What myths about sex do women believe in?

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What myths about sex do women believe in?

Women love to chat and gossip. One of the most common topics of conversation is “sex”. After all, it is so interesting to learn something interesting and piquant, learn from experience and share your own. But if there is no experience, then little ideas , all kinds of myths and legends are born . Let’s figure out what is worth believing and what is not.

Myth 1. Men want sex more than women.

A strong half of humanity has always been less emotional than sensual ” Venusians “. Men focus more directly on action than on circumstances, theories, and experiences. It is not so important for them “where and when”, for them “what and how to achieve it” is important. Men are guided in everything only by their desires and male instincts, so they see no reason to hide their needs and speak about them openly. Women, on the other hand, are accustomed to veiling their true desires, throwing fog into their eyes, weaving intrigues, achieving their own with hints and games. But this does not mean that they need less sex. It’s just that they are less likely to demonstrate it openly.

Myth 2. Men are always and everywhere ready to have sex

When a man has just reached puberty, is full of strength and energy, everything is new and interesting to him, this statement is quite true. But the older he gets, the more he prefers quality over quantity. Things, worries, problems, stresses, illnesses appear that have an adverse effect on their libido.

Myth 3. Africans have a bigger penis than Europeans, so they are the best lovers

If we consider the size of the genitals, then the statement is quite true. In this regard, nature tried and did not cheat the representatives of the African nationality. And the second part of the statement can be questioned.

Myth 4. Happy couples always have good sex.

Any woman dreams of this. However, in real life, relationships in a couple undergo many difficulties, which, unfortunately, negatively affect their libido. One can still agree with the statement “good sex” if there is a complete idyll between partners in mental and physical terms, but “always” is too conditional a variable.

Myth 5. When you start planning sex, relationships become obsolete.

It is impossible to unambiguously accept this statement. Of course, spontaneous sex is more enchanting. However, if you have planned this event, the sense of anticipation adds to the thrill.

Myth 6. Sex life in men is more diverse than in women.

Quite a truthful statement. From time immemorial, men who loved to change women like gloves were called “macho”. They were admired, envied, imitated, but rarely condemned. A woman cannot afford such a thing without censure from the outside. The norms of morality are in this case against her.
As you can see, you can assert anything you want, but you should not blindly believe everything. The line between myths and reality is too thin, but in each of them there is always a share of truthful statements.

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