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Normal potency is ensured by the harmonious work of the entire body: not only the body, but also the psyche.

The modern rhythm of life does not contribute to perfect health. Rapid urbanization, environmental degradation, an increase in the average age of the population of our planet-all this can become negative factors for men’s health.

But there is always a solution: simple rules of a healthy lifestyle will help maintain normal potency!

Staying in the fresh air, regular physical activity (whether it’s team games, bike rides or just walking with the dog), a balanced full-fledged diet with a sufficient amount of fiber and protein – all this will help to maintain men’s health until old age.

Depression and stress

Fatigue and negative emotions are also possible causes of impotence in men in their 40s, when they have to look for a reasonable balance between career, children and personal life. And this is not easy at all…

Possible causes of impotence in men at a young age are psychological. Even a single failure in bed can lead to the fear of not being up to par again, pessimistic thoughts. It is worth postponing sex until the moment when a man will feel rested and full of energy.

Depression is another cause of impaired potence. At the same time, problems with erection arise both against the background of the most depressive state, and due to taking antidepressants.

When prescribing antidepressants – Buy Antidepressants Online, the doctor always warns about a possible symptom – a decrease in libido.

After treatment, the potency is completely restored. Treatment with a psychotherapist helps to overcome depression and restore potency. Help in the fight against stress can be a favorite thing – a job or a hobby. Physical activity, walking in the fresh air also contribute to improving well-being.

Heart and vascular diseases

Atherosclerosis is the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels, which is associated with age-related changes in the body, smoking, and elevated cholesterol levels in the blood.

Atherosclerosis can also cause a deterioration of blood flow in the penis and become a reason for a decrease in potency.

✓ The causes of impotence in men after 50 are somehow associated with atherosclerosis in 40 % of cases.2

Prevention of atherosclerosis will help prevent problems with erection in the future3. To do this, it is necessary to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, give up smoking and make a choice in favor of a balanced diet, as well as undergo periodic examinations by a doctor.

Diabetes mellitus

Potency disorders occur in diabetics 3 times more often than in people who have a normal blood glucose level.2

This is due to the fact that with diabetes, negative changes in blood vessels develop and blood circulation worsens. Diabetes mellitus is a possible cause of early impotence.

Sufficient physical activity and regular visits to the doctor will help to avoid erectile dysfunction in this disease or to detect it in a timely manner. At the same time, the doctor prescribes treatment and diet: these measures help to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Arterial hypertension

High blood pressure causes a deterioration of blood circulation. Slowly, but steadily, changes in the vessels that cause potency disorders are increasing.

Pills for high blood pressure can also worsen an erection. However, this problem is easy to eliminate: it is enough to consult a doctor who will help you choose drugs that do not have a negative effect on “male strength”.


Smoking provokes the development of atherosclerosis of the vessels.3

This can lead to impaired blood circulation and a worsening of the erection.

A bad habit can cost self-confidence, so it’s better to give it up as soon as possible!

Sedentary lifestyle

Moderate physical activity can help improve overall well-being:

  • Set up a positive mood,
  • Maintain a good mood,
  • Stimulate the work of the cardiovascular system.

All this, perhaps, has a very positive effect on potency. Therefore, it is so important to avoid hypodynamia for the prevention of male impotence.


The older the man, the more likely the appearance of problems with potence.

This is due to a decrease in the level of the male hormone testosterone, the development of vascular atherosclerosis, a decrease in the elasticity of the vascular wall and other factors. However, middle or even old age is not a reason to stop sexual activity.

✓ People who have managed to save their health have every chance of not experiencing problems with potency even at the age of 802!

A comprehensive approach to well-being is following the rules of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Regular feasible physical activity,
  • A healthy diet,
  • The absence of serious stress,
  • A positive attitude.

All this can contribute to the preservation of good potency.

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