Blindfolded sex: 14 ideas for blind love

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Blindfolded sex: 14 ideas for blind love

Someone said a long time ago that love is blind. Today I want to take these words literally and give you 14 hot tips for blindfold sex. At the same time, you do not have to become an adherent of BDSM culture or do something out of the ordinary. Such advice is quite applicable to domestic realities. Less text, more action, let’s get started! 

1. Swap places

If your couple is among the average residents of the post-Soviet space, then over the years of living together, certain intimate roles have been fixed for you. Often, girls behave passively in bed, and men go out of their way to take the initiative. Erotic blinding provides a unique chance to change places.

2. Negotiate stop words

This is a very important point that should never be ignored. In some BDSM- GOVERNMENTAL experiments protests often perceived as an integral component of the game. However, sometimes the process goes beyond acceptable limits and ceases to bring pleasure. In order to maintain mutual understanding, discuss in advance the stop words that stop stimulation.  

3. Command

I ask you not to be confused with the idea described earlier, which assumes only physical activity and excludes psycho-emotional suppression of the partner. Blindfold your lover and order him to give you specific types of pleasure. For example, you have the right to make cunnilingus or ask to control the movements of your body during frictions without looking . Quite an interesting option is to invite the man to explore your erogenous zones by touch.  

4. Tease your partner

The loss of sight makes the soul mate defenseless in front of your manipulations. Cunningly take advantage of your partner’s weakness and tease him well. Alternate kisses with nibbling , sharply change the pace, replace the frictions with circular motions with the pelvis. After 5 minutes of this kind of play, the lover will be ready to explode.

5. Get inspired by movies

In 9 1/2 Weeks, Mickey Rourke’s character blindfolded Kim Basinger in the kitchen and treated her to various types of food. It was incredibly hot! You can repeat the procedure with your beloved, arranging a semblance of a buffet of aphrodisiac dishes. Here’s a selection of relevant movies to look for inspiration.  

6. Play on tactile contrasts

Evolution is a wise woman, so she provided a number of properties that allow us to survive. One of these amazing capabilities of the body is the enhancement of perception in 4 senses, provided that the fifth is deprived. In our case, the blind hear better and are able to “see” with their skin.

To increase the response of the erogenous zones, you can play with contrasting tactile sensations. In light versions, alternate skin stimulation with melted wax and rubbing with ice cubes. More hardcore options include feather tickling and sonorous flogger spanking .

7. Take a trip

This idea is based on games with perception of reality. If a person is blindfolded and guided through a familiar area, then after a while he will consider it unfamiliar. Even a simple rotation around its axis will lead to a loss of orientation on the ground.

Dazzle your partner and walk around the apartment with him. Let the beachhead for sexual pleasures remain a mysterious territory for him. It’s pretty fun to have sex on the balcony. The understanding that you are within the house is there, but deep inside there is a feeling that the action is taking place in the middle of a busy city square.

8. Masturbate

Many people are turned on by the idea of ​​demonstrative masturbation, but they are embarrassed to put it into practice. A blindfold is an effective way to deal with embarrassment. When you do not see your partner, psychological barriers are destroyed and it is easier for you to dare to experiment. 

9. Add sex toys

Sex is not the same sex. Sometimes using just one tiny device can turn boring marital duties into fireworks of orgasms. In the vulnerable state of blinding, stimulation with toys brings multiply increased pleasure. It is advisable not to enter the gadget without warning. Start with a light touch, slide the whirring device down your neck, linger on your nipples, and work your way through your tummy to your groin. Use the gadget for its intended purpose at the very end of the theatrical performance.  

10. Listen to music

Extraneous noises distract from intimate caresses. Remember the technique from “50 shades …”. Christian put on headphones on Anastacia and only then proceeded to stimulate. Skin sensitivity peaks with blindfold and ear plugging at the same time. I guarantee your partner a pleasant sensory overload.

11. Give him an erotic massage

Liberally lubricate your lover’s body with erotic massage oil . I advise you to purchase just a special tool, since it contains components that enhance sexual experiences. Plus – it is permissible to use it in the genital area. Run your fingertips over the entire surface of your skin. Change the touch with the pads by lightly scratching with your nails. If your partner is ticklish, press harder with your nails (scratch rather than irritate). At first, bypass the main erogenous zones, leave them for dessert. Wait until the other half begs for mercy. Busty girls can use their natural wealth. Some lovers even manage to massage their bare buttocks. As for me, the latter option is not very convenient – it is difficult to maintain balance and control the intensity of stimulation. 

12. Take your partner along dangerous paths

There are acupuncture points on the feet, which are responsible for all organs in the body. Eastern sages interacted with special zones to enhance potency and increase libido. Modern medicine is skeptical about folk methods, but even the 21st century Aesculapians note an improvement in blood flow as a result of a comprehensive foot massage. You can go further and arrange for your partner to walk on “dangerous” trails. Heat the sea salt in a skillet. Place it on bath towels. Wait until the coating has reached an acceptable temperature. Then blindfold your beloved and lead him along an impromptu “sandy path”. Increasing the sensitivity, coupled with the warming effect, will give an amazing effect. The method is especially good for guys suffering from erectile dysfunction, accompanied by the syndrome of “flaccid penis”, and excessively cold girls.   

13. Link it

If blindfolded is not enough for you, then you should try to crucify your partner on the wedding bed. Secure his limbs to the sides of the bed with ropes or silk bands. I like to use a rough rope made from natural materials. Depending on the degree of tension, the friction force changes from pleasantly scratching to frankly painful.

14. Save

Although in sex shops you will be offered dozens of models of headbands, it is not at all necessary to spend money on erotic games. You can limit yourself to the means at hand. Use his tie, your stockings (or his stockings and your tie – there are all sorts of couples). Take on board all kinds of scarves, ribbons and other long wardrobe items.

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