The whole truth about sexual selfishness

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The whole truth about sexual selfishness

Quite often, the weaker sex remains dissatisfied with the end of intimacy with their chosen one. Why is this happening? A woman expects unearthly pleasure from sex and the fulfillment of all her secret desires. Men, very often, try to reach the finish line as quickly as possible – orgasm. It is this fact that turns them into sexual egoists. How can you tell if your partner is a sexual egoist?

He ignores foreplay

Remember that male and female physiology are different from each other. Almost all members of the opposite sex just need to think about sex, how they get an erection and they are ready for intercourse. At such moments, they simply forget that you are arranged differently, and that in order to reach the peak of arousal and readiness to accept his organ into their bosom, in addition to attraction, it is necessary to prepare the body. You should not endure and keep silent about it. Explain to your chosen one why foreplay is so important to you.

He comes up with different excuses

Your partner enjoys a variety of intimate pleasures from you. However, when you ask him for something, for example, oral sex, massage, romantic evening, the man constantly comes up with excuses: “tired”, “I want to sleep”, “bad mood”, etc. It is certainly necessary to do something about this. Let him know that there are too many excuses, and if this does not turn the tide , consider changing your partner.

He ignores fantasies

The realization of sexual fantasies always has a beneficial effect on the relationship of partners. However, remember that if your chosen one is an egoist, then he will listen to you and even agree with the proposal, but he will not implement it. It is possible, of course, that the man is shy or does not like the game you suggested. In this case, ask them to come up with an alternative.

He doesn’t care about your comfort

Ever since the time of our forefathers, a man has always occupied a dominant position in relationships. The dominant male always attracts the weaker sex. But as the wisdom of the ancestors says: “there should be a measure in everything.” As soon as the lover stops caring for his partner and puts his desires above all else, forgetting about her comfort, at the same moment he becomes selfish. If you want to fix the situation, do not be silent and do not postpone the conversation on the back burner. Do not attack your loved one with reproaches and accusations. For starters, try to limit yourself to a comment or make a remark. If a man values ​​your relationship, he will not let the remark deafen. Relationships between opposite sexes are complex. This also applies to the intimate sphere of life. Now you know how a selfish man behaves. However, take your time looking for a new partner. Perhaps he himself does not realize what exactly offends you in his behavior. Try to talk to him and explain everything. Everyone needs a chance, even egoists. 

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