Checks And Objections Of Girls When Dating

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Checks And Objections Of Girls When Dating

Having overcome the fear of approaching and blurted out the first phrase learned at home, get ready to meet the objections of the girls. The girls you like will definitely rush, show you the ring, ignore or say that they do not meet on the street. What to do with it? After all, they still leave their phone numbers to someone. Let’s figure it out.

In our society and in the heads of girls, there are no parameters for an ideal man (a man who should surrender), but from an early age they understand how a man who is close to ideal should not behave in any case. Therefore, girls in most cases act by cutting off. To find out whether you belong to the first or the second, they use a series of checks and objections.

Checks and objections of girls

There are four main tests: the adequacy test, the confidence test, the social status test, and the persistence test. Most of the checks a man passes before he speaks, in appearance and behavior. If you walk down the street with a straight back, a confident gait, in expensive clothes and a carefree smile, most likely you are a status man and you should pay attention. If you look at the floor, your hands are in your pockets, you crumple and look around – you do not look like a self-sufficient and self-confident man. Thus – the first thesis: appearance plays a fundamental role.
The main point when passing checks is that you must behave as if nothing surprising has happened. No stress. Who passed the polygraph – knows that this device monitors your reaction and the norm of behavior when answering various questions. First you are asked 3-5 simple questions, the answers to which are obvious. These questions track the norm of your behavior. Then they ask a tricky one and again look at your reaction. He got nervous, blinked, his heart began to beat – most likely he was hiding something – which means he was involved.

It’s the same with girls. It doesn’t matter what exactly you answer to certain of her words, your reaction is important. She must be unwavering. Therefore, when communicating with a girl, try to maintain the line of behavior that you set initially when you approached. She will ask you provocative questions from the series:

“And how many girls did you approach today? What am I, eighteenth?”, “What a cheap tackle!?” and so on.

All of these are checks. And they need to be answered. It doesn’t matter what, it matters how! Calmly and confidently.
Direct work with objections is work with a test for persistence, when a girl comes up with phrases of varying degrees of stupidity that are not really something important or meaningful for her. She just says something to shave off those who lack perseverance. In this they, by the way, can be understood. Why would a beautiful girl give away her phone number and then waste time dating unworthy and uninteresting men?

The girls’ objections can be divided into several parts . Below are a few rules, understanding which will greatly facilitate the work with them:

Rule 1

Objections are fine! When a girl does not mind when meeting you, this is already a reason to think, this is already abnormal.

Rule 2

There is no logic in the objections. Therefore, in no case do we ask the girl the question “Why?”. Even if she was talking complete nonsense. To the question “why?” – she will immediately give the same absurd answer, believe in it, and then it will be almost impossible to convince her.
– I don’t meet on the street. – Why? – Well, because … It’s raining. – And? – Rain means that nature is crying, which means you shouldn’t expect anything good from such an acquaintance! I’m sorry, it’s time to go. ( Fatality )

Rule 3

We don’t freeze! It happens that girls are rude. Do not take her words seriously. If she answered you especially rudely and harshly or even yelled at you, most likely she was not rude to you specifically as a person, but expressed her indignation about the situation. Maybe her husband just left her, or she was fired from her job, or you really already approached her for the eighteenth evening, it’s not your fault.

Rule 4

The goal is to stay in touch. Do not look for one phrase that will strike her on the spot. Understand, there is no such phrase after which any girl will agree to go on a date with you and leave you her phone number. It is necessary to answer something to her objection and continue to systematically stick to her line.
Planned is the key word here. If a girl tells you: “I don’t meet on the street” and you answer her: “Why did you come here then?” You have no right to stop there! Say, blurted out and fell silent. She will immediately figure out how to answer this on the go, and enchantingly shave you off. We work out all the objections until the girl utters a new objection, or gives a phone number.

I don’t meet on the street.

– Why did you come here then?

— ???

— You didn’t know? Everyone comes here to meet. Look, I put on a jacket with a tie, shoes, shaved in the morning. You are in a dress, in heels … I tell you for sure, everyone comes here to get acquainted. (The main thing is to do it with a smile so that the girl understands that you are saying something in jest.) By the way, I have a story…

The result – the girl remained in communication. The goal has been reached. The girls’ objections are beaten and you are already telling her something of your own. If she clings to some of your phrases, you can always calmly answer her: “Come on, I didn’t know what to say, and I said the first thing that came to mind.”

How to deal with objections

There are three ways to work with objections, or, as they say, three tools: humor, ignore and sincerity. About everything in order.

