30 tips to improve the quality of sex

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30 tips to improve the quality of sex

Do you want to improve your sex life? In fact, it is not difficult, the main thing – it would be desire. There are 30 simple methods to diversify intimacy, to make familiar activities more attractive. It is worth using them both for those who have lived together for a long time, and for those who have only recently found their half.

  • 1. Regularity is important. Have sex at least twice a week. This frequency minimizes the occurrence of various diseases, relieves stress, prevents depression, relieves pain syndromes. 
  • 2. If there is no erection, this is not a reason to worry. An erection depends not only on the desire of a man, but also on his psychological state: excitement, stress, fatigue. Before intimacy, it is advisable to tune in: relax, listen to your favorite music, take a shower. But if the excitement does not occur, there is no need to sound the alarm. 
  • 3. Try not to sit in front of the computer and watch TV before bed. This has a detrimental effect on sexual desire, causes drowsiness and decreased sensitivity. 
  • 4. Train your muscles. Women should strengthen their vaginal walls, while men should take care of their pelvic floor muscles. This will help prolong sexual activity, prevent congestion, and increase sensitivity. The easiest exercise for both is to relax and tighten the perineum. But you can enhance the effect with the help of special simulators. For women, there are more of them, for example, vaginal balls. 
  • 5. Find the G spot. The best time to find a woman’s spot is during or immediately after intimacy. It is during this period that it becomes like a small pea and protrudes slightly outward from the inner wall of the vagina. It is located on the front wall of the vagina at a depth of 2-5 cm. The male G-spot is the prostate, it can always be felt through the anus. Stimulating these areas produces the most powerful orgasms, but learning how to induce them is important. 
  • 6. Look for erogenous zones. Different people have them in different places. Do not stop only in the genital area. Kiss, bite, touch with different materials to the body and observe the response. Even after 20 years of marriage, you can discover something new. 
  • 7. Monitor your health. Advanced infections and other diseases of the genitourinary system can darken even the best sex. Prevention and regular check-ups will help to avoid complications, identify inflammatory processes in the early stages. 
  • 8. Don’t be lazy to experiment. Improve familiar poses, look for new options. Study the Kamasutra, buy sex toys, try to bring in something new every month so that you don’t get bored. 
  • 9. Eat foods rich in B vitamins. They increase blood flow, thereby improving the quality of sex and increasing the likelihood of a bright orgasm. 
  • 10. Use a condom during your period. During this period, the cervix is ​​slightly open and infection can easily enter it. But menstruation is not a reason to give up pleasure. 
  • 11. Talk about sex. Conversations can sometimes be more energizing than foreplay. But you can discuss a scene from the film, talk on intimate topics on the phone, write something exciting in the chat. 
  • 12. Feel free to voice your fantasies. Be sure to implement yours and your partner’s fantasies. Share your wishes with each other, and even if you don’t like something in the wishes of the other, do not judge. You can try not everything, but it is important to learn to trust your loved one. 
  • 13. Size doesn’t matter. You can always find a pose that will be good for both partners. And there is no need to blame the partner for the forms, it is definitely not about them. 
  • 14. Role-play. A woman can dress up as a nurse, flight attendant, secretary, etc. A man can try on a Superman, Batman or plumber costume. There are thousands of options and plots, and with the help of ready-made costumes, it is very easy to bring them to life. 
  • 15. Exercise regularly. Physical activity improves well-being, increases libido, increases the likelihood of reaching orgasm, and promotes endurance. 
  • 16. Have sex in the morning. Testosterone levels are highest in the morning. And a good orgasm improves mood, helps to tune in to new achievements. 
  • 17. Watch the cycle. A woman should pay attention when the level of hormones in the body changes. Basically, the hormonal level rises from the 7th to the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. These days, you can get the most out of intimacy. 
  • 18. Masturbate. It is a great cure for stress and other problems. There is nothing shameful about this activity, do not think that no one is doing it. Most people masturbate regularly. 
  • 19. Masturbate in front of each other. This is very turn-on and can be a good start to unbridled sex. And in this process, there are many tips – how best to deliver pleasure, what exactly causes the maximum sensations. 
  • 20. Get a massage. It is better for women to massage before intimacy. Gentle touching provokes the release of a large amount of oxytocin into the bloodstream, which stimulates the muscles of the vagina, and allows the woman herself to relax, calm down and forget about problems. For men, it is better to massage after sex, massage before intimacy will make him lethargic and sleepy. 
  • 21. Hang a mirror in your bedroom. It can make your intimate life better. After all, the reflective surface increases the view: more of the partner’s body becomes visible, so the excitement increases. 
  • 22. Choose the right music score. Some believe that music during intimacy only interferes, because it involuntarily makes you move in a certain rhythm. But there are some advantages to this. Making movements at the same pace, partners feel each other better. You just need to find your favorite songs. 
  • 23. Read erotic literature. Erotic reading increases desire as much as watching porn films. 
  • 24. Do not take a sedative before sex. These funds make you sleepy, so good sex will not work. 
  • 25. Give compliments. The more confident a person is in his attractiveness, the more relaxed he is in bed, so do not stop praising your partner, look for his dignity and focus on them. 
  • 26. Try using a lubricant that narrows your vagina. Thanks to her, the feelings of both partners become much brighter. The effect is temporary, but very striking. 
  • 27. Fill the room with a pleasant scent. Some scents can tune in the desired way. You can buy incense or essential oils. Ginger, vanilla, sandalwood are considered natural aphrodisiacs. 
  • 28. Get enough sleep. The less you want to sleep, the more time you can devote to intimate pleasures. 
  • 29. Do not fill up. The more the stomach is full, the more you want to sleep. Before sex, you can have a snack, but something light. It is better to eat fruit after intimacy, and not to stuff your stomach before the process. 
  • 30. Do not abuse alcohol. A little alcohol will help you to relax, but after going too far, there may be problems, both with getting an orgasm and with an erection in a man. 

30 simple tips to help make sex more sensual and attractive. And it is not at all difficult to implement them.

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