Features of intimate life after 40 years

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Features of intimate life after 40 years

For some reason, the belief has taken root in society that people of mature age lose interest in sex, although in reality everything is completely different. It is after 40 that people can finally fully enjoy their intimate life, overcoming the complexes and external factors that modern youth are burdened with. There is no need to be distracted by looking for work, housing, raising children, studying and a career and other life vicissitudes. After forty – the ideal time to completely surrender to feelings, concentrate on sensations and focus on yourself. But there are nuances of adult sex that you need to be prepared for.

Sexual activity will continue

A third of Americans are sexually active up to age 70, according to research. Our compatriots, on the other hand, have sexual intercourse before the age of 80 and admit that they began to receive real pleasure from intimate life only in adulthood. So do not panic: after forty, everything is just beginning.

You still have to protect yourself

The use of contraceptives is due not only to the risk of unwanted pregnancy, but also to the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In view of this, even after 40, you will have to practice only safe sex with new partners. Age will not save you from HIV, genital infections, herpes and even hepatitis B, so you will need to undergo regular examinations and take standard tests for STIs. 

Interest in masturbation will not go away

Let not everyone admit this openly, but in fact people under 30 are engaged in self-satisfaction almost every day. After 40, this happens, of course, less often, but nevertheless it does not stop. Up to the age of 60, more than 50% of women and about 70% of the opposite sex masturbate. Therefore, even if in adulthood you do not have a permanent partner, you will not be deprived of the joys of intimate satisfaction, albeit in your own fulfillment. 

Physiological changes will occur

Age brings with it inevitable changes, both in appearance and in physical condition. For women over 40, this is premenopause and all its consequences: irregular menstruation, narrowing of the vagina, insufficient lubrication, thinner and more vulnerable vaginal walls. As a solution to the problem, hormonal therapy and the use of artificial lubricants, which are based on water, can be recommended during intercourse. By the way, hormones can significantly increase a woman’s libido, so not all physical changes have negative consequences.
Experts assure that you should not be afraid of mature age – it will not affect your sexual life in any way. But some changes will still take place. If you know about them, then you can prepare in advance: strengthen the cardiovascular system, lead a healthy lifestyle, regularly visit doctors for examinations. Under such conditions, the quality of sex after 40 will only improve, and you will have every opportunity to enjoy all facets of intimacy.

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