9 reasons to love masturbation right now (and the benefits of it)

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9 reasons to love masturbation right now (and the benefits of it)

The lion’s share of women are embarrassed to admit that they masturbate, even to close friends. You can generally keep silent about a partner: millions of men still think that their other halves simply take a shower for a very long time. Another impressive percentage of ladies do not play with their hands at all, they consider this to be the intrigues of the devil or perverse behavior, which should be abandoned. And all this is very wrong. This is not a perversion, not a problem, not a shame. This is a rewarding activity. Why? Read below.

1. Toning the pelvic floor muscles

If we put aside all psychology and other lengthy facts for now, masturbation is at least physiologically useful. Many women have heard of Kegel exercises, which easily turn an inexperienced, shy lady into a real lioness in bed, to which men just pray. It is not necessary to buy different balls and study the materiel. Scientists have proven that regular masturbation can replace such training. One caveat – it must end with an orgasm. What is an orgasm in essence from an anatomical point of view? Muscle contraction, and very powerful. Hand pranks also support the orgastic function of the body in a natural way. For example, thanks to this, natural lubrication is released faster and more, which contributes to comfortable sex with a real partner. In general, a well-trained body in the pelvic area is a guarantee of a pair finish and pleasure for both you and the guy.  

2. Relaxation

So to speak, a classic plus – masturbation helps to relax. And very successful. The release of endorphins and other hormones responsible for good mood is so strong that in the evening, for example, after such entertainment, you will sleep like a child. Regular orgasm will develop the flexibility of the body, you will become more stress-resistant , and the risk of developing depression will decrease. 

3. Pain – no

And masturbation is also a good natural pain reliever. It can compete successfully even with broadly acting pills from the pharmacy! It is especially recommended to give yourself pleasure when you are suffering from migraines or just headaches, if you feel all the signs of PMS. After training, if your muscles hurt, or if you have a cold, she will help, darling – masturbation. The same endorphins are responsible for the healing processes, which, among other things, stimulate blood flow and dull pain.

4. Fantasies for the benefit of the brain

Like casual sex, masturbation that ends in orgasm is very stimulating to sexual fantasies. And they, in turn, cause active stimulation and brain function. It turns out that you dream of a beautiful stranger – you train your brain, thinking about more and more new details of his appearance, behavior and sex. The ideas you like can then be realized with your lover. The main thing is to give yourself free rein, not to set limits. Often with such freedom, ladies begin to imagine themselves in situations that were previously considered unacceptable. For example, threesome sex. And this is positive both from a moral and a cerebral point of view. 

5. Anywhere and however you want

The beauty of masturbation is that you can fondle yourself in absolutely any situation: relax on vacation, at lunchtime, in a guest bedroom with distant relatives. She does not need any decorations, no special mood, no preparation. Of course, you can light candles or lie in the bathroom with foam, but the value lies in the fact that you don’t have to impress anyone, you can indulge in pleasure even with a mask on your face and in stretched sweatpants.  

6. Disclosure of sexuality

If a man is simple, like twice two is four, then a girl is a whole equation with two unknowns. These unknowns are the vagina and clitoris. And between them is a mystery and a riddle. Sexologists often advise girls who, for various psychological reasons, have low libido, the inability to quickly reach orgasm, or even achieve it, to practice alone first. You do not need to rush with yourself, you do not need to try, you work only for yourself and your pleasure, you have a sufficient supply of time and funds. Therefore, masturbation can help you discover a lot of new things in yourself.

7. Increase libido

This point follows from the previous one. It is only logical: the more you satisfy yourself, the better you know your body. The better you know him, the better you control. The better you control, the higher your libido. Knowing that at any moment you are able to get an orgasm, you become more self-confident, more liberated. Believe me, men feel it like honey bees. 

8. You are not afraid of the consequences

A weighty item for those who, from adolescence, are afraid of pregnancy and AIDS. Masturbation is completely safe. There are no children from her, you do not need to puzzle over contraceptives, you are not afraid to catch a bunch of sexually transmitted diseases, because the only partner for you is yourself. There is no need to tempt fate and be afraid. Here is just you and complete relaxation.

9. Saving a marriage

Surprisingly, the latest statistics from Stanford have shown that for long-term couples, masturbation can be a good lifeline from bed-based breakups. The fact is that when a couple has been together for a long time and passions have subsided, there is not enough novelty and everyday life gradually kills all desire. In moments like this, masturbation that boosts libido, stimulates desire, really helps. Plus, if your partner is tired after work and literally falls off his feet, and your desires are above the roof, pranks on your own will also help you. And no betrayals and scandals. If you still have doubts about masturbation, the last argument is just nice. Should there be any other markers that speak for, if you get pleasure and enjoy your body, the process? So we think not. 

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