With representatives of what professions it is better not to have an affair and why

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With representatives of what professions it is better not to have an affair and why

They are so different, so unusual, so alluring. It would seem that bad if you have an affair with a bartender, lifeguard or cook? The forbidden fruit is sweet, but you better listen to our advice.

We have identified only a few “dangerous” professions and do not claim that our advice applies to all of their representatives. But, in most cases, it hits the bull’s eye. Well, let’s get started.

1. Bartender

He is always at the best parties, he knows everything about nightlife, he is appreciated and respected by those who like to walk, he is neat and he is a bartender. But are you sure you’re ready to have an affair with a man who has a truly nightlife? Think well. You will be the last to leave the club and not always on your own feet. Don’t expect romance with him, maximum – flamingos in a glass of your favorite drink. And walks in the park or the streets of your city are also not for him, the day for the bartender exists only to sleep. There are, of course, advantages of such an alliance: recipes for fashionable cocktails will be recorded on the subcortex, and a couple of out of focus photos will remain on the phone .

2. Cook

He has a keen nose, and from his dishes you get a little orgasm? Can’t resist when you see him bake a duck or a rabbit? But! He always smells of fried butter and the mixture has not yet been understood. And if on that day he was able to cook fish – hide. He gets tired at work, and all the culinary delights on your table will end exactly when he is sure that you will not slip away anywhere. And he, alas, will not appreciate your dish. Well, if you want to play pranks in his kitchen, immediately leave this venture. She is like a sacred cow to him. And God forbid, give him culinary advice.

3. Fitness trainer

What kind of body he has … This biceps and these cubes … Yes, it is hard for women to resist at the sight of a handsome man in relief. You have already signed up for his workout, have already thrown your hook and even went on dates. But over time, it seems to you that your conversations are lectures about proper nutrition, about the benefits of squats and about adherence to the regime. He constantly says, whatever bothers you to remove, and where to tighten. And your tiny favorite tummy for him is a huge belly! But this is not the last threat: you will get tired of being jealous of him for all the long-legged girls who strive to cling to his reliefs. And in general – what kind of fifa is talking to him?

4. Waiter

Correct posture and beautiful speech, such a cute uniform and a wonderful smile. He gave you a couple of compliments and served you like a goddess. And after a couple of meetings, you will learn about all the intricacies of his work. Now you feel sick at the sight of restaurant food, and the daily washing of his crisp white shirt makes you hysterical. And where did his courtesy go? It turns out that all the compliments were made only for the sake of a tip.

5. Lifeguard

Not Malibu, of course, but also a noble handsome. He knows how to do artificial respiration, how to get the kitten off the tree, and how to get everyone’s attention. Super hero, and nothing more. He always disappears at work, saving the lives of everyone. Life does not bother him. And your duty is to love, feed and admire. What if this time artificial respiration of the next victim is not a necessity at all, but a real French kiss?

6. Taxi driver

The presence of a car and excellent knowledge of the city. He always has a story to tell. Interested already? Do your specific musical tastes and health concerns put you off? And what about night calls? He rushes wherever they tell him. And often they are drunk girls from local nightclubs. But what if one of them has nothing to pay off, and then like in greasy stories? No, we don’t want to offend anyone. It’s just that not everyone will pass such a test.

7. Rock musician

He is a star or a small star. He’s so talented and so brutal. Sometimes too brutal. Beer, beer and more beer. And sometimes even stronger, because the muse comes only to rockers in the correct state of mind and body. And the lack of hygiene has already become the norm of his life. But your wardrobe will be replenished with leather goods. And his group colleagues will register in the apartment.

8. DJ

He has good taste in music. He is the star of any party. He is expected at weddings, corporate parties and concerts. He is so in demand that you stop seeing him, and your dates are held exclusively in the place where he works today. Your ears suffer from loud music, and you can forget about cute conversations altogether. In the midst of such noise, he simply will not hear you.

Men, if you are a representative of one of the professions and strongly disagree with the above points, do not be offended. It’s always nice to be the exception to the rule. Dear readers, be happy with your beloved man, regardless of his type of activity.

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