Testicular and scrotum massage

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Testicular and scrotum massage

Massage of the testicles and scrotum to improve potency is an affordable, effective method that allows you to increase libido, enhance erection, and also solve many problems of the reproductive system.

Urologists recommend regularly performing self-massage of the testicles to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Medical indications

The scrotum is a musculocutaneous formation that contains the testes and epididymis. Appendages are needed for the accumulation, maturation of sperm, for the production of testosterone.

Male genital organs are quite strongly susceptible to the negative influence of various factors. Poor ecology, unhealthy diet, bad habits, age, severe illnesses – all this affects the state of men’s health. Testicular massage is recommended in the following cases.  

  1. Decreased libido.
  2. Weak orgasm.
  3. Low testosterone levels.
  4. Varicocele is an enlargement of the veins of the plexus plexus of the spermatic cord.
  5. Chronic prostatitis.
  6. Weak erection.
  7. Urethritis.
  8. Infertility, poor sperm quality.

Massage of the testicles and scrotum is useful not only for the treatment of male pathologies, but also effective as a prophylaxis. Regular procedures will relieve early ejaculation, during intercourse, and increase the level of sexual life.

Is there any benefit from massaging the scrotum, effect on testosterone

The main reason for the development of diseases of the genitourinary sphere is congestion in the small pelvis. Modern professions are more and more conducive to a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting at the computer for many hours disrupts the blood supply in the genitals, reduces the turgor of muscles and blood vessels.

Insufficient blood supply leads to disruption of the genital organs, the development of vascular atherosclerosis, a decrease in testosterone production, and the development of impotence. Physical activity, kneading the genitals, contribute to:

  • improving blood supply;
  • better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues;
  • normalization of spermatogenesis;
  • reducing the development of inflammatory processes;
  • testosterone production.

After kneading the testicles and scrotum, the quality of the sperm increases. This can be helpful for families looking to have a baby. Couples who practice scrotal massage can not only avoid problems with conceiving children, but also significantly diversify their intimate life. 

Massage of the testicles and scrotum, the rules of execution

In order for the procedure to bring the maximum therapeutic effect, the rules described below are strictly adhered to.

To master the technique of massage of the testicles, you do not need special skills, devices, it does not take much time. Massage of the testicles and scrotum is carried out independently or with the involvement of a spouse.

It is recommended to undergo preliminary examination by a urologist, proctologist or andrologist. Only after examination, laboratory tests, a specialist can diagnose, prescribe the necessary treatment, including massage.


Preparing for kneading the genitals is an important step in therapy that should not be neglected. The benefits of the procedure will be only if the rules are followed.

  1. Massage of the testicles and scrotum is done 1 hour after eating.
  2. The room where the procedure will be carried out should be warm and comfortable.
  3. They visit a shower or a bathroom before the therapy – the genitals and hands should be clean and warm.
  4. The scrotum is warmed up for 3-5 minutes with a towel soaked in warm water or a heating pad – the testicles should go down;
  5. The hands of the massager should be warmed up. To do this, rub their palms against each other for 1 minute or wash them with hot water.

Massage of the testicles and scrotum is carried out in any comfortable position: sitting, lying, standing. If a sitting or recumbent position was chosen, then the surface of the couch should be firm, flat. The couch can be covered with a towel on top for comfort.

Execution technique

Massage of the testicles and scrotum should be performed in a comfortable environment for a man – there should be no psychological discomfort. The basic elements of the technique were borrowed from the practice of Taoist monks. Step-by-step instructions for self-massage: 

  • Take the penis with your fingers. Knead it with light pressure, moving from the base to the head and back. The duration of the exercise is 1 minute.
  • Place the thumb and forefinger of one hand around the base of the scrotum. You should get a kind of ring. Pull the scrotum down slowly until the testicles are completely lowered and the skin is stretched. Then, with the fingers of the other hand, do light tapping on the appendages – 15-20 times. Let go of the scrotum. Repeat 3-5 times.
  • While holding the penis in the upward position with one hand, the index or middle finger of the other hand, alternately press on the left and then on the right testicle.
  • Take one testicle in your fist and massage the testicles by alternating fingers. Knead each testicle in this way for 1 minute.
  • Place your palm on top of your scrotum. Stroke the testicles in a back and forth motion – up and down. The procedure ends with circular movements of the palm along the scrotum.

Sensations during massage

When performing exercises, a man should not experience discomfort or pain. All movements are soft, light. When pain occurs, the pressure on the genitals is reduced.

Kneading often ends with an erection – this is a completely normal reaction of the body. Therefore, the procedure can be performed as a therapeutic therapy or love prelude.

However, if you prevent ejaculation during therapy, delay movement and stop it, you can learn the self-control that is useful during intercourse. After just a few weeks of training, a man has better control over the duration of sexual contact.

