5 myths about male dignity

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5 myths about male dignity

Men give their members names, protect them, women admire them, praise, scold and adore them, there are many rumors and speculations about them. What is it that they say about manhood is fiction, and what is the truth? We have compiled five of the most common judgments.

1. African Americans have larger penises.

Male length has nothing to do with skin color or race. This stereotype has arisen thanks to pornographic films and spicy novels. There is only a proven fact that black men have sex much more aggressively and more often than bright guys, there are no other obvious differences.

2. By the length of the nose or fingers, you can determine the size of the male member

Another delusion that has nothing to do with reality. Perhaps women would like to determine by external data what awaits them in bed with a partner, but, alas, this is impossible. Nose, pollen of hands and feet can in no way indicate the length of the penis. It even happens the other way around – very tall and large men have less than average dignity, and undersized and puny men have a real treasure in their pants!

3. Circumcision will improve the quality of sex

From a female point of view, this is true. After circumcision of the foreskin, the head of the penis coarsens and becomes less sensitive, therefore, to achieve satisfaction, men have to have much longer sex and show sophistication. This fact can not but please the weak half.

4. Men with a large scrotum are more fertile.

Not true. There is no connection between the size of the scrotum and the ability to inseminate. If the scrotum is more than average in size, this is an alarming fact. One can suspect a number of unpleasant diseases in a man, but not the superpower of conception.

5. Sperm limit

There is an absurd judgment that nature has set a certain limit on ejaculation for a man’s entire life. This is what some partners explain their refusal to have sex often. This is not true. On the contrary, it is beneficial for men to have frequent sex, and their sperm is produced constantly, depending on the level of sex hormones and physical health .
Here we have dispelled the main myths associated with the intimate part of the body of men, and now you can safely present these arguments to those who are still in the captivity of delusions. Although the male organ is hidden from female eyes, this is not a reason to envelop him in legends. Do not speculate when you can check everything scientifically.

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