All about virtual sex: where to look for a partner, what to write and what to watch out for

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All about virtual sex: where to look for a partner, what to write and what to watch out for

Alcohol, drugs and good intercourse are the best antidepressants in the world. But if the overuse of the first two stress medications is fraught with serious consequences, then coitus can be given without much risk.

Sex is an integral part of our life. And I do not mean the banal procreation instinct. The process itself is important, not its end result. Without realizing it, we are looking for partners everywhere. We look out for potential lovers in the crowd, scan colleagues at work, evaluate random fellow travelers on public transport.

Civilization has given us another way to do what we love. The advent of the Internet ushered in a new era in intimate relationships. Virtual sex from the realm of fantasy smoothly migrated to the realm of everyday life. Do you want to get an orgasm without wasting time on developing relationships? – Then welcome to the world of digital intercourse.

Ways to Have Virtual Sex


Included this paragraph in the article solely for the sake of forming a more complete picture of virtual sex, as such. Today, the exchange of erotic SMS / MMS between unfamiliar people is more an atavism than a widespread phenomenon. I remember in the years of my youth the so-called C hatrix enjoyed incredible popularity . It was a harsh year 2007, the Internet was not in every home. There were good videos on the TV, and on the left side of the screen there was a scrolling line with announcements. The texts often surfaced: “A 13-year-old guy is looking for a 11-12-year-old girl for a serious relationship” or “22 years old. I want sex. Girls are not shy, MMS helmet . Andrey”. I think similar projects have existed in almost all regions of the CIS. At that time, they were the only link for fans of virtual strawberries.  




  • no need to connect to the network;
  • you can exchange messages almost anywhere.  


  • it is problematic to find an unfamiliar lover;
  • it is necessary to provide the virtual partner with real contact information (a phone number by which you can calculate everything else);
  • letters with erotic content can be accidentally read by other people (husband, children, parents);
  • sometimes messages arrive at the wrong time, for example, at an important meeting or late at night.

2. Messengers

The development of information technology and the emergence of smartphones have given us such wonderful applications as WhatsApp . It would be surprising if erotic experimenters did not use instant messengers for their lustful purposes. 


  • messages are less obvious, to hide dirty texts, it is enough to disable pop-up windows;
  • no need to spend money on SMS MMS . 


  • the partner will know your phone number.

 3. Social networks

Facebook, Vkontakte , Tumblr , Odnoklassniki gave a truly unlimited scope for communication and making new acquaintances. It is quite obvious that among the millions of users there are those who want to have fun. To understand the specifics of sex on social networks, you need to isolate the audience for each of them. The backbone of users of the largest platforms is differentiated by age and social principle. According to statistics in the CIS countries, Facebook is chosen by residents of large cities from 23 to 35 years old, that is, people who have already taken place with a good education. If you want aesthetic virtual sex, then look for a partner on Facebook. However, teach, in order to “dissolve” the interlocutor, you need to make a lot of effort and move very carefully. Vkontakte brings together a diverse audience. Here, 12-year-old schoolchildren vividly discuss the political situation in the Middle East, using arguments “from the height of their past years.” The other extreme is the shabby men stuck in the 90s, who post their photos with a toy machine in their hands and the caption: “I’ll tear everyone up for the lads!” In order to find a suitable virtual lover, you will have to sweat a lot. On Tumblr Tumblr ‘e inhabit teenagers (mostly girls, sometimes boys). The social network is a convenient platform for blogging, but romantic and inexperienced account owners are not too inclined to virtual sex. An exception is communication on the topic of same-sex love. Thanks to TV series, nymphets idealize rosy relationships. But do you need to seduce minors? The mature generation prefers to sit in Odnoklassniki . As practice shows, the overwhelming majority of male users are married, and the rest are from the category of 40-year-old virgins with strange sexual fantasies and inadequate requests for the female population of planet Earth. Pros 






  • communication in real time;
  • it is immediately clear when a person is online;
  • the opportunity to see photos of a virtual lover, learn about his interests from the information on the page;
  • the existence of a blacklist.

 Cons :

  • the partner can also study all your ins and outs, screen correspondence or contact your friends.

 4. Dating sites

In advertising, marketers position dating sites like Mamba , Love . ua , Badoo , as the best way to find “big and bright love for a lifetime.” Let’s face it – at best, half of the registered individuals are committed to creating a marriage, and the rest are infinitely far from decent intentions. Under the guise of innocent communication, the hottest conversations on sexual topics take place. Users exchange photos from personal erotic archives and arrange meetings in rented apartments.  

