Why women over 35 experience burning anus syndrome

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Why women over 35 experience burning anus syndrome

Anal sex has always been a subject of controversy. Physiologists insist that such intimacy is unnatural and can lead to injury and disease.

But sexologists do not agree with colleagues and believe that this type of sexual intimacy is acceptable and quite normal if both partners enjoy it.

“Burning anus syndrome” in women

Sexologists have noticed that as women get older, their craving for anal sex grows. This conclusion was reached by studying the development of female sexuality for decades. The desire for anal intimacy becomes especially strong in women after thirty.

This age is critical. The hormonal background changes, experience is gained in sexual life, children are often born, a woman wants variety, new sensations.

Experts noticed a recurring symptom complex in their patients over the age of 30 and called it “burning anus syndrome.” Manifested by cider obsession with anal sex. It is accompanied by sensations of heat, itching and contractions in the sphincter area.

Usually these signs appear at the age of 30-35 and last about six months. During this period, a woman is especially sexually active and is ready to go on many experiments.

Sometimes the desire for anal sex becomes so great that classic vaginal or oral sex fade into the background. After some time, more often after 35 years, sexual addictions stabilize and anal sex no longer prevails in sexual activity.

Differences between anal and vaginal sex

Basically, people have a negative attitude towards this non-standard type of sex, because the rectum is not considered a genital. The main erogenous zones are located in the vagina. Many are embarrassed by the caress of the place through which people defecate, it is not sterile enough for them.

However, anal sex gives completely different sensations from classic intercourse, due to the difference in the structure of the vagina and rectum. The approximate depth of the vagina is 8 to 12 centimeters, and the rectum is 14 to 18 centimeters. This distinction can be useful for couples where the man’s penis is too long for classic sex.

The walls of the vagina are made up of muscles that can stretch very strongly. The rectum is not as elastic. A man with a large, thick penis can damage the intestinal sphincter during frictions, while the vagina will stretch and not be injured.

During vaginal sex, a man’s sensations are concentrated mainly on the most sensitive part of his body – on the head of the phallus. During intimacy, the muscles of the vagina are stretched, the cervix and erogenous zones of the vagina are stimulated, and the man has a larger head than the entire penis.

During anal intercourse, the entire shaft of the penis is stimulated, which is clamped by the less elastic walls of the rectum. This gives a different gamut of feelings.

Genital sizes and sex

A very small or, on the contrary, a large member can create problems during intimacy. A small organ does not bring the desired sensations to both partners, especially if the vagina is large. The giant penis injures the small and narrow vagina.

Anal sex gives a man with a large penis the opportunity for deeper penetration. For men of modest size, this closeness can also be successful. Deep and sharp frictions are painless for a woman, and the walls of the intestine are denser than the vagina cover a small penis, causing strong sensations.

If a man has a very large masculine dignity, regardless of the type of intercourse, there is a danger of tissue rupture with inaccurate frictions. With anal intercourse, injury is more likely.

Medical view 

The controversy surrounding anal sex never dies down. Some consider it a perversion, others practice with pleasure. In addition to moral and psychological standards, which are different for everyone, it is worth considering the medical aspect.

This type of intercourse is potentially harmful to health. Mechanical trauma leads to anal fissures. You should not do it without abundant lubrication, with hemorrhoids or gastrointestinal infections.  

A woman may develop inflammation in the vagina if, after anal sex, the couple decides to do vaginal.

Injury to the lining of the rectal lining can damage and inflame the anal glands.

Dangerous consequences include hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, fecal and gas incontinence if the rectal sphincter is damaged.

Why a condom is necessary

Anal sex does not lead to pregnancy, it seems to be a plus and you do not need to use contraception. But it will not protect against infection with sexually transmitted diseases, fungi, chlamydia, hepatitis-B, C, as well as HIV, human papillomavirus and other diseases.

In the process of intimacy, the rectum does not produce a lubricant that protects the intestinal walls, which means that there will be micro damage with a probability of 100%. Through them, pathogens enter the bloodstream, and it is quite strong in the rectum. Infection can occur from a partner and from the feces of your own body.

The feces contain bacteria that can enter a man’s urinary tract and cause urethritis, cystitis, fungal infections, if a condom is not worn during the act.

Research studies show that people who practice anal sex with different partners and without a condom have a greater chance of developing rectal cancer.

How to start anal sex

If a couple decides to diversify their sex life, they should prepare mentally as well as physically.

Psychological preparation

It is important to talk with your partner, find out his opinion, mentally prepare. It is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons of non-standard sex. Tell each other if there are factors that deter you from such an experiment (perhaps there are health problems).

If one of the partners considers such an activity unacceptable, you should not push or show aggression. Both people must be in agreement and mentally prepared.

