5 reasons to have sex in socks

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5 reasons to have sex in socks

Researchers studying intimate relationships of partners argue that socks do not interfere with sex, but on the contrary – an additional way to get an orgasm. You didn’t even know how this piece of wardrobe can improve your sex life. The next time you go to bed with your loved one, do not undress completely and completely, stay in socks, and this will change your feelings of intimacy.

1. Feeling comfortable

Socks allow you to maintain a level of comfort and, therefore, feel more relaxed and calm. It is this factor that increases your chances of getting physical satisfaction in bed. Researchers claim that women who have sex in socks get orgasms faster and more often than those who are used to doing it exclusively naked.

2. Cold feet

To get an orgasm, a woman needs to fully focus on the intimate process and on her partner, and such a factor as cold feet can distract her and knock her out of the right mood. If your feet get cold, or you touch your partner’s icy feet, it causes discomfort and discomfort, which will not help you to relax and surrender to intimacy without a trace.

3. Calming down

Many women are pretty nervous at the very thought of sex. The need to bare in front of a partner scares them, especially if there are complexes about their appearance. In such tension, it is difficult to surrender to the extravaganza of feelings and sexual pleasure, therefore socks serve in this case as a conditional buffer and calming. Also, socks can hide the lack of a pedicure if you’re worried about it.

4. Excitation

Researchers say that many men find knee-highs to be very sexy, so the sight of a naked woman in socks can excite them and set them up in a playful way, which will positively affect the quality of intimacy. Check if your partner is in this category of men by wearing only knee-highs or socks before sex.

5. Intrigue

If you have sex completely naked, then over time, mystery and intrigue disappear. Socks remain the only piece that covers your body. In a fit of passion, ripping off the last that is left of your clothes on your naked body is a real pleasure for a man, so do not deprive him of this opportunity.
Sex in socks will give both partners comfort and pleasant sensations, which will certainly improve your feelings in bed, and, possibly, make it better due to frequent orgasms. There is nothing difficult in this, so it is worth testing the statements of the researchers on yourself, because there is no limit to perfection, and sex life is exactly the area where you always want to strive for the ideal.

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