 Pros :

  • portals more or less guarantee confidentiality;
  • when registering, you can specify fictitious data and upload other people’s photos;
  • further development of relations is theoretically possible.

Cons :

  • some services charge money for use.

 5. Special chats

The market is always trying to meet the emerging demand. Erotica sells well, so specialized portals breed like rabbits. There are sex chats registered on separate domains, for example, S, and there are social chats operating on the basis of popular porn sites, photo and video hosting sites. Pros 


  • anonymity;
  • breakdown by sexual preference (read – different “rooms” for communication);
  • finding a potential partner is easy;
  • the presence of both general chat and private ;
  • the ability to stop communicating at any minute.

Cons :

  • a large number of patients in the head and minors;
  • no hope for the future (although, perhaps, this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage).

 6. Means of video communication

Technology does not stand still. Side by side with the introduction of innovations, the horizons of virtual sex are expanding. By means of Skype or Viber, you can not only read disturbing messages from your lover, but also see your partner “live”, having personally convinced of his desire. Interactive porn designed just for you is now a reality. If you are not scared by the sight of an erect penis and the need to be naked in front of the camera, then set up a webcam and start Skype . Pros :     


  • thanks to video communication, you can focus on achieving an orgasm;
  • no need to have high-speed printing skills.


  • to have sex, you will have to choose the right time and place;
  • it will not work to embellish the appearance;
  • the partner can record the call and get a lot of dirt on you.

Wirth stages

When having sex in special chats, you need to go through the largest number of stages, so further I will consider this method of virtual intimacy by default.

1. Registration

You need to come up with a nickname and register on the portal. Often, to create an account, the administration asks for an e-mail , phone number, date of birth (you must be an adult, but in fact, no one checks the correctness of data entry). After activation, be sure to go to the settings and hide your personal information.

In the nickname, try to indicate your expectations from communication. For example, everyone understands that ” Tender_cat ” will not tolerate rudeness, and ” Strict_Mistress ” will be happy to punish bad boys.

 2. Finding a partner

Walk through the rooms. Until you get the hang of it, limit yourself to reading the general chat and forming opinions about the activists. As a rule, inadequate comrades can be seen with the naked eye. For the sake of laughter, you can “bite” on the call of especially lustful males or write in a personal message to users with insane nicknames ” Trunk_like_y_horse ” or “Sexmashina2000”. If you do not like it, without remorse, add your friend to the black list.

 3. Acquaintance

Getting to know a lover is disgustingly easy. There are several options for action:

  • support the discussion of a topic in the general chat and suggestions will begin to act by themselves;
  • hang passively online and wait until they are interested in you;
  • write an open mini-ad about the thirst for virtual love (only for brave ladies);
  • take the initiative and write a personal message to the man you like .

 4. Prelude

Unlike traditional relationships, virtual foreplay is a closer encounter with the goal of liberation, rather than kissing and pinching in dark corners. Find out about the interests of the interlocutor, feel his character, find common ground. It is much easier to have sex with a person close in spirit than to fish out a line from an unpleasant type, in order to then respond with monosyllabic sentences.

 5. Sex

Believe me, decisive action will not be long in coming. It is not customary in the network to pull the rubber and starve the interlocutor. The introductory dialogue will take 15-20 minutes at most. As soon as your partner starts throwing ambiguities, join the fight. Type text, and in between, feel yourself in inappropriate places. It is more difficult for girls to reach orgasm and I would be a brazen liar if I began to claim that every conversation ends with a squirt . At worst, you can close the chat and “squeeze” the body in the shower, or turn on porn, having previously run your favorite vibrator under the blanket. 

14 postulates of virtual sex

1. Forget romance

Lack of illusion is the main virtue of digital sex. There is no candy-bouquet period, the exchange of emoticons is the maximum of romanticism. You should not pose as a princess and wait for a serenade from a loving gentleman. Nobody is obliged to sing praises to you and read sonnets to you. Of course, you shouldn’t endure outright rudeness, but don’t count on gallant treatment either.

 2. Stop thinking in patterns

Descriptions like “I am a blue-eyed blonde with a bust of the fourth size” or “I have bright red lipstick on my lips, my waist is tightly pulled by a black leather corset” have long gone out of fashion. Try to avoid descriptions from the “sex on the phone” series. They are boring and incredibly annoying to the interlocutor.