In the case of humor, it is extremely important that it is clear that you are saying it with humor, and not in all seriousness. Therefore, I recommend that you smile and in every possible way show non-verbally that you are joking.

– I’m not dating.

– And when sober?

— ???- Aren’t you? I honestly approached you because you seemed like… an easy target. (It is very important to say such things in jest)

I don’t meet on the street.

“Let’s go inside and get to know each other there.”

– I’m not dating.

– Nothing, let me teach you. I’m Victor, what’s your name?

– I have a husband.

Look, everyone has their faults. Yesterday I rubbed a callus on my heel, and what? I stand, I am silent. And you’re talking to everyone you meet about your husband. Don’t tell anyone. Come on again. I write down the number…

– I have a boyfriend.

— Nu you that, lie to teach? Well, tell him that you went to drink coffee with a friend.

– I’m married.

We won’t tell your husband.

– I can’t do that.

“Look, if you tell him and he comes to our meeting, there will be three options: either he will interfere with us, or I will interfere with you, or you will interfere with us. None of these options suits us. Therefore, let’s you deal with it yourself, and you won’t talk about us.

– I’m in a hurry.

– I see, I’m already sweating. Let’s go sit somewhere, otherwise it will blow.

– I have a boyfriend.

– How young is he? Is he really human? Because I once talked with one girl, she constantly repeated that she had a young man, like a parrot by God!

— No, I really have a young man.

– I have a cat at home.

“Why are you telling me this?”

– 1:1 for useless information.

Those. your task is to load her with the same absurdity that she loads you with, do it with humor and continue to stick to your line. Reduce her objection to absurdity, then throw a message like: “OK, I’ll pretend I didn’t notice anything, let’s move on.”

When we talk about sincerity, it is especially important to build communication from a position from above. Otherwise, it will look ingratiating. So no St. Bernard looks! We must also understand that sincerely we can speak not quite the truth. The main thing is that it should be at least remotely similar to that, look sincere and honest. In such cases, the objections of the girls will not be afraid of you.

– I’m not dating.
“You know, to be honest, me too. I don’t know what to say to girls like you to make friends and then meet. I know that a great injustice is happening now, because I have a great desire to meet, and you have a phone number. And it should be the other way around. And what to do to fix this, I honestly have no idea. So let me now write down your phone number in advance, call you, and I will shine on the phone, and at the meeting I will also shine. Come in a shirt and tie! And you will already have a great desire to meet. So I write down, 8, 926…

I don’t meet on the street.

– If I knew the place where you meet, I would certainly be there. But it so happened that I met you here and now. I don’t have another chance. So let me write down your phone number and we’ll meet where you’re ready to meet me.

– I have a boyfriend.

– I had no doubt that a girl like you has a boyfriend, and probably a lot of boyfriends, because you look just gorgeous. But they don’t interest me at all. I know the following, if we meet once, it will be a friendly coffee, and after this meeting you will decide whether you have a young man, you had a young man, or maybe you will have a young man … Come on, I I write down your phone. 8, 915…

Those. you turn on a person who says to her “So, let’s be honest”, and starts to pour more than ever. There is one caveat – sincerity does not work well on the go, when you walk and only occasionally look at each other. It is desirable that you stand face to face with the girl and look into her eyes. The sincere facial expression and look, like those of George Clooney, work in this case like a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The main thing is not to laugh at such moments.

And finally, the Zen technique is to ignore her objection. Everything is very simple here. You don’t process her objection, but simply tell her your stories, as if not paying attention to what she said above. It is important to do this not from a position of inadequacy , but neutrally, or even on a positive note!

– I don’t meet

– You know, there was no traffic light at this intersection before. People here were knocked down just like skittles. Every week, consistently someone lay down here. And now they put a traffic light and speed bumps here. Here is such a story. So what are we on about? Yes, we talked about when it would be convenient for you to meet this week …

If the girl ignores you, you can ignore her ignore. This is not easy to do, but worth a try.
“Hi, you seemed interesting to me, I would like to make friends with you, what is your name?”

— …

– And that’s great! A real man and a real woman will never be together. Because a real woman does not agree the first time, and a real man does not repeat twice. But I’ll make an exception for you. So, I walked, I saw you, you seemed to me …

I will not open America to you in order to develop a skill and handle the objections of girls of any level – you just need to approach the most beautiful girls more often, more often in difficult and unusual situations. Over time, you will grow meat on the above skeleton, in the form of your own chips and phrases. Good luck and success!

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