6 erotic games

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6 erotic games

Every stable couple in life has a moment when intimacy ceases to bring its former satisfaction. The usual sensations become boring. I would like to take a breath of “fresh air”, to feel the blood boiling in my veins from irresistible desire. Talk to your partner and invite him to diversify his sex life. Here are some options for how you can do this. 

Option number 1: Masquerade

You should not immediately come up with a script and get used to the image. Try the light option first . To do this, you need the attributes of different professions. Put them in a container, and, like in the game “fant”, take them out. After you have the item in your hands, try to introduce and show a representative of a certain profession (do not forget that this is a sexual game).

Option number 2: Hourglass

You obviously forgot about foreplay. It can be fixed. Take your watch and set the time of your choice. Kiss, caress each other, excite, but in no case go to intimacy. For the acuity of sensations, you can prohibit touching the genitals. When the time is up, go to sex.

Option number 3: Blind cat

Prepare a few items beforehand (feather, ice cube, massage ball, etc.). Blindfold your partner. Now take any object and lightly touch his body with it. Your chosen one must guess what it was . Then switch places.

Option number 4: Honey caresses

In this case, any delicacy (honey, whipped cream, etc.) will do. Drop it on the place where you want to feel the touch of your beloved’s lips. This way, you will reach especially sensitive areas.

Option number 5: Prisoner

In this case, any improvised items will do, with the help of which you can tie your “victim” to the headboard or tie your hands behind your back. Now you can do whatever you want with it.

Option number 6: ” Twister ” strip

If you love to play and you have a good sense of humor, this is the one for you. Buy the game ” Twister “, connect your imagination and go. You can get not only a charge of good mood, but also find out how good your physical shape is. And the most active and positive ones will be able to master new poses.
As you can see, there are many ways to add variety to your sex life. Do not dwell on the proposed options. A little bit of freedom and imagination will help you have fun forever.

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