How to drive a man crazy in bed

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How to drive a man crazy in bed

Any woman strives to charm her man and turn his head so that he will always love and want her. In many ways, the idyll in a relationship depends on the quality and variety of sex. If a woman knows the secrets of how to excite and satisfy her partner so that he goes crazy with passion and pleasure, she can be sure that the man will adore and idolize her. There are several tricks for this.


Often a woman has sex as if she was doing a favor for the man. For some reason, it is believed that the initiative should always come exclusively from the partner. Believe me, nothing turns on the stronger sex like a woman’s desire, which she does not hesitate to show first. Treat intimacy as incredibly fun and enjoyable, not a duty and obligation.


When a woman is silent in bed, it is difficult for a man to understand whether she likes the process and whether she fell asleep at all! Feel free to be sonorous during sex. Your moans, whispers, screams are a barometer that shows the level of your pleasure. For partners, such sounds are incredibly exciting and inspire sexual exploits.


Don’t assume that all men enjoy instant sex without foreplay. To make the taste of your intimacy as bright and intense as possible, make your man languish in anticipation, warm up his desire long before the very moment of intimacy, create a romantic mood during the day with intimate correspondence or flirting. Once in bed, also do not go straight to the main thing, caress it and let it excite yourself with kisses and touches.


It’s no secret that men love with their eyes, so make your sex spectacular. Beautiful underwear, erotic postures, preliminary striptease will play into your hands. In the process of intercourse, also do not forbid the man to consider you. Leave the light on, drop the blanket – let it see your emotions, reactions to its movements, the curves of your body, and how it possesses you.


Always praise your man before, during and after sex. The stronger sex loves compliments. Your admiration and recognition of his merits in sex serves as a catalyst in the process of arousal, so do not skimp on approving speeches. But there is no need to frankly lie – you can slightly embellish the truth.
And remember that diversity is the key to success in intimate relationships. Don’t make love affairs boring. Listen to the desires of your partner, be unpredictable and resourceful, and then any man will see you as the goddess of sex.

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