8 signs that a man has not had an intimate relationship for a long time

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8 signs that a man has not had an intimate relationship for a long time

Lack of sex or abstinence affects everyone differently. And if folk wisdom is used to explaining female nervousness and bitchiness with the simple phrase “yes you haven’t had a man for a long time!”, Then how to understand that this handsome and (as talkative employees suggested) unmarried colleague from the neighboring department is not just lonely, but for a long time didn’t have an orgasm? Of course, the easiest way to ask him personally, however, firstly, this question is too intimate, and secondly, not all men are ready to discuss their sex life.

Sexual “maniac”

A man becomes literally obsessed with sex. All conversations, jokes and thoughts are only about him. He feels an increased attraction to celebrities or eagerly watches the girls passing by, sometimes, without hesitation, discusses their merits. Very often – in a completely cheeky form. Can masturbate a lot, but it does not give the necessary discharge and satisfaction.

“Go away, old woman, I’m sad”

The opposite reaction of sexual obsession is the lack of reaction to the female sex, and even complete disgust or aggression towards women. A man becomes apathetic, completely immersed in his inner world, seeks to protect himself from others, can go headlong into work, computer games or another hobby.

Danger! Keep out!

Increased irritability and intolerance may be due to lack of sex. After all, the body does not receive a whole complex of necessary hormones, in particular, the mood hormone serotonin and joy – endorphin. In addition, sex is a great way to relieve stress and relax. And the lack of sexual detente – and here is a grumbling and embittered man nearby.

With eternal lack of sleep on the face

When one overcomes constant excitement and thoughts about sex, there is no time for sleep. But after sex, we get not only physical and emotional relaxation, but also a hormonal cocktail that promotes a relaxed and sweet dream. If you notice that a man looks like he does not sleep for days, it is possible that he has not had sex for a long time.

It grows before our eyes. Breadth

Lack or complete absence of sex, as sometimes happens in women, men tend to fill up with rampant overeating and copious libations. Excess weight grows literally in a matter of days, and then excesses begin to affect health: shortness of breath appears, pressure rises, heart aches, muscle mass is replaced by fat, which is deposited on the sides, chest, stomach and hips. The complex of problems is growing and leads to sad results.

Scattered from Basseinaya Street

Increased attraction and constant fantasies, or, conversely, apathy and self-withdrawal – these conditions are associated with distracted attention and weak concentration. This is fraught with deterioration not only in the work process, but also in everyday life. If a man forgets about appointments, confuses time, dates and names, perhaps the lack of sex is to blame.

Health, where are you?

At first glance, it would not occur to associate frequent colds with a lack of sex. But in vain … Sex is the guard of strong immunity, as with regular lovemaking, resistance to viruses increases by 30%. Do not forget about stagnation and the risk of prostatitis, in addition, prolonged abstinence can lead to mental disorders. Experts advise to solve the problem of lack of sex by physical labor and sports, but we know a more pleasant way – in fact, sex itself.

I’m not a coward, but I’m afraid

Sometimes there may be a deliberate refusal of sex. All previous sexual failure or health problems are to blame. It is important for men to be at their best, to conquer and surprise a partner, to be the best lover. Therefore, even the slightest failure leads to a fear of recurrence of failure and difficulties with an erection. In addition to the support and patience on the part of the partner, you can also attract special means – a lubricant with a cooling effect to prolong the act or an erection ring.

Of course, the presence of one or another sign of lack of sex does not mean that everything is too bad. Do not rush to conclusions. Perhaps a man needs not so much sex, but human attention, warmth, love and affection.

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