 3. Lie in moderation

It is not at all necessary to tell your partner that you have 90 kilograms of weight and that a pimple has recently popped up on your nose, but fictions should also be generated in doses. The beauty of virtual sex is that lovers, separated by distance, present each other together. Reading erotic texts about a skinny girl, a plump user will experience only one frustration. Keep up unpleasant details, but be honest about the key outward traits.

 4. Don’t ask unnecessary questions

Among fans of virtual sex, it is considered unethical to ask about real life. The height of indecency to write questions: “Are you married?” or “Do you have children?” Condemnation also equates to deadly sins. They come to the chat to have fun and everything that remains outside the network does not concern you. The interlocutor can share personal information, but only on his own initiative.

 5. Define roles in advance

For any intimate relationship, including digital, it is important to correctly assign roles. Some men like to be active, they prefer to deal with inexperienced interlocutors and smoothly initiate them into the mysteries of online sex. Others, on the other hand, love tough partners who know how to take a unicorn by the horn. Ask the guy what he likes, it will save you time and nerves.

 6. Less extraneous descriptions

The furnishings and decorations can be summed up in a few phrases. There is no need to be like the classics and describe in detail that you live “in an early Victorian house with large windows through which an unrestrained stream of sunlight rushes into the room every morning.” As for the weather, it has the same relation to virtual sex as fish to umbrellas.

7. Vocabulary is important

Now I mean erotic vocabulary and the ability to use it to describe sexual activities. Remember, getting relief directly depends on the ability to replace short cues with exciting phrases. Let me give you an illustrative example. Imagine a guy writes to you: 

My dick is standing, I stick it in your hole and move it back and forth

Agree, it does not really turn on. Now imagine that you received a message like this:

I look at your pink papillae and feel how your erection grows. I stroke your left chest with one hand and lower my boxers with the other. Meanwhile, my lips and tongue master your right chest. I touch your crotch and understand that you have been ready for a long time. But I do not want to rush, slowly run my fingertips along the inner side of the thigh, touch the clitoris and run my fingers deep into the bosom. You beg me to stop this sweet torture. I can’t hold back any longer. Having piled up with my whole body, I enter and drink a sweet moan with a long passionate kiss …

Better already, isn’t it? To at least master the art of writing sexual texts, read erotic stories on special sites. At first, you can take quotes from there, and then everything will go like clockwork by itself.

8. Don’t be shy

Your face is hidden behind the avatar , in nikneyme impossible to guess the real name and contact information razed privacy settings, so what are you afraid of? Throw away the conventions of the real world and be what you have always dreamed of being. Ever wanted to put on the mask of a fatal heartbreaker? – Go for it! Have you never taken the first step? – March to a loud drum beat! Did the swear words make you blush? – Use checkmate to link words!

9. Do not be silent for a long time

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sit in front of the monitor with a log while the interlocutor is typing kilometer texts. Periodically join the conversation, comment on his actions. When your imagination is very bad, insert an imitation of moans, ahs and oohs, a clamping of vowels perfectly fit.

10. Express your fantasies

The internet makes it possible to satisfy incredibly weird erotic preferences. I recently watched a video in which a man thrust his penis into a dead electric eel (thank God, the fish has already died, otherwise my fragile nervous system could not stand such a sight). Amazingly, the video was liked by several thousand users. I think your fantasies are more modest, and if not, then no one will judge you. Where else can a decent girl fulfill her dreams of having sex with three two-meter tall African Americans, if not inside a cozy chat?

 11. Masturbate

Think back to your naughty youth and run your fingers into your panties. In virtual sex without masturbation, you will not see an orgasm. If you have forgotten the technique, I highly recommend reading this guide :).  

 12. Use toys

Handling is good, but using special devices is great. Adult product manufacturers have come up with a ton of toys that can compete with the most skillful lovers. Don’t believe me? – Then click on the link. 

 13. Do not fall for provocations

The greatest danger is the transmission of real information about yourself. If an unfamiliar partner offers to continue communication in S kype or asks for a date, then be extremely careful. You are no longer a little girl and you probably know how many unhealthy comrades there are on the planet. I implore not to succumb to provocations. In no case do not give your interlocutors your phone number and links to accounts in social networks. 

 14. Do not try to fall in love

Have you read “Loneliness on the Net” by Janusz Wisniewski? The novel beautifully describes the consequences of a virtual connection faced with harsh reality. The heroes did not experience disappointment in each other, but the relationship still ended in a total fiasco. In fact, only 1 in 100 couples have a chance for the future. In the prevailing number of cases, chat lovers stop communicating after the first “live” date.

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