6 reasons to masturbate for women

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6 reasons to masturbate for women

Most women are reluctant to talk about self-satisfaction, considering it an indecent occupation. In fact, masturbation can bring real benefits as well as pleasure. Experienced doctors confirm this. In support of their words, they cite long-proven facts. 

1. Self-gratification tones the pelvic floor muscles 

You may have heard about the positive effects of Kegel exercises on the pelvic floor muscles. Own caresses, leading to orgasm, may well be a worthy substitute for such exercises. Masturbation also has a positive effect on orgasmic functions (release of vaginal lubrication). It is beneficial to use special vaginal balls for muscle training.  

2. Self-satisfaction is a good way to relax 

This enjoyable activity promotes the production of endorphins and hormones of “happiness”, relieving us of tension, stress and depression. In addition, having experienced pleasure, you will sleep more calmly and soundly. 

3. Masturbation saves you from pain 

If you have persistent headaches and you find it difficult to endure the days of menstruation, then this activity is for you. Orgasm are endorphins, which in turn have a positive effect on blood flow, improve mood and energize. 

4. Masturbation will help to reveal erotic fantasies 

Alone with yourself, you are not ashamed to admit your innermost and vulgar desires and give free rein to your imagination, which contributes to the work of the brain. Especially magnificent pictures and plots can be used in the future with a loved one. You can let your fantasy fly free and have sex with two imaginary partners, or play cruder sex games. But the highlight of such fantasies is that they are only yours. And no one will guess about them. And you can be whoever you want, and do whatever you want and with whom you want.  

5. Masturbation does not require special training 

A romantic setting with candles would certainly not hurt. But self-satisfaction is great because it’s just for you, and you don’t need to impress anyone. This means that you don’t need to specially prepare – the light unshaven of your legs will not disappoint anyone. 

6. Self-gratification ensures safety 

Masturbating all alone is completely safe. You will not get pregnant or get a genital infection. There is no risk that the condom will treacherously break at the most inopportune moment. You can completely relax and indulge in pleasure. The intimate places of the female body are a real Bermuda triangle. You can study your body’s reactions to petting endlessly. Having experienced pleasure, each time you will feel more relaxed. Get to know yourself and share this knowledge with your lover

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