The ritual of eating sushi from the naked body: tricks and features

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The ritual of eating sushi from the naked body: tricks and features

The Japanese are renowned for their skillful table setting. When it comes to food, the cooks of the Land of the Rising Sun show such imagination that their Western colleagues never dreamed of. Today I want to introduce you to the spicy netaymori ritual – the process of eating sushi from a naked geisha.

What is netaymori and what is it eaten with

Literally translated, ” netaymori ” means “the decorated body of a woman.” The roots of the ritual go back to the distant past. In the days of feudal Japan, geisha entertained samurai and dignitaries in teahouses specially designed for this purpose (private visits were practiced much less often and were very expensive).

The duties of the women of the arts included playing traditional musical instruments, singing, dancing, conducting the tea ceremony, and maintaining conversation. However, this is not all. Girls were trained from an early age to entertain the gentlemen in all sorts of ways. Some of them balanced on the brink of generally accepted moral standards.

Geisha students – maiko (girls who had not yet sold their innocence through a mizuage auction ) provided services with a somewhat piquant touch. Nymphet were often used as a dish for serving sushi. It was believed that food heated by the body of a virgin had exceptional taste and healing properties.

How the girls were selected

Before becoming a living tray, each maiko went through grueling training. Without a series of tests, it was impossible to start work, because one awkward gesture and the food would fall, breaking harmony and symmetry. A sloppy maiko will dishonor the okeyu (house of geisha) and put a stain on its reputation.

At the first stage of preparation, the girl was completely undressed and laid on a hard wooden surface. The air temperature in the room was only 15-18 degrees. To prove her professional suitability, the applicant had to keep 6 chicken eggs on her body for 4 hours (this is the most difficult stage). During this time, the “trainers” periodically poured hot tea on it or placed pieces of ice on sensitive places. If the egg rolled, then the execution began anew.

Talking during the ritual is strictly prohibited. The only situation in which a maiko can break the vow of silence is when the guests cross the thin line between decency and outright rudeness and begin to dismiss their hands. And even then, the maximum possible protest from the girl is limited to the threat to complain to the client’s spouse.

Hygiene issues

At first glance, it may seem that it is not too hygienic to eat sushi from someone else’s body. After all, we don’t take food with dirty hands. However, with participation in the original netaymori and observance of all the rules, there is practically nothing to be afraid of.

The Japanese are very careful about cleansing a young maiko . The girl is soaked in a hot bath using alkaline detergents (they kill germs like antibacterial soap), rub hard with a hard washcloth and epilate the entire surface of the body. Flavored oils and deodorant tinctures are not used, as this negatively affects the taste characteristics. Then the girl is rinsed several times with ice water.

How is the ritual going

Preparations begin 3-4 hours before the arrival of customers. After bathing, the girl lies down on a low table or directly on the floor in the center of the living room. Her intimate areas are covered with lettuce leaves or decorated with flowers so that they do not embarrass visitors. The body is painted with hieroglyphs corresponding to the established theme of the event.

In traditional serving, food does not touch the skin. The food is laid out on the lotus leaves. But wasabi and pickled ginger are allowed to be put on a naked body, abundantly poured with soy sauce. However, they are more often served in separate bowls.

The duration of the ritual ranges from 2 to 6 hours. While the maiko serves as a dish, her geisha mentor entertains guests and enforces decency.

There will be no sex

Although netaymori has a clear erotic connotation, any liberties are taboo. Guests eat sushi using wooden sticks, and touches of naked flesh are nipped in the bud.

In Japanese restaurants offering this ritual, as a rule, there is no security, the owners rely solely on the good manners of the visitors. In the worst case, an overly excited client will be fined from 50 to 200% of the bill for the services of the establishment.

