Top 10 situations when a man has lost an erection (and how to avoid them)

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Top 10 situations when a man has lost an erection (and how to avoid them)

We girls often sin with the thought that a man is like a machine, does not misfire. He wants always and everywhere. The beast and the male. Either the modern media have worked on the image, or porn always shows trouble-free and passionate lovers. It hurts all the more to fall to the ground when you are not ready for reality. And it is such that not always your faithful is burning with desire, he may also have a headache, he, too, may not be in the mood or simply not want to. Of course, it’s a shame when you are all in lace and “take me all,” and he is on the other side and sleep. We have collected for you the main situations when this can happen and gave advice on what to do in them: really sleep or try to fix the situation.

1. Conversations about money

No matter how much psychologists say that the female brain is a completely different element, and that the thought processes there go differently, it is still difficult to believe in it. It’s just that it’s nothing special for girls to think about two, three or more things at the same time. Hence all these jokes about female logic: here she speaks with fervor about love, and immediately asks which eggs to fry. But with men, alas, this is not the case. By focusing on sex, they remain completely in sex. Your talk of debt and having to carve out the money for new sneakers is just a nail in the lid of his erection. In addition, admitting money problems for men is tantamount to signing a piece of paper that he is not a man. First of all, he is a breadwinner, it is unpleasant to feel that he can provide you. What’s the sex?

What to do: Leave financial matters outside of bed. Do not nag with these things if you hope to get sex. Talk after – the man will be kinder and calmer. 

2. Distraction from the process

It seems that the situation is similar to an anecdote when a girl in the process notices dust on the shelf and begins to wipe it down. But believe me, each of us at least once made some kind of mistake of such a plan. Let not dust on the shelf, so a call from mom, which needs to be answered urgently. Even worse is a comment on social media. There is also a category of ladies who believe that foreplay is not sex yet, so you can watch the news feed in the process. Worse than a sin can not be imagined. What to do: the phone is silent and under the pillow, focus on the process, read about the correct foreplay, suddenly not remind about grandmother’s birthday and other matters. 

3. Memories of the ex

Another dreadful thing, bordering on stupidity, that you can do in bed. Of all the weird things, this one is perhaps the strangest. And a nightmare. You would love it if all of a sudden, in the process, your partner said that his ex had a better stretch. An important caveat: reverse situations do not work. This means that praising the current one at the expense of lowering the former is not an option. Say: “This is the pace, but Vasya-Petya-Kolya could not do that.” That’s what it is about. The man is the owner. Other people’s names in bed are taboo.
What to do: Obviously, don’t say anything about your ex, good or bad. 

4. To finish quickly

Sometimes it happens. It’s common to think that these guys are quick-firing , but in reality they also need time to tune in, get a taste. Not everyone loves to “gallop across Europe”, for someone quick sex is simply impossible for physiological reasons. So here you need to observe, notice the pace, preferences. This is already from the art of feeling and hearing a partner in bed.
What to do: learn to come to the finish line at the same time – there are a lot of tips and life hacks on how to achieve this.   

5. Break

And we are not talking about a situation where you were driven in such a way that you ask for at least a couple of seconds to catch your breath. No, we’re talking about a full-fledged break, where you’re just tired, tired, not arousing. I doubt that any guy after that will be able to have sex at all, not only today, but also in the coming years, which he will spend on a psychotherapist. A natural question is already for you: if you are so bored with a person in bed that you are ready to fall asleep or go to smoke, then what are you doing with him?
What to do: if the situation is one-time, then it’s time to work on your own – apply the pose of a horsewoman, speed up the pace, add affection and passion. It is a mistake to think that nothing depends on us. 

6. Increase attention to the penis

It is not necessary for your man to become a reincarnation of the past about men’s locker rooms after a physical education lesson. It is clear that only a very strange girl would think to laugh at the dignity of a guy. But if you think your gaze, worthy of a practicing detective, turns him on, then you are wrong. Only for the strong in spirit, all organs will not shrink under this laser. Guys like to be touched, stroked and kissed, but do not consider the innermost.
What to do: Reduce interest in his penis and control facial expressions (hint: Looking at his groin like someone who just discovered cancer cells is a bad idea). 

7. Lack of physical strength

It’s a shame, but this also happens. It’s not for nothing that in porn all the actors are so pumped up. You won’t see a middle-aged man there with a belly and shortness of breath. But after all, with a belly and shortness of breath, you also want sex. Calmer rhythms, respect for the partner’s body will help. You cannot try to lift a load that is not in weight.
What to do: temporarily exclude from sex positions that require CCM in acrobatics, as well as those where you need to be carried in your arms. Instead, give the guy a gym membership and stop feeding him dumplings on first, second, and third. 

8. The image of a little girl

Of course, there are some guys who are turned on by the image of eternal teenage love in bed. But their percentage is very small. In reality, if an adult girl suddenly starts talking in a thin voice and calls her partner “daddy”, it will be funny at best. At worst, it’s very strange. Needless to say, this will discourage any desire to have sex?
What to do: Grow out of the image of a little girl and act like an adult – there are many advantages to this, too. 

9. Criticizing your body

If he is with you, if he admires you, if he likes your figure, then you don’t need to repeat with him a hundred times that you are fat, ask him to take a closer look at your hanging belly, admit that you have gained weight. If you constantly repeat such postulates, sooner or later he will think about them. And if you are thus asking for a compliment, then you better change tactics.
What to do: Learn to accept yourself and your sexuality – there are many benefits from this. 

10. Lack of sleep

Yes, your man is not made of iron, he can also get tired and not get enough sleep. Scientific minds have repeatedly said how all this negatively affects the quality of sex. Try not to sleep at night, do you really want love pleasures? There is nothing to be done, you need to accept the situation. When you live together for a while, you foolishly hope that there will be sex every day. It’s time to accept some things.
What to do: put your partner to bed and indulge in masturbation, especially since there are so many benefits from it . Most of these reasons are fixable without effort. If the lack of an erection is permanent, then this is already a medical problem that requires serious study. So don’t get lost and act.  

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