5 female problems in sex

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5 female problems in sex

If you look at it, most of the problems in sex that poison women’s intimate life are not rooted in a terrible diagnosis or physiological abnormalities, but in our heads. If, for example, real diseases can be diagnosed and cured, then complexes and phobias remain hidden deep inside, because we are ashamed and embarrassed to share such problems with doctors and friends. But is it right? These problems should not be allowed to influence the quality of sexual intimacy, since our sexual activity has a shelf life, and it is not that long.

Problem number 1 – complexes about appearance

Women always find a reason to be ashamed of their bodies. Each of us considers our appearance to be imperfect. Someone is confused by the orange peel, someone is the stomach, someone does not like the shape and size of the chest and hips. The list can be continued for a very long time, but is it necessary? It’s time to understand one thing: men perceive the beauty of the female body in a completely different way than we ourselves, so you should not push your complexes to the fore and let them interfere with your enjoyment of sex. A man accepts you with all your external imperfections, and he even considers some of them attractive, so cast aside doubts and surrender to passion completely and completely .

Problem # 2 – concerns about frigidity

Women are very sensual natures, so they expect extravaganza and complete harmony with a partner from sex. This is due to the notorious romance novels, melodramas and stereotypes that idealize sex. We believe that ideal intimacy must certainly lead us to orgasms, preferably multiple. But in real life, everything is completely different. Some couples take years to achieve compatibility and meaningful pleasure from intimacy !

Problem # 3 – Lack of Lubrication

Very rarely, dryness in the intimate female area is due to reasons of a physiological origin. In most cases, this is the result of a short or unsatisfactory foreplay. Women take a lot longer to get aroused than men, so the problem can be solved by agreeing with your partner to give you extra attention before sex.

Problem # 4 – former

We all have our own history of relationships with ex, but if you want a happy sex life with a real partner, do not spoil it with the presence of memories and comparisons with previous lovers. Men are owners, they do not like to compete with someone from a past life, so set a rule for yourself: here and now, be only with your partner and enjoy real sensations, and not those that are left behind.

Problem # 5 – Wrong Priorities

Sexual life should in no way be inferior in importance to everyday problems. It is clear that work, household chores, caring for children and daily bread make up a large part of our life, but think, does this affect the quality of your intimacy? If everyday life sucks all the strength out of you, and in bed you are already exhausted and apathetic, maybe it is worth sacrificing something for the sake of quality sex? Let the dishes remain unwashed today, but for your man you will be fresh and full of energy.
Learn not to dwell on issues that prevent you from enjoying sexual intimacy. Analyze which of the above poisons your intimate life. In fact, most of these problems are contrived and easy to solve if you approach the situation wisely and carefully. In this case, everything is in your hands.

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