Asthma deprives its victims of sexual joys

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Asthma deprives its victims of sexual joys

Sex can trigger a deadly asthma attack, according to experts from the UK. Every year, 43,000 people who have experienced an asthma attack during sex are taken to hospitals in this country.

Tens of thousands of people in the UK are urgently hospitalized by ambulance every year after they experience an exacerbation of asthma during sex. Patients complain of the development of breathing problems during oral sex. They urgently need to use an inhaler, which immediately removes all sexual arousal from both partners. In some of the most severe cases, such patients need urgent medical help. 68% of asthma victims said that their level of sexual life was directly affected by this disease.

73% of asthmatics feel a sense of shame, as they need to take an inhaler on a romantic date, according to a survey of 544 people. Order a medicine for asthma, About half of the respondents said that they would feel more confident in their own sexual attractiveness if they did not suffer from asthma. For some, the level of sex in life has significantly decreased, or they have completely stopped practicing sex after their asthma worsened. 64% said that perfume or scented candles can provoke an asthma attack.

Other people had allergic reactions to latex, which is used in condoms, or to flowers with a strong smell. All this is also the direct components of a romantic evening “with a continuation”. One of the patients said that the reason for the urgent hospitalization was an orgasm. Another said that he stopped having sex with a friend because he was ashamed because of the constant shortness of breath during intimate joys. Soon after, the partners broke up.

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