5 reasons why women moan in bed

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5 reasons why women moan in bed

The sounds we make during sex have a scientific name – copulative vocalization. It turns out that women’s moans do not always signal the pleasure of a partner or the highest degree of arousal. Scientists came to this conclusion after a series of studies in which women under 45 years old were involved. The results of these works are equally interesting to both the male population and the fairer sex themselves. So, here are the most unexpected reasons why we are not “silent” in bed.

1. Male self-esteem

All women cherish male pride very much and know that the most powerful blow to him can be a fiasco in bed. In order not to offend a loved one and in every possible way to approve and support him, women moan, sigh and scream during sex so that a man does not have a single drop of doubt that he is young and does everything right.

2. Stimulating a partner

It is believed that the sexual sounds that a woman makes at the moment of intimacy increase the degree of male arousal and help him reach the desired ending faster. Often, women use this technique to stimulate a partner, especially if the quality of sex is poor and you want it to end as soon as possible. Behind the moans and screams, the partners hide discomfort and outright boredom.

3. Acting skills 

All women are by nature actresses and in bed we associate ourselves with the heroines of love stories, about whom we read in novels and watched movies. Of course, everything there is pretty embellished and idealized, but the stereotype in my head has formed a long time ago, and therefore subconsciously we imitate the passionate mistresses of screen melodramas and pulp fiction.

4. Sexuality

The unspoken norms of female sexuality, in addition to erotic lingerie, flawless skin and graceful forms, also include languid sighs, aspirated, breaking into quiet moans and screams. These are the associations that we try to fit intuitively. Wanting to make an indelible impression on her partner in bed, a woman makes sexual sounds in order to seem like a real tigress and a voluptuous lover in bed .

5. Pleasure

Sexual screaming, in most cases, is a kind of communication between partners without words. With sounds like this, we tell each other what we like. By the woman’s moans, it is easier for a man to determine where to stay, to increase or decrease the pace and other details of the intimate process. Thus, the reaction of the partner allows the man to find the right direction in order to give her maximum pleasure.
You can agree or disagree with the scientists-researchers of women’s moans in bed, but the cases are different, and there is no reason not to believe the indicated options. The main thing is that your screams are only in a fit of pleasure and for the most pleasant reasons, without boredom, pity and pretense.

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