5 uncomfortable situations in sex, from which no one is immune

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5 uncomfortable situations in sex, from which no one is immune

Sex is a sensual process, but things may not go very smoothly in it. And there are circumstances that spoil everything. What surprises arise, is it worth it to be ashamed of them, what to do so that they do not happen again? There are 5 embarrassments that happen often.

1. Gases

Both a woman and a man can accidentally “fart”. And this really happens a lot! And it causes embarrassment. But it happens to everyone! And at least once will happen to everyone. Therefore, it is worth learning how to get out of the situation correctly. Whether it was loud or just the smell appeared – you should laugh, and not blush or turn pale.

This is a reason to smile. You can pause if necessary. But you can continue. It is important to understand that this is a natural process that is characteristic of any organism. There is nothing wrong. And during relaxation, this really happens.

2. Difficulty with orgasm

It may not come at all. It can happen too early or unexpectedly. And to predict what will happen today is difficult. Therefore, the process is important, not the ending itself. And you need to concentrate on it.

Well, if problems happen often, then everyone helps to fix special accessories. For example, stimulating creams enhance sensations, an erection ring allows a man to last longer.

3. Unpleasant smell

A stale aroma can occur in different situations. For example, it can be from the mouth. If you drank alcohol or smoked in the evening, it is difficult to avoid it. Or garlic can cause it. But this problem is easy to cope with, you just need to brush your teeth or use a freshener on time.

Bad smell from the genitals also happens. To avoid it, you should go to the shower before having sex. The smell is caused by bacteria that develop on the body. And a lot of them accumulate during the day. And jets of water will remove it all in a matter of minutes.

If the unpleasant amber is persistent and cannot be removed with soap, this may be a sign of illness. Sometimes you need to go to the doctor, get all the tests.

4. Strange facial expression

People look strange during orgasm. The face tenses or relaxes, and this sometimes looks intimidating or comical. It is impossible to control this, during orgasm everything happens by itself.

If the partner is confused by the face, you need to talk to him or her, explain that everything is in order. And you can choose poses where the face will not be visible.

And along with the expression on the face, there may also be strange sounds. And it’s funny too, and you shouldn’t be shy about it.

5. Stiffness

Especially at the beginning of a relationship, it is difficult to tell your partner about your preferences. There is a fear of condemnation, misunderstanding. And sometimes you have to adapt strongly and not declare your desires. But it is important to understand that this feeling is mutual, and everyone feels exactly the same.

How to overcome stiffness? For example, show your favorite sex toys, talk about your preferences not in bed, but over a cup of coffee. Having a sincere conversation before sex will make the intimacy brighter and more honest. Sometimes it is appropriate to use accessories already in the first sex. For example, if there is not enough lubrication, it is better to offer an artificial one, and not to endure discomfort. If the stimulation is not enough, you can get a vibrator or stimulating cream. These things are not trappings of a “pervert”, but useful helpers that make intimacy better. And there is no need to be afraid that someone will be afraid of them. 

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