Reach the point: how to find erogenous zones in different zodiac signs

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Reach the point: how to find erogenous zones in different zodiac signs

If you want to give your chosen one unforgettable pleasure in bed, then first ask him who he is in the horoscope. And it’s not at all in order to find out if the stars favor you today, but to find the main erogenous points of your partner and start it half a turn. talked to astrologers and put together a cheat sheet for “those places” for those who want to become the perfect lover.


Representatives of this zodiac sign adore spontaneous sex and prefer to end a violent quarrel exclusively with an armistice in bed. Aries and the head are considered the erogenous zones of Aries, so if you want your chosen one to melt at your touch, then gently pass through his hair, touch the earlobes or gently massage the back of the head.


Sensual representatives of this sign prefer not to rush, especially in lovemaking. They believe that rushing kills romance and passion, therefore they offer their partner to be patient and how they can stretch the pleasure. If we talk about zones, the body of Taurus is one big erotic point that can be gently massaged, after dropping a little aromatic oil on your hands. Your chosen one will definitely appreciate it, believe me.


Representatives of this zodiac sign adore diversity and hate boredom in bed. The first sign that the chosen one will soon disappear from your life – sex for him has become boring and routine. With regard to erogenous zones, experts advise during the process to touch his arms and chest as often as possible, and at the same time emotionally comment on what is happening. The twins themselves are not averse to talking, so hot comments will lead them even more.


Gentle and vulnerable Cancers prefer “vanilla” sex and long foreplay. They love to touch naked skin, but for starters they will offer you to take a bath with him, which will be pre-decorated with rose petals and scented candles. To melt the heart of your chosen one, during sex, pay special attention to his chest and auricles – he will definitely like gentle strokes and a light massage.

a lion

These royal persons prefer to be in the spotlight, including in bed. They will be happy to show you how (and where) to caress him to give an unearthly pleasure. They themselves will not stand aside and will answer you with the same passionate reciprocity. The erogenous zones of Lviv is the zone located on both sides of the spinal column and lower lip. For example, you can give your chosen one a light massage by running your palms down his back.


Representatives of this sign almost never lose their heads (even in bed) and can calmly resist any temptation. He will approach strategically with lovemaking – planning ahead what, how and where he will do it. In order for your chosen one to get real pleasure, firstly, make sure that the bedroom is crystal clear, and secondly, during the process, pay attention to his knees, elbows and the area around the navel. And don’t forget about kisses!


Give aristocratic Libra not just beautiful, but luxurious sex. This means that they can relax and get real pleasure only in an elegant setting, imagining how royal people indulged in joys at one time. They love to be the object of seduction, so they will gladly give the initiative into your hands. The erogenous zone of the representatives of this sign is the lumbar region and all that is lower – gentle kisses on the stomach and a light massage they will definitely like.


Representatives of this sign dream that the partner will learn to understand them without words and predict their sexual desires. They themselves are trying to bring all your fantasies to life and will gratefully accept your attempts to answer them the same. The erogenous zones of Scorpions are buttocks and sides, so you will have to learn how to experiment in bed.


Representatives of this zodiac sign appreciate comfort (including in sex), but at the same time they will not refuse sometimes some exotic. They adore when they pamper them and consider the area from hips to knees to be their erogenous zone. It is enough for them just gentle touches and caresses to melt in your arms or forget about everything in the world.


It is quite difficult for hardworking Capricorns to switch from working moments to carnal joys, so you really have to try to make them enjoy in bed. The stars advise you to be patient and during the process pay special attention to the knees and kneecaps – these are the erogenous zones of your chosen one.


Representatives of this sign adore improvisation and are ready to make love, regardless of the time of day or location. You should be prepared for the fact that they have a stormy imagination, which they will try to implement with you. So that your chosen one finally lost his head from you, give him a foot massage and do not forget to kiss his cheekbones.


As for the representatives of this zodiac sign, they dream of a reverent beloved, who loves long preludes. They do not really like to take the initiative, allowing you to literally lead the process. For your partner to “swim”, give him a foot massage and add more tenderness to your actions.

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