing the strength and frequency of squeezes, in fact massaging your partner’s penis. To do this, you need to understand all the secrets of wumbling. Wumbling is a newfangled term, although the very practice of such exercises was known even before our era and was used by the priestesses of love of Ancient Greece, Rome, India, Japan, etc. The process seems dauntingly complicated in the early stages, but you’ll master it fairly quickly. You need to understand the essence of the so-called. Kegel exercises. When you go to the toilet in a small way, suddenly stop urinating and feel how your internal muscles tighten. In the future, do the exercises on an empty bladder: squeeze the muscles for 5 seconds, relax for 10 seconds, squeeze the muscles again, repeat the exercise 10 times. Having dealt with the principle of compression, you can train your muscles at any time and others will not even notice it. In addition to compressions, pelvic lifts are also used in Kegel exercises – this technique can be safely added to morning exercises. During intercourse, controlling the vaginal muscles will allow you to delay and slow down the approach of orgasm, giving your partner incomparable pleasure. Tip: don’t overwork your muscles. Increase the strength and frequency of the contractions gradually to avoid painful sensations. 


12. Playing with feelings

When there are real feelings between a man and a woman, long and pleasant sex is in the order of things. There are exceptions: problems with the genitourinary system, fatigue, stress. Most often, difficulties arise for those who start one-time and short-term affairs. Sex for one night in society is mercilessly condemned, although many admit that they have had a similar experience. You can, of course, wait for years for that one thing, going crazy with an unsatisfied desire and slowly forgetting all the skills. However, gynecologists and sexologists aloud declare – it is harmful to endure! It’s better to find a reliable partner with whom you sleep once or twice – for relaxation. The main thing is to immediately stipulate the features of your communication.

In a serious relationship, a couple can experiment slowly to find the perfect technique. And if you are not going to live together happily ever after and die one day from a synchronous orgasm? Let’s be honest. The girl spent half a day on manicure-pedicure-epilation, put on makeup, did her hair, and all so beautiful came for a sex date – she needs an orgasm today, not in a month. No time for curtsies! You have found an attractive man and he seems to be good in bed, but something is missing … What exactly? That’s right, feelings!

Sometimes it is better to play love for yourself for a while than to fake a fake orgasm. Faking an orgasm is bad and harmful. You deceive your partner, instill in him false confidence in his abilities (from which he will continue to repeat actions that do not give a true result), and also spoil yourself all the pleasure from sex. Take a close look at the guy. You didn’t choose Quasimodo, you were attracted by something about him. Strong, muscular shoulders? So caress them in love. A sensually contoured mouth? Kiss his lips. Imagine that you are in front of a beloved person. Does not exceed? Then close your eyes and think of someone who really makes you romantic. You will immediately notice that the touch becomes more pleasant and the man will immediately feel a wave of desire growing in you.

Tip: As much as you want to, never say another person’s name in bed. This will not only offend your partner, but also affect the quality of intercourse (if the man wants to continue it at all). In fact, it can be difficult to restrain oneself (in a moment of passion, someone’s name can unconsciously fly off the tongue). Therefore, train yourself to call your new partner an impersonal nickname: bunny, cat, my master – as it pleases him. And don’t get carried away with the game too much. Don’t say “I love you” if you don’t. 

13. Choosing a pose

It’s no secret that postures play an important role in achieving pleasure. Each of us is different and different positions can have the opposite effect on different people. However, there are some factors that work the same in every situation. So for a longer intercourse, it is recommended to use poses with minimal stimulation of the brightest erogenous zones. Let’s consider an example of such a pose. The girl is on her stomach, her face in the pillow, her partner enters from behind, her legs are closely closed. In this position, there is no stimulation of the clitoris, and the closed legs do not allow the man to enter deeply . Thus, both the partner’s orgasm is stretched.

14. Rhythm

Another way to prolong the pleasure is to choose the right rhythm and alternate it. When you feel an orgasm approaching, ask your partner to slow down. By combining fast and slow movements, you can build up desire, which ultimately enhances your orgasm. If your partner is unable to restrain himself and builds up the pace despite your requests to slow down, choose positions in which your partner’s movements are limited, but you, on the contrary, can move, determining and controlling the required pace.

15. Vibr-r-r-radio

Have an old washing machine lying around in your house? Do not rush to throw it away, it is better to use the rattling wreck during sex games. In a moment of intimacy, sit on a working machine. Vibrating movements will help you experience a stronger and deeper orgasm, and so that it does not come too quickly, get off from time to time. You can also wrap your legs around your partner and ask him to lift you as soon as you feel the approach of orgasm. No old typewriter? It doesn’t matter, you can use modern vibrating sex toys . 

