How sex makes us younger

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How sex makes us younger

You have noticed that women over 30 do not always look their age. Lonely and enslaved ladies, as a rule, lose outwardly to their peers who are sexually active. This is quite understandable by the fact that sex is an excellent means of maintaining a woman’s youth and beauty. The influence of intimate life on our health has long been proven and is beyond doubt. How exactly does sex affect the rejuvenation of the body?

1. Orgasms

It is surprising that sex is comparable in its benefits to full-fledged physical activity, only intimate intimacy is much more romantic, more emotional and more pleasant. The moments of the highest pleasure are especially important for the female body. Orgasms accelerate blood circulation in the body, which affects its ability to resist aging. 

2. Slimming

Speaking of physical activity, with which we compare sex, one cannot fail to mention another beneficial effect of it – burning extra calories. Consequently, in addition to pleasure, a woman also gets an excellent figure as a bonus, and this is without exhausting training in stuffy gyms. And a slender woman always looks younger than her years.

3. The hormone of happiness

If sex is enjoyable, then undoubtedly a woman’s body releases a hormone that blocks cortisol, which is the root cause of the aging process. In addition, endorphins are responsible for a beautiful complexion and smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

4. Deep sleep

Have you noticed that you always sleep better after intense sex? This happens because during rhythmic movements we breathe more often and deeper, and this, in turn, saturates the body with oxygen. When we sleep, recovery processes of all body systems take place, which in the best way affects our appearance and well-being.

5. Self-confidence

The more often a woman has sex, the more she feels in demand and desired. She becomes confident in her sexuality and attractiveness, which makes her glow from the inside. Confidence has been proven to transform a woman, no matter how old she is.

6. Sperm

The male seed, which is rich in prostaglandins, has unique properties. It helps the female body fight the signs of aging , in particular wrinkles.
There is no doubt that sex is the best anti-aging agent that should not be neglected. Intimate pleasure physically and mentally makes us healthier, younger, happier and more attractive. Indulge in a pleasant experience that no spa will offer you !

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