Turn on with a half turn : the importance and secrets of foreplay in bed

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Turn on with a half turn : the importance and secrets of foreplay in bed

Scientists are knowingly saying that sex is what happens in our brains. You can sing about nature and reflexes as much as you want, but only your brain will ultimately determine, subconsciously or consciously, your degree of arousal or rejection (and that is why the sight of a naked man in only socks can discourage any desire), your ardor and passion. And that is why it is so important to have foreplay. Just think about it, I spent a little time, but one hundred percent of your body, partner and you are completely ready for amazing sex. Read everything about foreplay and what turns men on the most here.

1. Is foreplay so important?

Undoubtedly, there were moments in your life when you literally rip off a guy’s clothes somewhere in a secluded corner at a party and you fit in about 5 minutes of time, two minutes of which are taken by dancing with a tambourine around the bra fastener. But at the same time, all sex is enchanting, passionate and fast. In this situation, casual contact, by the way, acts as a pre- party by itself. For some people, foreplay is really not needed – this is a physiologically determined feature of the body. If you have a guy from “these”, then you will have to talk well with him about the basics of virtues, namely – think not only about yourself, but also about your pleasure. For women, in 90% of cases, preliminary preparation, caressing and creating the right mood are extremely important from all points of view, including the anatomical one. Lack of arousal is a consequence of the lack of natural lubrication and sex curves in the aftermath. In such a scenario, the girl is at least painful and unpleasant, at the most – even tears and cracks are possible. Any psychologist or sexologist will tell you that, in principle, you can even get some kind of pleasure, but definitely not moral. Roughly speaking, your subconscious leverage related to sex and procreation will be extremely disappointed with you. Foreplay not only enhances physical attraction, but also increases trust between partners, creates an atmosphere of intimacy and understanding. And many ladies subconsciously draw a parallel between foreplay and the attitude of partners towards them. There is logic in this. If a man is not ready to spend 15 minutes on tenderness and kisses, then he will hardly take a steam bath about something else. In general, it is quite possible that your sexual temperaments do not require any sentimentality, then close the article and throw yourself at your man without a preface. 



2. What is generally considered a prelude?

Many comrades mistakenly believe that foreplay is about 10 minutes of cunnilingus , but life is more complicated. For foreplay, hugs, a romantic atmosphere, and simple manifestations of tenderness, and kisses, and oral sex, and role-playing scenarios will go down. Anything that spurs sexual fantasies and arousal is foreplay. Here, of course, everything is also strictly individual. Someone can not think of anything better than a foot massage, for which they and the dead will rise to have sex. For some, it is important to achieve oral gratification. It is best if the couple reigns harmony and healthy relationships, implying a free discussion “like-dislike”. Then you can quickly move from the phase of experimentation to pure pleasure. Anticipating questions, yes, a blow job can be considered a foreplay. And by the way, for some men oral sex can be even more enjoyable than sex! We are used to looking at sex from a female point of view, and there men always work, puff, try. During a blowjob, they can finally lie down, relax and have fun. And to be honest, foreplay can be so passionate, interesting and high-quality that even the sexual act itself can be overshadowed. 


3. Options for foreplay

Scientists have also proved that the “warming up” option is more appropriate for couples after the candy-bouquet period, when the hormones subside somewhat and there is a need for new sensations. If before that you and your partner had sex like rabbits, quickly and where necessary, now it is time for foreplay, poses without penetration and detailed study of each other. Therefore, here are the suitable options for foreplay, which can be called universal.  

1. Dance

This simple scenario is often forgotten by women or simply shy. It’s in vain. Since ancient times, dance has been a measure of passion and ardor. These are horizontal feelings brought into a vertical plane. This is a bodily way of expressing sex. At the same time, you do not need to be able to tie into a knot on a pole or have a CCM in sports dance. As well as being ashamed of the body. Women’s curves, smoothly moving to the beat and gradually opening parts of the body, even if the partner has seen you naked a million times before, excite, take your breath away and warm up passion. In addition, a woman is psychologically liberated and opens up when she moves. In general, dim the lights, turn on the music, free your hair, get rid of the skirt, stay in stockings and underwear, and let the man remove the panties in the last step – all this will inflame you.

2. Dance together

You may have heard that tango is sex on the floor. And indeed, such pair dances are passion in a concentrated form, and experienced dancers will tell you that sometimes it is even better than sex. It is not for nothing that family psychologists advise young people to just go dancing as a therapy! After the first lessons, you will want your partner in a new way. And it is not even necessary to sign up for a section, again, dim lights, suitable music and the space of the house work wonders.  

3. There were messages

The epistolary genre has not become obsolete at all, on the contrary, when you are sure that your man always has a smartphone with him, you can marinate him in passion and fantasies all day in a row. Keep a report before the meeting and blowjob, send your erotic photos, write vulgarities – whatever is enough for your imagination. Your chosen one will sweat and blush at meetings in the office, in the office with colleagues and at important meetings. But how will he fly home.

4. Dress up

Surprisingly, with such an abundance of films, articles and books, how rarely do we follow a simple advice: wear heels and sexy lingerie for an amazing night of love. In everyday life, dressing up seems inappropriate and stupid, but it is just stupid not to dress up. When you live at least a year together, your oversized panties become boring and drab. Few women are adorned with heels, makeup, and matching underwear. This is pleasant not only for the man, the lady herself feels more passionate, desired and sexy, which increases her libido.

5. Suggest a first date

Such foreplay will take time and make you frown , but it’s worth it. To bring newness and freshness back into a relationship while warming up for sex along the way, you can arrange a date as if you’ve never met before. That is, you need to impress each other, you need to dress up, you need to seduce, you need to go to an unfamiliar place, you can practice sex on vacation or in new places. You have a second chance to start over. Behave more cheeky, play a game of “I never” or ask provocative questions, which one likes best. Along the way, you will learn a lot about each other. 

6. For God’s sake, take the kids away

If you already have children, if life has eaten all the romance and sex seems like something wonderful and distant, there is nothing easier and more pleasant than just hiring a nanny for the evening. Seriously, it’s not that expensive, but what a forgotten feeling it is to have slow, sensual sex, and not five minutes, until no one has spotted, and the children seem to be asleep. One such gesture can prove to you how much more potential there is in your couple and how easy it is to reveal it. An alternative option is to rent a room. This is something in common between the last point and getting rid of all pesky relatives on the living space. 

7. Change route

This is the broadest statement of all, and understand it broadly as well as you like. A route is a different concept for everyone. It may mean that it’s time to sanctify your kitchen with sex, not all the same hanging out in the bedroom. Love games on the kitchen table when you were making breakfast a second ago will heat up anyone. You can change the route directly on the man. If you always do a blowjob in the same way, then it’s time to change something, choose new places for kissing, new positions and new impressions. In short, this point is that variety as a foreplay is a great option.

8. Undress him (or dress him)

Slow undressing of a partner, accompanied by kisses, touches and other affections, is very exciting. Taking off all the cufflinks and undoing all the buttons, slowly dealing with the zipper on your trousers, taking off your panties with your teeth – this way you can inadvertently bring a guy to a sexual attack. The opposite scenario: in the morning, dress your partner in the same way, tie his tie, straighten his collar. And there you will have to undress again.
And finally, I would like to advise – do not ignore oral sex, as well as their acceptance from a partner. You don’t have to pretend that you don’t care – it’s natural, pleasant and saves you from many problems. Foreplay is the door to healthy and amazing sex, so enjoy it.

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