Why do women dream of rape?

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Why do women dream of rape?

Despite all their tenderness and fragility, women are not at all averse to having dirty hard sex. Almost 80% of them dream about it. But not everyone can voice their intimate fantasies, and even more so – try to realize. But this does not diminish sexual desire. Deep down, we dream of the role of the victim in the bed play. So what drives us in moments like this?

1. Desire to “break off the chain”

Many women were brought up in severity. Parents zealously watched over their chastity and moral character, so any liberties were unacceptable. But the forbidden fruit is always sweet, and the desire to break the shackles and embark on all the hard times haunted for many years. In adulthood, this desire was transformed into a fantasy of violence, where a woman gets rid of her feelings of guilt for what she has done, but nevertheless, as a result , she gets what she wants – sex.

2. Stockholm syndrome

This phenomenon in psychology implies the sympathy of the victim for his abuser. The source of the phenomenon lies in childhood, when the victim did not receive enough love and attention from the parents, and at a young age suffered from a lack of attention from men. Becoming an object of coerced sexual intercourse is a kind of replenishment of experienced hardships and getting out of spinning love from a rapist.

3. Vulnerability

The more limited a person is in sex, the more sexual arousal he experiences – this is an irrefutable fact. This is where the varieties of handcuffing and tying games arise. Those women who are used to carrying everything on themselves in life prefer to be a weak-willed “victim” of a sexual partner. When she is taken “by force”, she feels that at least in this situation she cannot influence anything and is liberated, surrendering to the will of chance and relieving herself of any responsibility.

4. Natural selection

We all live according to the laws of nature and the call of animal instincts. In animals it is so customary that the strongest, fastest and most energetic male possesses a female. A woman also wants to see these qualities in her sexual partner. The male must prove with the silt that he is worthy to take possession of it.

5. Adrenaline

The sense of danger promotes the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream and enhances sexual perception. This is a physiological fact. Therefore, it is so interesting to resist and worry at the moment when you are supposedly taken by force. But all this is fine when the partner realizes that this is all a game , and she is completely safe.
Desires for forced sex are not at all a real desire to rape, but only a reflection of women’s fantasies due to the above reasons. So let these games remain just games and have nothing to do with real danger and dire consequences.

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