Female masturbation: why men like to look at it

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Female masturbation: why men like to look at it

Women try to avoid talking about masturbation, let alone a demonstration of this phenomenon. Men also shy away from this topic, but few people refuse to observe how the partner masturbates. Why do they like to admire this process? What makes them so excited?

Especially relaxed couples practice masturbation in front of each other in front of their eyes, not hesitating to show their desires. However, many may not understand how this is even possible. If there is trust between partners, then sexual games in bed should be varied. Do not forget that strong relations are built on this.

What turns men on?

“Men love with their eyes” – and this is true, they are very excited by visual images, which is why they often watch porn. And if a girl is ready to show them such a sight not on the screen – this is the embodiment of secret fantasies.

They like the fact that at a certain moment you can join what is happening. And enjoy already together, and that’s great.

And they value trust very much, and understand that not everyone can decide on such a step, and this is a sign of the absence of fear. Emancipation is rare, and it is especially pleasant when she decided to do this with only one man.

The benefits of masturbation in front of your partner

1. A man starts in a matter of seconds. Watching a masturbating partner, he will not be able to restrain desire. Do not be shy: pinching, stroking, moaning and even slapping can be a powerful weapon in exciting a partner. Such a sight he will never forget. 2. By observing, he learns to better understand his partner. Only the girl herself knows what she likes the most. Sometimes she cannot explain to her partner what movements can give her pleasure, in this case it is easier to show once. A man, observing from the outside, what techniques a woman uses to get an orgasm, is not only excited, but also learns. For himself, he observes every little thing, and at the moment of intimacy he will know how to give pleasure to his partner. 3. Forbidden topic becomes available. Many people are afraid even to admit to themselves that they are interested in everything vulgar and vulgar. Masturbation is an intimate affair forbidden in the relations of many couples. To witness this action, most of the representatives of the stronger sex dream. Perhaps, being present at this exciting moment, the man will realize his long-standing sexual fantasy. 4. Allowing to observe masturbation means to express his confidence in him. When a girl decides to let a man into the world of her sexual fantasies, she shows him how much he loves and trusts him. At the time of emancipation, she becomes vulnerable and expects encouragement from the man. Masturbating, she reveals to the partner the hidden sides of her desires, which she does not dare to say out loud. 5. Proof of your sexuality. When a woman shows a man how she brings herself to the highest point of pleasure, she proves to him that she is not frigid. A woman liberated in relation to her partner is ready for any experiments in bed. She herself will offer a new sexual game for mutual pleasure. Men rarely leave such partners, realizing that they have nothing to look on the side. Partner relations imply a close and trusting relationship. Sometimes in intimate life there are omissions that can be easily eliminated if you just relax and plunge into a world of forbidden topics with your partner.  

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