6 tips for safe sex during an epidemic

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6 tips for safe sex during an epidemic

It is difficult to practice “social distancing” with family members with whom we are locked under the same roof. And even more so – with your beloved husband, groom, boyfriend (if you already live with your boyfriend). What are the risks of intimacy during the coronavirus epidemic? We’ve studied expert advice on this matter.

Let’s first examine in detail the opinion of experts, and then summarize, isolating 6 tips for sex life during the epidemic.

Medical opinion on sex during the epidemic

Many are worried about whether sex is dangerous during the coronavirus epidemic and who can still do it. We found the answers in an interview with experts, which they gave for The Guardian 

1. Can the coronavirus be sexually transmitted?

Dr. Jessica Justman said doctors found no evidence that COVID-19 can be sexually transmitted, recalling that the virus (like other similar infections) is transmitted by airborne droplets. The doctor added that “the second method of transmission is touching contaminated surfaces.”

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz: “There is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted vaginally or anal. However, kissing is a common sexual interaction, and the virus can be spread through saliva. Thus, it follows that the virus can be transmitted by kissing. There is also evidence of infection with COVID-19 through oral-fecal transmission, and it follows that anilingus may pose a risk of infection. “

So … after the “oral-fecal transmission” my appetite was completely beaten off, but it was necessary to inform the doctor about this statement for those who like such practices … I have no right to condemn, but still … 

2. It turns out that you can still have sex?

Dr. Jessica Justman recalled that when confirming the presence of the virus in one of the partners, it is recommended to stay away from each other. The doctor added: “If you have a possible infection or it has already been confirmed, then you should self-isolate at home for a week from the moment the illness begins.” Justman mentioned that a good indicator is a lack of fever in the last 72 hours (if the patient has not taken any medication to mask symptoms) and improved breathing.

Dr. Julia Marcus: “As for people who do not show symptoms, who have not been exposed to contact and who are sitting at home, in my opinion (if we are talking only about household members) this is a completely different matter. If you live with a regular sex partner and show no symptoms, or have not been exposed to the virus, then sex can be a great way to have fun, keep in touch, and relieve anxiety during this period of potential stress.

3. What about new partners?

Dr. Julia Marcus: “At the moment, it is highly recommended to spend more time at home and interact with people only when absolutely necessary, for example, to buy food. Even so, keep a physical distance from people at a distance of 6 feet (approx .: 6 feet = 180 centimeters). Because of this, sex becomes a problem. “

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz: “Sexual interaction may decrease in the next couple of weeks, but other forms of eroticism (such as sexting , video calling, erotic reading and masturbation) are still alternatives.

4. How to keep my sex toys clean?

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz: “Just use soap and water.”

5. It is unclear how long this pandemic will last. What do you say to singles who do not want to wait for months for the opportunity to enter into intimacy?

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz: “Since you are concerned about too much social distancing, it’s better to make sure that people you know are distancing themselves right now. The sooner we do this, the sooner we will see the infection decline and the sooner we can change this social communication practice. ” The doctor urged everyone to focus not on the distant future, but on the current day.

Carlos also added: “Use these weeks to accumulate energy, explore yourself, you can think about what you want. And all this can be done alone. This is a great opportunity to explore other ways to interact with new sexual partners (who can be found online) using sexting or video calling. ”

Tips for safe sex in quarantine during the coronavirus epidemic

So, let’s summarize and group the tips for sex during the epidemic. In general, you can have sex in quarantine if you follow certain rules. For greater safety, it is better to give preference to alternative types of sex.

1. You can have vaginal or anal sex with a regular partner if both are asymptomatic and both are in quarantine.

2. It is not recommended to kiss, engage in oral sex and in every way contact with the saliva of another person.

3. Intimacy with new partners should be avoided.

4. You can replace physical sex with its remote variations. This includes virtual sex: exchange of sexual messages, mutual masturbation through video calls, exchange of sex SMS on the phone ( sexting ), sex on the phone, and so on.

5. Masturbation is permitted.

6. The use of sex toys is permitted. According to one of the experts, it is enough to wash them with soap and water, but some products do not tolerate contact with water. Check the manufacturer’s instructions if you are using similar devices.

As Dr. Rodriguez-Diaz said, now is the best time to study your body. If thoughts of sex haunt you, try to develop your sexual sensibility using simple exercises. Although many are now afraid to have sex, I bet that in 9 months there will be an impressive population growth worldwide. We have a colossal baby boom, guys! Do not forget to use contraception if you are not planning to expand your family in the near future. And let’s not forget the risks of STDs. When buying a mask, buy condoms, ok ? Well, if the thoughts about sex are really, completely exhausted and you want to somehow get away from them, then we advise you to visit free resources for the period of quarantine, including distance learning sites, access to Netflix , online libraries and much more. Take care of your health, show your imagination in search of safe alternative sex. And observe the prescribed quarantine! Together we will overcome the virus epidemic and return to normal life. 

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