5 reasons to have sex in the morning

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5 reasons to have sex in the morning

As a rule, couples in love prefer to have sex in the evening or at night. But after a hard day, stress, increased physical activity, strength and mood remain for carnal joys. Why not rethink your habits and start your day positively? After all, sex is the best and most accessible source of pleasure, which ideally combines the useful with the pleasant. The benefits of morning sex are clear!

1. Alternative to charging 

Sex is an alternative to sports, because in the process of intimacy, all the muscles of our body work. In addition, this is an excellent cardio load for the body, which means that blood circulation, pressure and weight will be in order. Yes, exactly the weight! After all, active sex burns up to 350 calories at a time. This gives you the opportunity to indulge in any delicious food at breakfast , without fear of gaining weight.

2. Protection from stress 

If you start the morning with sex, then a good mood and stress resistance throughout the day will be guaranteed to you! This is because the body will receive a generous dose of endorphins , which are known to make us happier. You yourself will be surprised at how easily you will perceive tense situations, conflicts, traffic jams and other irritants that usually throw you off balance. That is, morning sex saves your nerves and is a personal prevention of depression. 

3. Medicine for headache 

If you are often tormented by migraines, then morning sex is simply necessary for you! Doctors are confident that the dose of beneficial hormones that the body receives during sexual activity, as well as improved blood circulation, is guaranteed to relieve you of unpleasant symptoms. The only condition: to get rid of migraines, you need to have sex regularly.

4. Pain reliever for PMS 

Which woman is not familiar with the unpleasant symptoms of PMS? Almost 85% of the fairer sex suffer from pain, irritability, depression during this period. Medicines are not always the best solution to a problem. Morning sex is much more pleasant and effective. It has been proven that it relieves pain and normalizes the emotional background.

5. Strong relationships 

Morning sex is a prevention of adultery, since a satisfied person will not succumb to temptations during the day if he started it with intimacy. Why not set your alarm a few minutes earlier to strengthen your relationship? Moreover, men have the strongest erections and the highest testosterone levels in the morning, which makes them much better and brighter.
These arguments alone are enough to prove the benefits of intimacy in the morning. And at any other time of the day, sex is incredibly beneficial for health and mood: making love, we strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, tone muscles and get rid of a number of ailments.

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