36 hours on edge: a test drive of a drug that restores potency

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36 hours on edge: a test drive of a drug that restores potency

Once I conducted field tests of Viagra and explained in detail to readers why the creators of this drug were awarded the Nobel Prize. To say that the material interested the readers is to say nothing. Viagra worked for 4 hours. But in the pharmacies of the city on the shelves next to the Viagra packages there are other, white-green boxes with the inscription “Cialis”. Advertising claims that the effect of this drug is similar to Viagra, but it lasts much longer — for 36 hours. We emptied the editorial register, visited the pharmacy, and conducted a two-day test drive.

How to lose your sight

Cialis (or tadalafil) for a day and a half suppresses the body’s production of the enzyme PDE5, which causes the cessation of erection. The drug is a selective PDE5 inhibitor. What does it mean? Cialis more actively blocks the PDE5 enzyme, leaving the rest of the useful PDE enzymes alone. For example, PDE3 is involved in the contraction of the heart muscle. And the effect of cialis on this enzyme is 10 thousand times weaker than on PDE5. It also has a 700-fold weaker effect on another useful enzyme, PDE6, which is found in the retina and is responsible for correct color reproduction. Therefore, if you simultaneously take 700 tablets of Cialis, then for 36 hours there will be difficulties with the recognition of blue and green colors, and if 10 thousand tablets-heart failure may begin. However, such an experiment is only possible for Abramovich.

The most traumatic psychological factor in men is sexual disorders. Among all the options: a decrease in libido, arousal disorders, a disorder of the quality of erections and the onset of orgasm – it is the violation of an erection that leads to the most serious psychological trauma, up to suicide attempts. Modern medicine considers potency as a necessary condition for a normal quality of life. That is, without a normal erection, there can be no question of psychological health.

The main causes of erectile dysfunction are various vascular diseases, diabetes, lack of testosterone and injuries. This disease affects more than 152 million men worldwide, and according to statistics, more than 50 percent of men over the age of 40 are at risk of losing potency.

There are many ways to treat this disorder. For example, injections directly into the penis shortly before sexual activity, increasing blood flow to the penis. This radical method is quite effective, but over time, men who practice it, against the background of pain in the penis after injections, begin to develop a neurotic fear of sexual life.

There are drugs that are injected into the penis in the form of balls to increase the erection. Vacuum therapy has been known since ancient China — blood is held in the penis by a ring at the base. If all of the above does not help, then only the surgical method remains: a special implant is inserted into the penis, which is inflated by a pear-pump when it becomes necessary to engage in sexual intercourse. Against the background of all these horrors, pills with inhibitors look just fantastic. No wonder Time magazine named the drug Cialis invention of the year.

36 hours

After sacrificing several annual subscriptions, we purchased a test drug from a pharmacy.

There were no problems with the male part of the testers — there were plenty of willing ones. However, the obvious impotent could not be found — no one confessed. All volunteers under the age of 30 were also excluded. Problems arose with the testers — the girls were scared off by the figure of 36 hours in the instructions. The entire female part of the editorial staff firmly warned that on the day of testing the drug, she would not go to work out of a sense of her own safety. With great difficulty, but this problem was also solved. The tests were scheduled for the weekend, so as not to injure the psyche of the employees. In addition, it is not for nothing that Cialis received the unofficial name Le Weekender in France.

On Monday, the experiment was discussed. The first conclusion is that no one had a continuous 36-hour erection. Conclusion two — who had an erection and so was all right, no miracle happened, the testers did not notice any magical action. But for those who sometimes had breakdowns, the drug completely eliminated them. The pill can really bring back the freshness of a former relationship for the weekend. However, you have to pay for everything — some testers got a little headache in the literal sense of the word — the expansion of blood vessels in the brain just does not go away. Actually, in the instructions for the drug, it is written: “an undesirable event is a headache (11% of cases).” The testers agreed that a small pain in the head is better than a large one in the penis. The test subjects had no headache.

Future plans

This topic is inexhaustible, and the editors will continue to introduce readers to useful medicines. We anticipate the question — are there any such drugs for women? We turned to the experts, and here is their opinion. Women do not have such a clear sign of activity as men: it is worth it — it is not worth it. Arousal in them is a completely mental process. Nevertheless, a kind of viagra for women has already been developed and is undergoing clinical trials. The first pills for women should appear approximately in a couple of years. However, in Russia, there may be problems with them. These drugs clearly fall under the Russian laws under the definition of psychotropic drugs, with all the ensuing consequences. Sex, gentlemen, is a drug. And what else!

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