Netaimori in the East

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the habits of the samurai smoothly migrated into the ranks of the yakuza. Mafiosi often practiced called parties, the highlight of which was the serving of food on naked girls. Netaymori became

especially popular after World War II, when American soldiers flooded into Tokyo and other major cities. For Westerners, the ritual was a novelty, which was used by everyone who wanted to gain favor with the new government. Modern Japanese people treat netaymori in two ways. Approximately half of the population romanticizes the process and considers it an integral part of the country’s culture. The second part of the inhabitants condemns the ritual, claiming that such entertainment is suitable only for bandits and whores. The chefs, on the other hand, sincerely admire the aesthetic side of the non-standard type of serving.


Netaymori in the West

In the western lands, netaimori first appeared around the 90s of the last century, about 10 years after the massive spread of land. This pleasure is extremely expensive for gourmets. The cost depends on the status of the restaurant and goes up to $ 600 per serving.

Most people simply cannot afford this luxury. However, in popular culture, the ritual is often mentioned. In 1991, he appeared in one of the scenes of the film Showdown in Little Tokyo. In 2008, an episode of the TV series “Sex and the City” was released, in which Samantha adorned her body with sushi and waited for her lover in this form.

Every year, Hugh Hefner , the eternally young owner of Playboy magazine, arranges an analogue of non – Tymori receptions. His bunnies act as plates for caviar and other delicacies. That’s just naughty party Hefa difficult to compare with innocent lunches samurai.

What it’s like to be a non-Tymori model these days

Jessica Perry has been working as a model in a large Japanese restaurant chain ” Naked Sushi ” for 5 years . The 22-year-old Vancouver native can hardly be called a geisha, and the girl does not shine with innocence. But, since it is incredibly difficult to find an adult virgin in the 21st century, I will blame the last defect on the peculiarities of modern puberty. Jessica got the job by accident. During the next casting, Mike Keenan , the chef of Naked Sushi , approached her and offered a mutually beneficial cooperation. When asked what it is like to be a non-Tymori model these days, the girl invariably answers: “I think this is a fun and creative job. I love to be a basic component of those culinary masterpieces that Mike creates. Despite some inconveniences, I will continue to do what I am doing. ” Models at Naked Sushi undertake to undergo a full physical check-up at least once every 3 months and have a blood test every 10 days. Girls prepare for about 1.5 hours, including serving, and earn $ 300-400 at a time, of which there can be up to 3 pieces per evening.   


Public attitudes

Feminists, as always, are indignant and foaming at the mouth argue that netaymori is a relic of the past and is not acceptable for a civilized person. They associate the ritual with the objectification of women and the belittling of the dignity of the weaker sex. Julie Bindel , a public figure and also a columnist for the Guardian, expressed her opinion rather sharply: “This is more like a meal in a morgue, not in a decent place. Eating from a naked body is as pleasant as eating from a corpse. ” On October 21, 2010, South African entrepreneur Kenny Kunene hosted a non – Taimori -style reception for Julius Malem , President of the African National Congress. Trying to surprise the politician, the businessman went too far and caused a loud resonance. In the press, accusations appeared in the promotion of female slavery and infringement on the inviolability of African women. In China, North Korea and a number of other states, netaimori is banned. For non-observance of the letter of the law, all participants in the ritual and the owners of the restaurant will face a prison sentence and an impressive fine. 


 Why eating naked is a bad idea

In Japan, the legal framework for food products is very strict. The shelf life of products is regulated up to a minute. Cooks are required to wear rubber gloves, and dishes are sterilized with boiling water. Leaves intended for netamori are disinfected with a strong saline solution. Unfortunately, in the West, the correct technology is rarely followed.

In raw fish, not the first freshness contains disease-causing organisms. When the temperature rises, they begin to multiply actively. If salmon is stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 days, and under room conditions for 4-5 hours, then on the human body it deteriorates after 2-3 hours.

One of the consequences of non-Tymori can be salmonellosis. Agree, it is a shame to pay $ 500 for dinner and suffer from an upset stomach. And about the parasites that live in fish, I would prefer to remain silent altogether.

Of course, to fully enjoy the exotic, you need to go to Japan. However, it is not at all necessary for the sake of one meal, albeit an unforgettable one, to buy tickets to the Land of the Rising Sun. You can choose an alternative route and have the ceremony at home. In this case, I recommend replacing sushi with fruit.

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