Means for keeping a black hole in good shape and a set of even weirder tools

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Means for keeping a black hole in good shape and a set of even weirder tools

After all, it happens like this: someone expects to see a beautiful dark, almost black, hole. Someone is a powerful light surface with a dark dot in the center. Like Interstellar.

And now, the long-awaited moment comes … And it is orange! To avoid such a failure and then have to make excuses for the radiation, use a water-based lubricant with chlorhexidine and panthenol.

And now – welcome to our selection of equally crazy products. Seemingly simple, but very amusing:

Spiral Masturbator

Did we talk about grease? Yes, this is where it will be needed, and the more the better.

After moistening the entire inner surface of the Tenga Spinner, start lifting and lowering it on some roughly 16-centimeter solid rod. Lower and raise.

The built-in coil will start the masturbator by itself – and believe me, you have never experienced this before! And that means you must try.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you like it: the Spinner is perfectly washed, dried, and then used again. Lubrication alone consumes a lot …
Chin phallus

Now all the attention to the vagina!

A tool that turns an ordinary man into a universal two-line. Penetrator with a master of cunnilingus under a single mask.

It looks like this is the last chance of a person in the fight against a robot: if her orgasm is less colorful in comparison with what comes from Satisfyer, write lost. The man will have economic and representative functions. Moreover, the wave stimulator has become more accessible than any other frying pan!

Portable Sex Machine

A powerful sucker, a powerful phallus, and between them – a powerful motor! Yes, this is the principle of the sex machine: a reciprocating stimulator. Only the Vibrating Ass Fucker from the Anal Fantasy Elite collection can be taken out of the bag and fastened to any level surface.

And how happy his price is! Instead of one dildo-powered chair, you can now take five Ass Fuckers and set up an obstacle course!

Reverse strapon

Yes, the further, the more wonderful!

A very German invention: a silicone phallus turned inside out and dipped inside the vagina, which has a cavity instead of a core.

It will narrow the space for a man, increase the power of exposure for a woman. It will not slip anywhere and will remain in place until the bitter end thanks to the straps.

And the color! Fantastic.

Perhaps, sometimes black holes can look cyborg purple.

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