Hygiene is a prerequisite for psychological balance. Some women are nervous that the intestines are not clean enough and therefore remain constrained. Proper hygienic preparation will allow you to be more relaxed and open.

Step by step technique

Anal sex does not tolerate sudden movements, everything should be gradual, gentle. In the area of ​​the sphincter , natural lubrication is not produced; any actions are performed with a water-based lubricant. Anesthetic and cooling options should not be used, as trauma can be missed due to the reduced sensitivity of the anus.  

  • A finger is used for the first penetration, since the sphincter is not yet stretched to allow the penis in. They start with stroking, a little massage of the sphincter, the area next to it. After that, they try to insert the finger inside in a circular motion.
  • Very often, the first steps scare a woman, she begins to resist, protest. At such moments of rejection, they stop all manipulations with the anus and go to the vagina, the clitoris, until the girl is sexually aroused, she will not cease to be afraid.
  • In order to arouse your partner more, you can use an interesting method of intimate caresses – rimming or rimming. Tongue caresses will help to quickly excite the girl and restore the original mood.
  • When the fear has receded and arousal has returned, continue to stretch the muscles of the anus with the fingers. A comfortable position for this is the fetal position, when the woman lies on her side, presses her knees to her chest. To prevent the sphincter from becoming inflamed once again, it is better not to make translational movements, not to remove the finger completely in case of discomfort. And most importantly, do not make sudden movements, and also use a large amount of lubricant.
  • After experimenting with one finger, add a second, third. This will help to stretch the entrance to the anus gradually, painlessly, while avoiding possible injury. The movements remain slow, circular. The fingers seem to screw into the hole like a corkscrew. This is the most atraumatic method of penetration.
  • When the fingers begin to easily move inside the anus, they try to penetrate the penis. A condom will help protect against possible infections. To avoid pain and discomfort, it is better for a woman to take the initiative in her own hands. Try to insert a male organ into yourself. The man does not need help in this process, so as not to injure his partner. The penis is not inserted to its full length, the optimal depth at first is considered to be 8-10 centimeters. It is the safest for the walls of the rectum.
  • During penetration, pauses are periodically made, as this helps the woman to relax during sex. For women in such intimacy, the feeling of fullness is important, not strength, as well as the speed of frictions. The man is excited by the contraction of the trunk, which is felt by the penis inside the rectum. 

The consequences of anal sex

At the first attempts, the penis is not inserted to its full length, the path to this can take several months. Each subsequent experience stretches, prepares the sphincter. With a sharp entrance into the anus of an inexperienced, unprepared woman, trauma, soft tissue rupture will almost certainly occur.

When watching pornographic films, you can see how easy everything is for the actors, what pleasure sex brings to a woman. But for pornstars, it’s a job. They spent years learning to make everything look so natural.

In reality, this is a complex, often painful process. It can lead to injury, tearing, and without a condom, infection. If during intercourse a man used an insufficient amount of lubricant, the walls of the rectum (or rather rubbing against them) can damage the head of the penis or tear the frenulum. 

They are not as soft and elastic as the vaginal walls. Long, active forward movements rub the penis. Damage to the frenum, injuries to the phallus take a long time to heal, cause discomfort in everyday life, as well as pain during urination.

Severe stretching and damage to the anal area leads to incontinence of feces, gas, bleeding during bowel movements.

Injury to the septum between the vagina and anus is possible. Often there are inflammations of the intestinal mucosa, sphincter. Frequent anal sex provokes the appearance of hemorrhoids.

What psychologists and sexologists say

Sexologists do not consider any intimacy to be a perversion if it does not bring moral trauma to anyone and is mutually pleasant.

Plus this intimacy is absolute trust between partners. The ability to get more sensory sensations if they are not possible through the vagina due to the anatomical features of the genitals. For example, a long thin penis or a short vagina.

This way of diversifying intimate life shows that the couple feels each other, is ready to adjust in intimacy, people have complete mutual understanding. If the spouses feel that the passion is cooling, anal sex can rekindle it.

According to doctors, some women are able to experience orgasm only with the help of anal sex.

Doctors do not recommend having anal sex too often. This non-standard sexual contact is permissible no more than once a week, so that the mucous membrane of the rectum and the skin of the head of the penis have time to recover. There should be no scuffs and soreness during sex and during subsequent bowel movements.


Any experiments in sexual activity are allowed only with mutual consent. It is not necessary to penetrate a woman’s anus, even with a condom, if there are inflammatory processes in her body.

Hemorrhoids will also be a contraindication – dilated veins can be damaged and bleeding will begin. If a couple decides on such an experiment, they must act slowly, gently, use all precautions.

It is necessary to move to deep penetration gradually, it may take several months – it all depends on the size of the phallus and the woman’s sensations.

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