16. Refreshing coolness 

Try lubricants that contain a variety of coolants, such as menthol. They are especially good for intense and prolonged intercourse, when certain parts of the body are too stressed. A pleasant chill not only relieves stress, but also allows you to stretch the pleasure. Please note that there may be an individual intolerance to the components that make up the lubricant. Before direct use during sex, apply a little lubricant to the body to find out if you have an allergic reaction.

17. Tantric Sex: Increase Intimacy

Tantric sex (tantra, neotantra) is an ancient practice that still remains misunderstood in Western society. Some ascribe to tantra the ability to attain enlightenment through sexual intercourse, others consider any slow sex to be tantra.

Several key aspects of tantric sex should be noted:
– The process of sexual intimacy is interpreted as a way of self-improvement;
– Sexual positions are yoga positions (asanas);
– partners perceive each other as a deity in a human body;
– actions during sex are not fleeting, but thoughtful and designed to bring maximum pleasure;
– sexual intercourse is measured, unhurried;
– orgasm is not the ultimate goal , the process of merging bodies is more important. You won’t find any tantric sex experts giving clear instructions. But this does not prevent you from inviting your partner to plunge into the sensual world of leisurely pleasures. Get closer and remember these feelings. Do not get hung up on prolonging pleasure, but learn to fill the process of making love with emotions and spirituality. Imagine sexual intercourse as the physical embodiment of yin and yang, where two opposites (masculine and feminine) merge together. Use eye contact and keep your eyes on each other. It is extremely intimate and touching. You can also increase intimacy by talking to your partner about how much they mean to you. Let go of your emotions, whatever they are at the moment. Some women may cry during or after sex. Do not be afraid of this, express the fullness of your feelings, let your partner see it. The special closeness will not only prolong the pleasure, but will raise your ex to a higher level. 

18. Let off steam in advance

From time to time, men use a little trick that allows them to have sex longer. They masturbate before dating so they can last longer later. Girls are also not ashamed to resort to this trick if they plan to stretch the intimacy. Having experienced an orgasm in advance, you will get rid of unbearable desire and will be able to better control the subsequent process of intercourse. If your relationship with your partner is not constrained by constraints, masturbation can be part of foreplay. You can also apply synchronous self-gratification or caress each other’s genitals, which will increase desire.

19.Aphrodisiac – the formula of love

Aphrodisiacs will help you rekindle desire and have more lasting pleasure in bed. It is not worth spending money on “panaceas” of dubious origin advertised in the network – they often have no effect, and sometimes they can even harm. Perfumes with pheromones have been in demand on the perfume market for a long time, but polls show that they do not particularly affect sexual desire. Moreover, many consider their smell unpleasant. Therefore, it is better to add dishes that are natural stimulants of desire to your diet. These include a fairly diverse range of products: dark chocolate, strawberries, nuts, honey, fish, mussels, crustaceans, etc. No wonder they say that a passionate night is preceded by an excellent dinner. By the way, some products can be included in an intimate game, for example, strawberries with cream or honey (which can be erotic but licked off the partner’s body).

20. A healthy mind in a healthy body!

There is a myth that alcohol contributes to a longer and more sensual intercourse, but in reality everything is different. The drunk alcohol relaxes a person, allowing him to overcome constraint and fear – no more. Half a glass of excellent wine at dinner will not do harm, but an abundant libation (especially with strong drinks) will play a cruel joke on you. When you lose control due to drunkenness, you may not immediately realize that you are being injured or physically hurting your partner. Cases are widely known when violent sex “under the shaf” ended in failure. Drinking desensitizes, so you won’t be able to truly experience the beauty of body fusion. In addition, rhythmic movements, rapid breathing and a rapid pulse (accompanying sex) cause nausea and even vomiting in a drunk person. Agree, you won’t want to prolong such a night.

Sometimes alcohol really helps a man to delay the moment of erection, but only in extremely small doses. The frequent use of intoxicating drinks over time will cause irreparable damage to the whole body and the pipka will no longer invigorate. In the case of women, the green serpent damages not only health, but also reputation. There is no man in the world who can fall in love with a drunk young lady. Therefore, avoid excessive alcohol consumption and remember that health is an integral part of a fulfilling sex life. This is all the more important if you also intend to conceive a baby. The ability to prolong pleasure will fill your intimate life with new colors and delight your chosen one. Do not let the process take its course, hoping that a long and vivid orgasm will suddenly come by itself. Learn to control sexual intercourse, and for this – enthusiastically explore not only your body, but also the body of your partner. Do not be afraid to experiment, then you will experience a more lasting and sweeter pleasure, experience an unprecedented intimacy and wonder how divine sex can become. Love each other and be happy! 

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