How often to massage the testicles and scrotum

The total duration of the procedure is on average 7 to 10 minutes. Each exercise is allocated 1-2 minutes. In order to prevent them, it is recommended to perform them at least 2-3 times a week. As a therapy, it is indicated to be done daily, but preferably by a medical professional.

There is no unambiguous opinion at what time of day to perform the procedure. Some doctors believe that morning kneading is most effective, as it helps to start metabolic processes.

Others, on the contrary, believe that evening procedures are relaxing, contribute to better sleep, better recovery of the body. The course of treatment is not limited.

How to massage the testicles for inflammation of the prostate?

With inflammation of the prostate gland, kneading the testicles is possible after a complete examination, only on the recommendation of the attending physician. In addition to the standard procedure, in case of inflammation, kneading of the perineal area is added, which is located between the scrotum and the anus.

To carry out the therapy, put the fingertips on the perineal area, apply a little pressure, and act on them in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Point palpation helps not only to increase potency, but also to improve blood circulation, reduce congestion in the prostate.

In addition to massaging the perineum, for example, for chronic prostatitis, specialists may prescribe a direct massage of the prostate gland through the rectum. This massage is a good prevention of prostate adenoma, congestion.

With impotence

With impotence, this type of kneading is effective if erectile dysfunction is caused by vascular problems or hormonal disruption.

In this case, the therapy will help to restore the disturbed blood supply, additionally stimulate the production of testosterone.

For a pronounced result, the groin, scrotum, penis, and perineal area are massaged. For a greater emotional effect, the procedure is carried out with a sexual partner.

Erotic massage of the testicles and scrotum

Erotic testicular massage differs from the classical Chinese technique only in that the procedure is performed by a partner. Usually ends with sex or ejaculation. Often married couples love this technique. The execution rules are as follows:

  • Before kneading, both partners take a shower, preferably together.
  • The woman’s hands should be warmed up.
  • For a milder effect, take a water-based lubricant.

The process begins with light stroking of the scrotum, penis, perineum. All movements are soft, without jerking or pinching. To create a romantic atmosphere, scented candles or an aroma lamp with aphrodisiacs are lit. Any rotation of the testicles in different directions is not allowed – this can cause torsion of the testicle, which leads to squeezing of the vessels, nerves of the spermatic cord.

Why are the genitals pulled?

Genital tugs are not only used for erectile dysfunction. Those looking for new sensations in sex, they are also suitable. By pulling the testicles, the following is achieved:

  1. Potency improves, penis size increases.
  2. Endurance increases. No early ejaculation.
  3. The sexual intercourse is longer.

For pulling, there are intimate devices: cock rings, lasso, ropes, elastic bands. With the help of them, the base of the trunk of the penis, the scrotum, or both organs at once are pulled. The main thing is to follow the rules:

  1. The product is put on the penis during erection.
  2. To pull the scrotum, only adjustable cock rings are used – not ropes or elastic bands.
  3. The pulling force is moderate – the devices should not slip, it is also not necessary to completely squeeze the tissues of the penis.
  4. Intimacy with such “toys” is not more than 30 minutes. Better 10 minutes. The time is increased gradually.

For inexperienced men, soft, flexible rings or adjustable devices (lasso) are recommended. After intercourse using rings, you need to do the classic kneading of the scrotum and penis in order to restore blood circulation.

For men who have serious problems with potency, it is better to use any device only after consulting a doctor.

The desire to briefly increase an erection with the help of erection rings can lead to impaired blood circulation in the organs and the development of negative consequences.

Opinion of doctors

Massage to increase potency is not described in any medical textbook, is not included in any of the official medical practices. However, most doctors believe that this technique is useful for relieving congestion in the pelvic organs, for the prevention of prostatitis.

However, any kneading is contraindicated in inflammatory processes.

  • With cystitis;
  • urethritis;
  • epididymitis;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • bowel diseases;
  • infectious diseases;
  • genital trauma.

Are men’s reviews just a pleasure or is there a real result?

Among people who have tried the self-massage method, there are different reviews:

  • Maxim, 32 years old: “There was a problem with early ejaculation. Massage was advised. At first, everything went badly – each process ended with masturbation. Three weeks later I began to control myself better. Sex with my wife got a little longer – she noticed it too. “
  • Alexander, 41 years old: “I tried to do it on my own to increase potency – I got tired for the third time. I gave it up. The wife said: let’s do it together. And you know, it works – the potency has improved. But it’s not clear whether this is the effect of the massage or whether my wife and I have found a new prelude for sex ”.


Massage of the testicles and scrotum is a good way to diversify sexual caresses and bring new sensations to intimacy.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction should begin with a visit to your doctor and a complete examination. Massage can only be used as an adjunctive therapy to the main treatment.

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