French love and 10 more sex terms mentioning countries and peoples

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French love and 10 more sex terms mentioning countries and peoples

Perhaps, only three terms are well-known and generally accepted in this sense: a French kiss, a Latin lover, and Greek love. The rest are not heard (mainly because they are less likely to practice) and are not as reliable on a national basis. But still…

Let’s start with the first trinity (all of a sudden you haven’t heard of her yet).

French Kiss

It’s simple: it’s a kiss with the tongue. Either the language of one of the partners penetrates deeply into the mouth of the other, or both arrange a “language duel” in the process of kissing.

Latin lover

After the film by Cristina Comencini, released in 2015, this term began to mean womanizer and smoothie. But until then, over a hundred years, roughly the term meant a tireless man capable of a long sex marathon even in a group format.   

Greek love

So from biblical times they have called anal sex. Actually, the word “sin” in Russian is derived from the word “Greek”. 

French love

Do not confuse with a French kiss … Although this is also a kind of kiss. In countries of the Mediterranean sex in French called oral sex. And mutual. That is, sex in the “69” position will be considered sex in French. Consistently, first Cooney, and then fellatio (or vice versa) – too. But if someone tried, but someone else just relaxed and enjoyed, then this is not sex in French, but just a blowjob.     

English sex

As you might guess, we are talking about the Victorian admonition “close your eyes and think about England.” This is sex in a missionary position in fulfillment of conjugal duty and not implying a female orgasm.   

German sex

Funny, but it is in Germany (and for some reason in Spain) that his name is “English”. This is rough sex with pronounced roles of domination / submission, with light elements of violence. 

Spanish sex

It is called Spanish all over the world, and Cuban in Spain. This is a variation when the penis moves in the hollow of the female breast. There are some nuances, of course. You must understand that the bust must be at least a second size, it must be supported by hand, and a lot of lubrication will be required. A great option, especially during pregnancy – if the doctor recommends a woman sexual rest.

Scandinavian sex

Not to be confused with a Swedish family! The latter, by the way, has about the same relation to Sweden as the buffet (that is, none). The fact is that in the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) , family planning and sexual education issues have long been in the sphere of state interests. Therefore, Scandinavian youth are the least affected in Europe (and in the world) with sex crimes, sexually transmitted infections and accidental pregnancies. One way to prevent all these troubles is through mutual masturbation and petting. Actually, this is called Scandinavian sex.      

All over the world

Double dutch method

This is almost an official term, used for some time even by the World Health Organization. It means double contraception: a man uses barrier methods (a condom), and a woman uses hormonal methods (tablets, patches, rings). Thus, the effectiveness of protection is approaching 100%, and the responsibility is equally distributed among both partners. 

Indian night

The term is associated with the homeland of the Kamasutra and involves the use of the maximum number of poses of this great book in one night. The use of simple devices (from dildos to vaginal and anal beads) is also approved. 

Thai kiss

But this is a complex technique that requires lengthy training and special skills. It lies in the ability to create a vacuum and increased pressure inside the vagina – as a result, during genital sex, the penis is stimulated without any frictions. On an external level, it looks like a woman is just sitting on top. And then – op! – and an orgasm in both.

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