What To Do If There Is No Feeling Of Success?

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What To Do If There Is No Feeling Of Success?

It happens that there is no feeling of success, and therefore you think that you are not interested in those girls who attract you. This belief paralyzes you and you simply do nothing to meet and get close to the girls of the desired level.

Let’s say you are 20, 30 or 40 years old, but you think that you are still not ready for a relationship. At the same time, a girl who is the same age or even younger than you, for some reason, feels quite successful and ready for a relationship.

It’s just that she started playing this topic earlier: while you were rattling pots in kindergarten and measuring pussy, she was hacking into daughters-mothers for survival, and already by school she is completely ready – she understands how she likes it, how to talk with whom, whom to herself to let in, who not to let in. At school, girls always communicate with senior classes in the middle classes, because the guys there are more experienced. What are the guys doing during this time? The guys stand on the sidelines and watch how 2-3 high school students cover the whole school with charisma to the envy of the rest of the “passengers”. The same thing happens in the institute.

Question: where can your success and your self-confidence come from if you do nothing for it? Nowhere. Therefore, the main thing to work with is your self-esteem. And in both directions.

For example, where do you get the ambition to be a superstar if you don’t have any experience? What makes you think that since you live in Biryulyovo-Tovarnaya and you know all the loopholes of how to jump onto the train for free, then next to you should be a porn model who is used to a luxury life?

There are two inconsistencies. First, you do nothing, but you have 100 points of ambition. And in this case, you need to check your level with reality and get honest feedback. It’s not that your mom and dad tell you how good you are, but the world is unfair and has not appreciated you. No. If there is no feeling of success, then something is wrong. You just need to go and chat with the girls on the street without flirting and just ask: “Who could like me?”. And they will give you an honest answer, because these are not interested people, and they do not care about you, they will neither underestimate nor overestimate you, but will tell everything as it is. Then, perhaps, your ambitions will subside a little.

There is another way. You can ask girls through friends and acquaintances who also do not perceive you as a potential boyfriend: “What can I do to make girls like me?”. Most likely they will tell you something like this: you need to communicate a lot with a large number of girls and arrange an average bust so that you learn.

There is no feeling of success. Epilogue

As soon as you start participating in the evolutionary game called “Sexual Selection”, then you will 100% start to have successes. Even if you are in the hug and cry category, a girl can still have sex with you. And then little by little you will start to gain confidence. But for this you need to start somewhere. And if every evening you sit on a chair towards fate, then you get absolutely nothing. For some reason, women do not appear in your life from free and paid porn sites.

Therefore, it is very important to participate in the selection. Even at the most elementary level with the most ordinary girls – let them teach you at least something.

In order to statistically somehow increase this probability, so that you have added confidence, it is very important for you to be in an environment where you will be shown how to do it. It is necessary to spin among the guys who are absorbed in this goal. It is very important to communicate with girls, watch how others do it and repeat.

It won’t be long before you, whoever you are, feel successful and confident enough to get exactly the relationship you need at this stage.

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