5 taboo in bed

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5 taboo in bed

If intimacy is your top priority and you respect your partner, you should take a close look at your bedroom behavior. Perhaps you make unforgivable mistakes that can ruin even the most passionate and high-quality sex. Experts have compiled a list of things that should be prohibited in bed. 

1. Be silent about your desires and feelings 

Do not rely on the fact that your partner has telepathic abilities and can intuitively understand what you like about your intimacy and what not. You both may have different views on the same sexual intercourse. Understatements never lead to anything good, so communicate with each other! Be sure to share your impressions, emotions and sensations, discuss your wishes and expectations from intimacy. This is the only way to achieve mutual comfort and pleasure in bed.

2. Pluck evil on a partner 

In the process of intimacy, anything can happen: an uncomfortable posture, pain, extraneous factors that prevent you from getting an orgasm, and just a sudden change in mood. This, of course, is unpleasant, but never allow yourself to get lost on a man. If he is to blame for the discomfort that you are experiencing, calmly tell him about it, without anger, rudeness and insults. Remember, sex is a couples activity, and the fact that you cannot achieve the desired result does not mean that you should stop the process and deprive your partner of pleasure.

3. Endure pain 

Any physical activity can provoke pain, as can sex. But this does not mean that you need to endure discomfort for the benefit of the male orgasm. Invite your partner to change posture, rhythm, or loosen their grip if this is the reason for the pain. If other factors cause pain, seek medical advice. It happens that in this way the body signals health problems that need to be addressed immediately.

4. Worry about a lack of orgasm 

Get rid of the stereotype that any sexual intercourse must necessarily end with an orgasm. This is just one of the components of proximity, but not a necessary criterion for the quality of the process. Even if you did not manage to achieve relaxation, or your partner could not finish, do not make a problem out of it and do not get hung up on it. Enjoy the process itself – this is the meaning of intimacy.

5. Have drunk sex 

Would you entrust the man who took it on the chest to drive your car? Surely the answer is unequivocal. The same goes for intimacy. Firstly, it is a dubious pleasure, and secondly, it is unsafe. Under the influence of alcohol, people commit reckless and inappropriate acts, ignoring the sense of self-preservation and common sense. In order not to regret what you have done in the morning, it is better to abstain from drunk sex. There are rules in all areas of life, and sex is no exception. Observing the listed taboos is not difficult, but very useful for the quality of your intimate life. Be attentive to yourself and your partner – this is the key to a happy relationship both in life and in bed. 

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