Voluntary celibacy: 3 main factors why people refuse sex

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Voluntary celibacy: 3 main factors why people refuse sex

Scientists at Stanford University have concluded that by 2050, people will no longer have sex to conceive children. Men and women at a young age will donate sperm and freeze their eggs so that they can pursue careers, self-development, travel and become conscious parents in the second half of their lives until they are 40-50 years old. Moreover, sex itself as a way of interaction in a couple may disappear.

Social factor

Back in the 70s of the last century, an American researcher John Calhoun conducted an experiment on white mice called “Universe-25.” What did this experiment mean? Rodents are so similar to us in their social behavior that thanks to research, it is possible to predict changes in the daily life of a person many years in advance.

A prototype of paradise was created for mice – an ideal house where there were enough resources: food, drink, a place to live. At first, the animals actively developed the territory and multiplied. The life expectancy of mice has increased, because a safe environment has been created. Then, in conditions of overpopulation, intraspecific aggression appeared, females almost did not become pregnant, there were cases of cannibalism, animals ate their offspring. The males chose the social role of daffodils: they ceased to strive for mating, settled separately, preferred homosexual relationships, and only looked after their fur. Females of fertile age chose to live in their colony.

It turns out that in an ideal world, when there is no need to fight for vital resources, the reproductive function was lost – and after several generations the animals simply died from old age.

Today, in a metropolis, where there are too many people and not enough living space, we observe similar behavior in people. Men of reproductive age become metrosexuals, pump up muscles in fitness centers and visit beauty salons. Women increasingly prefer a career, and if they live in heterosexual marriages, then only for the sake of comfort. Sex sooner or later leaves such a relationship.

Communicative factor

Many headhunters say that in the next few decades, the most sought-after qualities will be emotional intelligence and communication skills, that is, simply the ability to communicate with living people. Indeed, with the advent of the era of information communication, we are less and less communicating live. The Japanese authorities have long been sounding the alarm, because a whole generation of hikikomori has appeared – young people who are not interested in anything, do not build a career, do not aspire to marriage, communicate only on the Internet or in instant messengers and consciously turn themselves off from social life. They live either with elderly parents who feed them, or receive unemployment benefits. There are many reasons for this behavior: from anxiety or schizoid personality disorder to depression, but such behavior cannot be explained only by mental problems.

The fact is that sex is the only one of the physiological needs of a person that involves participation in the process of two. All other needs – food, sleep, going to the toilet – we can provide for ourselves.

But since any communicative act is associated with many feelings – fear of rejection or failure, shame for the imaginary imperfections of your body, pain from psychological trauma in previous relationships – it’s easier not to make contact with another person at all. Feelings are so unbearable that intimacy becomes unnecessary, and the fact of the need for even simple communication causes panic attacks and the appearance of psychosomatic diseases.

About virtual sex

Information factor

With the advent of increasingly advanced video games that simulate tactile sensations, many scientists predict the disappearance of sex in general. Just imagine: you can choose sex with any partner you like – a movie star, singer, politician. Simply select a photo in the gallery and drive the appearance parameters on your computer. You can choose everything: the territory for a romantic meeting – starting from a bungalow on the ocean and ending with an intergalactic spaceship – music, the timbre of the voice, the words spoken by the partner, the smell, the taste … And then it’s simple. To put on 3D glasses, to fix sensors on a body – and forward. Even the need for masturbation will disappear – a simulator of bodily sensations will do everything for a person.

In such a situation, interaction with a real partner will look like an unnecessary loss of time and energy.

Instead of a conclusion

From the point of view of sociologists and futurologists, the only hope is “light from the East,” that is, Muslim and Asian countries, where they hold more traditional views on family and marriage. Those countries where men are still masculine and women are feminine.

Ideally, sex is an intimacy, an opportunity to express one’s feelings, to get to know your beloved person more deeply, in sex there is a huge creative force for creativity and the joy of life, and not just reproduction of ones like them. And somehow I want to hope that the inhabitants of Eurasia are not lost for great sex!

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