12 rules for anal masturbation

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12 rules for anal masturbation

For anal play to be enjoyable, it is important to learn how to perform all the manipulations correctly. Safety depends on preparation, correct movement and the right accessories. How to properly stimulate the anus with hands and sex toys? There are 12 rules for anal masturbation that prevent pain and lead to more intense sensations.
Anal sex brings pleasure to many, it gives pleasant experiences for both women and men. But it is important to learn how to relax so that the sensations are as exciting as possible. This can be done with a partner, but then the level of trust should be very high. It is much easier to learn to have anal orgasms alone. This will require a willingness to experiment, free time and useful accessories from the sex shop . To have fun, you only need to follow 12 rules.

1. Correct attitude

Sexual experimentation takes time. For the first anal experiences of masturbation, you need at least 30 minutes, and sometimes more. And this is sex in which arousal is very important. To tune in to this experience, create the right atmosphere, like turn on porn, light candles, choose your favorite music. Sometimes it is useful to experience the first orgasm in the usual way, and then move on to conquering new horizons.

2. Cleansing the intestines

It is not necessary to give an enema before anal sex or masturbation. It is enough just to empty the intestines. If there is a fear of getting dirty, it is recommended to take a latex glove, they are sold in any pharmacy. But in the process there will be no excretion of feces, this is rare.
Will there be a smell? Perhaps if you sniff your fingers after the procedure. But all this can be easily removed with ordinary soap. Enema does not guarantee complete cleanliness, but it can harm the delicate microflora.

3. Proper lubrication
No lubrication is produced in the anus. This hole is not made for sex, so the lubricant must be taken care of beforehand. Better to choose the option for sensitive skin. Saliva, baby cream or petroleum jelly should not be used for lubrication, they negatively affect the mucous membrane, and can cause dysbiosis. Better to choose a special lubricant from a sex shop . It will protect the skin from injury, facilitate insertion, and make the sensation more pleasant.
Should you buy an anesthetic lubricant? Yes! It doesn’t completely eliminate pain, it just helps you relax. But such a composition is applied 10-15 minutes before penetration, so that the active components begin to act.

4. Immersion of fingers
The first experiments are carried out by hand. The entire perineum and the area around the anus should be examined. Stroking, light tickling, pressing can lead to strong arousal. There is no need to rush right away; it is important to find the maximum number of erogenous zones.
First you need to enter one finger. You should not do sharp actions, first light pressure and immersion of half of the phalanx. In this position, you need to freeze and get used to the sensations, and then move on. The smoother the movement, the more interesting. It is important to listen to sensations, look for manipulations that give pleasure and excite.

5. Expansion of space
When the first finger easily enters the anus, you can use the second. And there is already much more movement. Moving your fingers: moving apart, bending, you can achieve a fairly significant expansion. In this case, the hole gets used, and all manipulations do not seem scary.
At this stage, sex toys are connected. For example, a butt plug will help you have fun. It can be inserted and removed, you can leave it inside. During the first experiments, do not rush, everything should go smoothly .

6. Active movement
The first stages sometimes take several attempts, and this is normal. There is no need to strive to immediately learn to accept large objects and withstand the strongest shocks. But when the object inside no longer causes discomfort, you can try frictions . The introduction and removal of objects gives pleasure only with complete relaxation, if you squeeze the anus, pain arises.
Movements can be done with your fingers, but their length is not enough to get the desired sensations. This is why anal stimulants help. These are oblong sex toys with a small diameter. There is a stop at the base to prevent the device from going too deep. You can move such a toy in any rhythm, the process should increase desire and lead to orgasm.

7. Vibration during masturbation
To enhance the experience, a stimulator for anal masturbation with vibration is selected. Vibrations activate all erogenous zones, help to experience pleasure faster. By adjusting the strength of movements from minimal to more intense, it will be possible to bring closer and delay the moment of climax.

8. Wearing Items
An anal sex toy can be worn in the body. There are anal plugs that are suitable for long-term use. They fit comfortably inside and do not impede movement. At the same time, fullness and heaviness are felt. And if there is a vibration that is triggered remotely, then wearing is not just an exciting practice, but a whole adventure with great finality.

9. Stimulation of different zones
Outside the anus, erogenous zones can be influenced in different ways, but inside, only by pressure and vibration. But there are different areas to explore. In men, the maximum sensations arise when prostate massage. But women also have the ability to stimulate the points connected to the vagina and the inside of the clitoris.

How to stimulate different zones in the anus? Examine the walls – at the front and back. Press, massage, looking for new responses. The goal is not to dive as far as possible, but to learn more about the areas near the entrance.

10. Correct removal
Sex toys and fingers must be removed correctly. No sudden movements are needed to avoid cracks. You always need to be careful. And then also squeeze the sphincters several times to restore muscle tone.

After the procedure of anal masturbation, you must take a shower. Water should not get inside; it is enough to wash off traces of nta lubricant from the entrance.

11. Frequency of repetition
Anal masturbation is not harmful to health if objects no more than 4 cm in diameter are immersed inside. If anal fisting occurs and larger items are used, it is important to experiment no more than 2 times a week. During the breaks, t kani must recover.

12. Prevention and Treatment of Pain
During anal masturbation anal fissures can occur. If the movements are abrupt or the lubricant is insufficient, then tissue damage can be significant. For any unpleasant sensations after the experiment, you need to make a first break until complete recovery.
If you have hemorrhoids or other diseases, anal masturbation is prohibited. Manipulations with the anus do not help the resorption of the nodes, do not contribute to the treatment of constipation. Such actions are permissible only with absolute intestinal health.
Anal masturbation is a useful practice for those who want to always experience pleasure during anal . It helps to learn how to relax, promotes the study of erogenous zones. But it is important to follow simple rules so as not to harm your health.

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