Does size matter to a woman?

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Does size matter to a woman?

Is the size of the penis important for a girl to get an orgasm and pleasure from sex? Or are the parameters of male dignity not so important, the problem is greatly exaggerated?      

Medical opinion

The size of the genitals worries more often than men themselves. Complexes about this affect intimate life, even affect potency. Psychological problems, stiffness, fear of not satisfying the beloved appear, and this worsens the situation. 

It turns out to be a vicious circle – the greater the fear, the worse things are in sex. Inexperienced young people worry that their genitals are smaller than they should be or smaller than those of their former beloved. 

According to statistics, the average size of a penis without an erection is from 7.62 to 10.16 centimeters, the girth is 9.66 cm, and the average size with an erection is from 12.7 to 15.24 cm. of medium size are recognized as small, but this is not a pathology. 

Such a genital organ is able to bring a woman to orgasm and fertilize an egg. Micro penis are abnormally small parameters of the penis, less than 5 cm, caused by hormonal or genetic abnormalities. The micro penis is rare, only 0.14 percent of the world’s inhabitants.  

The angle between the pubis and the penis in a state of erection is different. Some erect penises point upward, others downward. Some have a slight bend to the left or right. There is no concept of “correct form”.   

Length and thickness depend on ethnicity, but only when it comes to the average for that ethnic group. For example, the average length of the genitals in Blacks or African Americans is slightly longer than that of Chinese. Although this, judging by the demographics of China, does not in any way affect the ability to have children.   

For which women is a large penis important, for which is a small or medium better 

Statistical studies have shown that heterosexual girls prefer a partner with an average member. An organ that is too large causes pain and discomfort. For ladies, lovers of anal sex, it is not so much the length that is important as the girth (width) of manhood. 

They want a man with a small to medium sized phallus. Small to medium sized penis are easier to handle when it comes to oral sex . 

All women have their own physiological features of the structure of the genitals, even the location of the entrance to the vagina is different. Someone has an entrance closer to the pubis, someone further. The length of the vagina also varies.  

Therefore, it happens that an average penis is a lot, others prefer large phalluses. In practice, not many people need giant sizes. For rare meetings, a partner with a large phallus is suitable, but only for sex in certain positions, with a low intensity of frictions. 

Regular, and even more rude, sex with such a partner is a rare woman. The ideal situation is when the genitals fit like a key to a lock.  

Penis size and orgasm, is there a connection?

The girl’s vagina reacts by stretching or contracting to the insertion of the penis. It is an evolutionary response that can increase and maintain tension in the penis during intercourse . Helps in ejaculation, retention of sperm in the vagina, conception.  

The genital nerves that provide pleasant sensation and orgasm are located closer to the entrance to the vagina. For physiological reasons, many girls do not need a long phallus. Regardless of the stretch in the vagina, the number of nerve endings is the same. 

Up to 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. And this suggests that any penis can please them. In the case where satisfaction is achieved by stimulating the cervix, the length of manhood is important. 

It will take at least 12-16 cm to reach the cervix, and sometimes more. The characteristic that really plays a role is the width (girth) of the penis. It provides more grip, heightens the feel.   

Erogenous zone, G-spot

Erogenous zones are areas on the body, from the stimulation of which men or women are aroused and receive great sexual pleasure. The female G-spot is an erogenous point located on the anterior wall of the vagina, at a depth of 4-7 cm from the entrance.  

G stimulation results in sexual arousal, orgasm and female ejaculation (squirt). The size of the penis is not so important for the stimulation of the point, but not every position activates G. This hypersensitive bundle of nerve endings swells, becoming more sensitive during arousal.

It will be easier to find G if the girl is already horny. The G-spot area is rough from other parts of the vagina.  

What women say – is penis size important? 

Polls show that the value of male dignity is lower on the list of female priorities than the attitude of a partner, his intellect, charisma, appearance (which means neat appearance, neatness, attractiveness).   

The question “is size important?” According to the statistics of search engines, men ask more. According to women, the size of the intimate organ does not affect the quality of sex. Only a small percentage want a man with a giant penis and do not feel the discomfort of temperamental intercourse with him.  

The average size of the penis makes it possible to have sex in any position without discomfort, to study the entire Kama Sutra. Physical attraction, mutual understanding, trust, harmony of relationships are the main factors that turn intimacy into an unforgettable pleasure.   

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